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  1. oh come on painting them is cheating, no back breaking labour for weeks to get em perfect like when you use parade gloss! :P

    mind, i did get em done to my ammo boots so i got no room to talk biggrin_o.gif

    hehe, you'll find that the regular polish is a lot better than Parade Gloss, as it has a higher wax content and is easier to get up to a mirror like shine wink_o.gif

    heh i know, my normal "Oxfords" are still just as good as they were when i last polished them...nearly 4 years ago biggrin_o.gif

    (albeit with a thick coating of dust tounge_o.gif )

    layer of neutral, layer of parade gloss and another layer of neutral... the best way imo

    (heh whats next? we gonna start discussing how to shave our berets? tounge_o.gif )

  2. i think they wont attack ground targets on their own due to lack of radar...the korean version attacks targets on the ground (albeit not very accurate)

    just try telling them to attack a target and they will (even if they have no radar)

    (korean and nightfighter version both have radar)

  3. i think so

    ontopic: this is excelent! they may well have trouble identifying targets, but they are great fun when in ACM...the level of texturing and attnetion to detail is brilliant ( i cba reading the posts before this so sue me† if someones said this before!)

    † disclaimer: dont litterally, im joking

  4. animal, the thing is your not going to get a really small addon here... other than a simple reskin ofcourse

    Ive mentioned to you Sigma 6's "adversial tank pack" or something to that tune (T72, T80, T90, M96 M1A1/A2 etc)

    which was 15 mb in total, broken down into 3 files which makes downloading easier...the quality on the addons is excelent, personally i dont think you are going to get a smaller filesize, though feel free to prove me wrong MOD's

    you've heard me try to convince you about that pack many times before so i need not repeat myself...if you havent done so try the pack and you would see its worth every kb (in my opinion atleast)

  5. yep, i thought i had it sorted when it happened about a month or so ago, now its just started crashing in the middle of MP games again (usually in squad matches too mad_o.gif )

    its not tempreture problem on mine as it runs at about 30-40 constantly (thats "hot" for me)

    strange thing is...i thought any crashes were meant to create a flashpoint.rpt file with details of the crash etc...? ive looked and searched and no file by that name or even any .rpt file

  6. agreed there, have the soldiers random instead of micro-organisation, so you place a soldier, and like the faces, they will be random, so maybe once it will be a 6'1 guy built like a brick shit house but next time it could be a 5'6 guy, more athletic frame, next time again it could be a woman...see where im going?

  7. Oh - and another thing: How do I make it so a fire is lit when I start a map?

    in the fires init field:

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">this inflame true

  8. I`ve just though of an other thing.

    Removing the sky box or whatever causes the missiles to explode when u shoot them  straight up.

    Goldeneye on the n64 was cool in that respect, u could fire rockets into the air for ages then sit for a few minutes until they came raining down like an  airstrike biggrin_o.gif

    Good Idea, I would like that as well.

    they explode mid air because of fuses/timers/<insert other method here> not cos of a sky box, you can in a plane go on for ever to disprove the skybox theory (18000 was the highest i got before i got bored and went into a dive) (this is in OFP btw)

  9. hmm we got all 4 radio parts and went back to the tower but what do we do then? we were running around for ages trying to figure it out and nothing happened apart from hordes of zombies came so we gave up