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  1. Great!

    But I found some bugs. sad_o.gif

    Some hat been told here already.

    No Shadows, "Gunview" on M113A1 is messed up, seeing only "texture crap", steering wheels are fixed, missing texture error message.

    One thing I am not sure about if it is a bug of the hummers:

    When I try using Hummer with MG249 and Inq High detailed Weapon Soldier with MG 249, it´s all fine until I try to shoot with one of the 249´s.

    OFP crashes to Desktop.

    MfG Lee sad_o.gif

    i confirm this, all mounted MG versions if you shoot them causes a CTD, but the unarmed ones seem fine, and im not using the HD pack... so its nothing to do with the Inq Pack i reckon

  2. Hi All

    There is no reason it cant be as it allready is an FPS(First Person Shooter)  a TFPS (Tactical First Person Shooter) and SFPS (Strategic First Person Shooter).

    I can not understand any reason for people saying let us limit OFP2 other than the purely practical of can the game engine and Expected systems handle the load. OFP Can handle SFPS so no reason to hobble it.

    Keep squad size the same but add in a layer for multi squad command to allow control of platoons, companies, battalions. Keep the system open so the mission designers can make of it what they will. There is a question about F1 Key it is not used in Game so Squads could maybe be 13 units in game but I dont think it is worth the effort. Better to layer command to reflect RW (Real World) command Structures as we have done with the CoC.

    Kind Regards walker

    I agree with most of this Walker.

    The F1 key, however, should still be used to give the nr 1 guy orders. In addition it would be cool to have a key that could cycle through multiple squads (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie etc.) That way, you could have multiple 12-man squads.

    well if i understood you correct, why not have it like say neverwinter nights does it...the F keys have different functions if you press shift and ctrl (ie Shift+F1 )

    so posibly something like this:

    F1 key reserved for switchign between squads or maybe platoon level commands while F2-F12 was for squad members


    F1 switched to squad 1, Shift F1 switched to Squad 2

    (theres several possible variations if you think about it)

  3. yes i agree it would be good to be able to permenantly borrow the kit from dead friends and foe alike, though not sure how it would be done...maybe like an ammo crate? ie walk upto the door and get a list of weapons and ammunition much like as if there were several deadbodys ontop of each other or an ammo crate

  4. well i think we need to remember, it may well be based in the 70's but we shouldnt limit ourselfs to old tech if we dont have to...you can have the ability there but just not have it used on the cold-war era units so as to leave it open for MODs to make use of it...as id put money on there being atleast one MOD based on modern equipment

  5. yes, and also in my experiance it was caused by something, though i never figured out what exacly, from the Audigy series sound cards software bundle... best bet if you do have an audigy (1 or 2) is to try with just the drivers, AudioHQ, sound caliberation, speaker settings, EAX console and mixer...thats what i have installed and i no longer get the messages smile_o.gif

  6. if a helo (or anything for that matter) hits them i suppose it could pull the adjecent poles down (flatten them like a fence) though whether the cables could snap i dont know...who knows what BIS will be able to do for OFP2... but id really like the cables stretched between the poles...would be good to make low level flying more interesting smile_o.gif

  7. on the subject of Fraps, does anyone else find that Fraps causes OFP to crash when alt-tabbing? OFP runs fine if i dont run it, but if i do then i alt-tab it will crash...also if i start Fraps before OFP it sometimes stops OFP from starting unless i remove some addons rock.gif

  8. Hey smile_o.gif Could I just ask if there is definately going to be an update to this at all to sort out the handling? Cos I'd love to make an RAF skin for it, but its pretty pointless if there isnt going to be any updates at all.

    Thanks smile_o.gif


    I don't mean any disrespect or anything when I say this, but please make sure you do a good job because this is the aircraft addon with the best details and textures IMO.Would you be able to make it look as good as it is now,only with RAF camo? I sincerely hope so as I'd love to have an RAF version of this beauty smile_o.gif. What I mean when I say "do a good job" is ,well, just look at the RAF retexture of Adammo's Herc and how that turned out  sad_o.gif

    Good luck anyway m8  smile_o.gif

    Again, Shashman, since this C130 is supposed to be an addon for your MOD, could you please tell us whether or not Hawk is going to upgrade the handling of this addon or not?   Anyone?

    Hudson posted what the fixes are (at least for flight characteristics).  All that is needed now is just a fix for the take-off problem and it'll be perfect.

    Chris G.

    aka-Miles Teg<GD>

    its not for a MOD, if anything, it was for our Squad

    Im told that Furia is talking with him about it (and i hope it is fixed, as its changed alot since the handeling-beta where the handeling was perfect...the AI could fly it and very well too)

  9. you say you have set a DMZ up, but have you tried normal portforwarding to the Dedi server's IP?

    though im sorry to say i also have been unable to get a server to be visable from outside of my router

    if you solve this please post any findings here as id be interested to see how to solve it too

  10. *sigh* when your young, you wish to be older, when your older you wish you hadnt wished your youth away *sigh*

    anywho, yes i agree, its not necisarily the age, rather the maturity of the player in question