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  1. the paradrop scripts work on both planes and helos, theres no difference

    you could use a basic script like this:

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">a1 action ["EJECT",p1]

    unassignVehicle A1


    a2 action ["EJECT",p1]

    unassignVehicle A2


    a3 action ["EJECT",p1]

    unassignVehicle A3


    a4 action ["EJECT",p1]

    unassignVehicle A4


    a5 action ["EJECT",p1]

    unassignVehicle A5


    call that something like paradrop.sqs then, make a trigger over the place you want the dropzone to be (remember to give the aircraft a waypoint to fly through the trigger) with <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">this exec "paradrop.sqs"

    in the activation

    P1 is the name of the aircraft that they are jumping out of, A1-A5 are the names of the paratroopers (you can change those, just remember to change it in the script too)

  2. graphically its better and some aspects of gameplay, though i miss the clickable cockpit and the radio chatter from F4, the radar is a pain in the arse so i much prefer the falcon one as i know i can atleast get a lock on the aircraft which ive got my nose up its engine exhaust

    hopefully the patch due soon will fix that

  3. "r" alone is for extending the boom

    "CTL+r" is for refuling

    "ALT+r" is jettison external fuel-tanks

    "CTL+r" (hold) dumps fuel when not connected to tanker, while it refills your tank(s) when on a airstrip.

    Quote[/b] ]if there is a tanker around, head to it and then press alt+r to extend the boom and close on the tanker, you will get instructions like "cleared to precontact position" "contact" "disconnect" etc thats pretty much it

    meh, see what happens when you dont play LOMAC for a week... withdrawl symptoms! tounge_o.gif

  4. only if you are biggrin_o.gif

    but seriously, i reinstalled WGaddpack and tested again... they worked....once, i retried the mission, they no longer work again, repeated a 3rd time, they worked, when they worked it was when i started in the HMMVW morter carrier, if it starts empty it doesnt, if i start as a morter team (from groups menu) it works 50-50 rock.gif

    im totally confused now, i dont know about you  crazy_o.gif


    after doing some further testing, it seems to happen to only ranger squad leaders (for me atleast) other classes (that ive tested, not all yet... only riflemen, officers, normal rangers and morter crew all could)

    so much for not throwing any spanners in the works eh?

  5. yeh i was wondering why my RPGs kept going through them this morning, still, good old satchels still work biggrin_o.gif

    another thing, since last night when playing Airfield Bravo with Ex-Ronin, i can nolonger deploy morters, i can pick them up just fine, but now i no longer get the choice to place the baseplate for any of the morters... both MP and ME sad_o.gif

  6. to start engines, you got the first part right (home) and then press and hold page up, if you look down at the dials, check the engines rpm, same thing for shutting down, only end and page down, ive not found a use for power (shift+p) yet

    only the F14,FA18, S3 and E2 will let you put the land waypoints on the carriers (apart from the SU33) as the other aircraft are airforce not navy aircraft

  7. I'm planning on putting this on my system tonight.

    Couple of questions ;

    1. Campaign. Is it dynamic? (Ala, Falcon 4.0)

    2. SDK. Can modders get into it and add extra features? (Ala Falcon 4.0)

    3. Does it feature an integrated air defense system?

    1) no, its premade missions

    2) no SDK that im aware of, but you can change alot of things as most of the files are in XML or CFG format (makes ressurecting a dead pilot easy hehe)

    3) not sure what your deffinition of "integrated air defence system" is, though in the editor there are some pre-defined SAM batterys, (SA6, SA8 and SA10 iirc) plus the mobile/organic launchers and AAA which when placed give you an idea of their range (radar and missile/shells)

    edit: oh and pitufo, there is a manual, its just in pdf form with a keycard in the box, you can order a hard copy though (leather bound yada yada Lomac-manual.com)

  8. depending on the scale and adversary, but in general i think we couldnt... there has been so many cut backs that im suprised they havent taken away our rifles and given us sticks and stones as a cheaper alternative rock.gif

  9. there are lights on the underside of the fuselage (KC-10 only) which tell you up/down, forward backwards etc.... but admitedly i cheated and switched to external view to get some screenshots heh


    only problem is if you go too far forward, you loose all control of your aircraft apart from ailerons... including throttle. it locks you to the speed of the tanker when you go to the precontact position (not cleared to precontact... but rather when you are 0.1mile away and are close enough to see the details)

  10. basic rule of thumb for going for any of the UKs armed forces, you will need to be able to run 3 miles in no more than 24 minutes and im not sure for all trades, but being able to swim is also required

    dont make the mistake i did though of not being totally ready when applying, you only get 2 chances... i screwed my first one up, dont follow my example

  11. the white phos version of the rockets is pretty handy, marking targets, though was kind of hoping it would atleast do some damage to vehicles... even if it was just soft vehicles (pyromania anyone? biggrin_o.gif )

    anyone else finding nightmissions to be a real fps killer? as i said in one of my other posts, i average about 10-20fps but at night, i get 1fps solid... no more, no less sad_o.gif its like watching a slide show rock.gif (have fun on mission 5 of the A10 campaign wink_o.gif )

  12. shift + space yep, some weird reason only works part of the time for me

    though have to admit im leaning in favour of the A10 at the moment, working through the campaign, not sure how many missions there are but im on the 3rd destroying self propelled artillery(dämn those SA19s being able to double back on themselves! sad_o.gif)

  13. This is strange, when I approach for landing, I press G but the landing gear just won't come out  crazy_o.gif Sometimes I can't use flaps either when approaching... wtf? This happens for me with Su-33, and Su-27 too I think.

    yep, has happened to me a few times too... same with the airbreaks... try pressing it a few times