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  1. you guys didnt read the readme then i see...

    copied from te readme:

    Quote[/b] ]QUESTION: How do I setup a mortar so that I can use it in my mission?

    ANSWER: The process is somewhat involved but if you follow the steps listed below you shouldn't

    have any/many problems with it. Do the following...

    1. First you will need a civilian AI placed somewhere out of harm's way on your mission. Put

    him on an island somewhere, or just very far away.

    2. Name the civilian AI... WGLMortDummy

    3. In the init line of the AI put... WGLMortDummyGrp = this;

    4. Make sure the civilian AI isnt playable

    5. Next count how many mortars you want to be in the mission. If you have enough pieces in a

    crate to make 1 M224 60-mm mortar and 2 M29 81-mm mortars that's 3 total. Another example, if

    you have 3 mortar teams then those count as 3 mortars also.

    6. In the mission editor you will need to create 1 manned (manned with AI gunners) mortar for

    each mortar listed above. So sticking with our example, in the mission editor select the

    following: West > WGL - Vehicles > M224 60mm Mortar.

    7. Make sure that mortar is not playable

    8. More the mortar to be within 50 meters of the civilian dummy named WGLMortDummy. The closer

    the better.

    9. Now repeat step 6 for each mortar you want available on your mission. Sticking with the

    example above we would now need to place 2 M29 81mm Mortars onto the mission and move them

    next to the civilian dummy.

    10. For best results, make sure the mortars aren't grouped.

    11. Copy the contents of the Description.ext file that was included with this pack. The file is

    now located in your OFP folder.

    12. Make sure your mission does not disable AI in the description.ext file.

  2. thats abit over-generalising don't you think? I like CTI games but it doesn't mean I prefer arcadish games, quite the contrary I hate arcadish (DM for instance) with a passion

    Im not saying its realistic, but its not an arcase type game either, with the right people it can be quite interesting (all on the same side vs AI, working together)

  3. I'd prefer the MiG-25 flight - edge of space at Mach 2.5-3 smile_o.gif

    One of my teachers did that or it was probably a MiG-27, but deffinite a MiG.

    wouldnt have been a Flogger as its single seat not to mention the fact the Flogger cant reach Mach 2.5-3

  4. Strange how some people claim to have non-stop problems while others say they have no problems what so ever rock.gif

    I myself have only had 2 problems worth mentioning:

    Cockpit/parts of aircraft disapearing

    textures/fonts not loading or something along those lines

    both, rare

    I must say though, since I started playing with an online squadron (AirWolves, a sister division of SWAF which im a member of in the OFP world) on a regular basis, i can verify that you do learn to fly alot better overall, especially as most squadrons dont fly with any labels etc. Its alot more fun in MP also, ive never had so much fun playing LOMAC till I had a 2v2 furball Flankers vs Eagles... a good Human vs Human flight is far better than a Human vs AI any day in my books

  5. we have a version of both on our server (SeaWolves Armed Forces), though I dont know if there is a newer version available.

    connect, select it and head into briefing (so it downloads) then copy it from your MPmissioncache into your MPmissions folder and your sorted

  6. JAM compatible Pilots tounge_o.gif

    Maybe a desert camo version?

    ...other than that I like em the way they are.

    I do like that one idea of being able to do harder landings though.

    you should get the MH60 pack the, as it includes SOAR2 which has desert flight suits and uses JAM weapons