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  1. its been a looong time since i played LB2, was one of the first PC games i ever got biggrin_o.gif

    I was kind of hoping Gunship! (3) would fill the void left by LB2 when it came out, but it turned out to be nothing but an arcade shooter with some "ok" graphics

  2. its rather strange atm, some people have loads of problems while some have none at all rock.gif

    im somewhere in the middle... I get a gold screen every now and then and the usual cockpit disapearing, other than that all runs ok... but im waiting on 1.02 to see if they fix the issue with FF2 joysticks whereby they dont always respond when you press a button sad_o.gif

  3. I like the idea of this, i presume by this you mean something like what DKM did with their Mi28? that you could tell to go higher or lower?

    would make fighting with or against AI so much more interesting too, seeing them trying to achieve something rather than having no "fear" for their lives

  4. Nobody has the luxury? Dude, download them. Not like someone's stopping you.

    actually for some there are, some people have bandwidth limits which their ISPs impose on them, or slow connections

    fortunately im not one of them but I know a few guys who are

    anyway, yes ive been using S&E's weapons where possible, but also put used S&E's sounds inplace of default JAM sounds, best of both worlds that way smile_o.gif

  5. quick question, dont know if its intentional or not, Deltas when injured get an option "First Aid" in the action menu.

    Now, when you select it you start doing the medic animation and all your wounds disapear, but then when the animation ends all your wounds come back.. is this to simulate not always being able to stop the "bleeding"? or just a mere glitch?