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  1. kegetys was the first one that i noticed changing about a month or so ago...

    ive been looking into it and all i can figure out is theres oen gif which isnt a gif at all cos it just redirects you to another (real) gif...my guess is theres some PHP involved similar to that used for those random password images (usually PNG)

  2. Hmmm...I don't think I'll get this.I'm quite happy with my little GCS smile_o.gif

    yeh but GCS doesnt tell you your frame rate


    Why would I want to know my framerate? If it's laggy, it's laggy, if it's smooth, it's smooth  smile_o.gif Anyway I don't use GCS to tell me my frame rate nor would I want it to tbh...I'd d/l a programme made for that if that's what I wanted, all I want is a programme that doesn't need any fiddling about and that takes a screenshot at the press of a button in half a second  smile_o.gif

    and thats what fraps is....

    (tells you the FPS) it just has some other features too


    printscreen key is all well and good, but you can only take one at a time which means alt-tabbing to desktop, pasting into a graphics program (which east your precious resources) save it, clear the clipboard then alt tab back into game.... not worth it

  3. what do we need to put in the init for things like closing doors? as i noticed that the AI dont close them on their own... maybe in future releases you could put those in the readme? (saves people making a million and one posts asking how)

    edit: nevermind, i found it:

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">

    chopper animate ["door_g", 0] //gunner

    chopper animate ["door_p", 0] //pilot

    chopper animate ["door_c", 0] //cargo

    (where chopper is the name of the Mi28)

    1 is open, 0 closed

  4. not to seem racist or anything, but its getting out of hand with the masses of asylum seekers... and then to have smeone in a job such as this unable to speak fluent english i think is abit daft and should be rectified...but what can the masses do with labour in power eh? *shakes head*

  5. could have been just our server, but me and a few friends tried to have a game with the "a" version last night and for some reaon the officers menus were no longer there...couldnt build or anything...newly introducted bug? (was on both everon and nogova version that we tried)

  6. no when you damage the aircraft to a certain point it belches smoke from the engine and then when in the red (or there abouts) a small fire starts in the engine (which also dmaages the aircraft giving you about a minute or so to get out...be it jump or walk)