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  1. as has been said in more than a few posts: OFP is a soldier sim, not a flightsim, its not meant to revolve around planes and helicopters, more the infantry...and I for one think there is a good balance now between the types

  2. if your talking about the mission i think you are (single mission #2) then no you dont always get forced to the beach, it only forces you to retreat because of the tanks if you enter the town.

    If you stay on the outskirts, say 50-100m out and kill all occupants from there then the re-inforcements wont arrive followed by the tanks

    hope this helps smile.gif

  3. the F-16 is anythin but old, it is still in production, and they are upgrading their current models upto block 55-60 (new avionics, conformal fuel tanks and the such)

    and yeah, the F/A-18 was the loser of the competion of what was the F-16 vs the F-17.

    anyway, enough of me

    gj im gonna go try it now biggrin.gif