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  1. Ok guys, I'm way out of touch with scripting, so there will no doubt be a more efficient way of doing this than what I'm trying!
    I'm trying to create a 3 condition trigger that I can debug by way of a radio trigger to see which conditions have been met. 
    Condition 1: Is a certain character alive?
    Condition 2: Has players faction been detected?
    Condition 3: Has an action been performed? (a power switch)
    There are individual triggers for condition 2 and 3 (#2 simple bluefor detected by opfor with on activation of bluefordetected = true and #3 addaction trigger with condition of bluefor being present, activation: player addAction ["Turn off power", "power = false'") The initial state of power and bluefordetected are set in player char init (will do in init.sqf when I get around to it) (looking for a way of removing the action once used too which I thought removeallactions player would do)
    There are eight possible variations, so I have for debugging purposes created eight radio triggers with the conditions for that permutation.

    this && ((!alive teamleader) && (bluefordetected isequalto false) && (power isequalto false)) 

    So, the radio trigger & the character is not alive, player faction has not been detected and the trigger power switch has been set to off.
    They all have individual radio triggers to check if they are set to true/false (or alive/dead) which work fine and the combined conditions check also works fine. The only issue is, there has to be an easier way of doing this that isn't so trigger intensive? (both for my debugging purposes and for the actual purpose I'm trying to achieve)



    Link to mission file

  2. Hmm, thats similar but I usually dont need to reboot, it just pauses for several seconds then carries on on its merry way... usually with me having died during the spike

    I did wonder if it was perhaps tempreture... its running in the green. I've tried shutting down all non-essential processes incase they were causing the problem... detail is on low/very low.

    I don't know if its just a coincidence but it usually occurs when in a) built up areas or b) in dense foliage

    just a few other points which might help diagnose the problem and resolve it! smile_o.gif

  3. Right, first of all; specs

    Athlon 64 3200

    1Gb of RAM

    GF6800 Ultra (256mb, AGP)


    Winblows XP (32bit)

    Drivers upto date, bar GFX which is on 91.47 (anything newer than that then Arma just refuses to start outright, anything before that gives constant graphical glitches)


    Every couple of minutes without fail, I will get a complete lock up of game... no movement, sounds will continue for 1-2 seconds then they too will stop. in total the game will sit in a frozen state for 5-6 seconds in which the battle will rage on around me and I will quite often get killed, but I wont know anything about it till the game unfreezes. This happens both MP and SP, noone else in server when on MP claims to get it.


    edit: game version 1.04 UK

  4. heh, the strange thing is, i havemt found a readme yet

    the RHAWs sounds are similar to that of those in Falcon 4, though there seems to be only a couple of tones for all of them rather than one for each type of radar in F4

    as for the Russian AAM's i disagree, the R-27ERs and ETs are better now, so long as you can keep a lock and avoid the inevitable slammer to the face you will have a good chance of hitting (unless the opfor outmanuvers the missile)

    having said that though, ive noticed something with the missiles which im not sure is a good thing or not, but when i get into a knifefight and get hit, i can usually still get a SRM (IR) off at the guy who shot me down andso also get him while im falling out of the sky biggrin_o.gif

    still, the F-15s still dont have data-link like the Russian kit does which puts the BLUEFOR players at a disadvantage, so they really need a sentry or hawkeye up there to help them out

  5. first impressions of 1.2 are good, i love the combination of mouse look and the mini-hud, i might be wrong but the tones on the RHAWS sound different, better though if it isnt just my imagination, slammers are more than dead weight now when against anything but a straight and level target, they actually HIT something now

  6. if you arent too worried about checking the cables inside, check that none have become loose or have fallen out, unlikely as it may seem it has happened to me, just be sure you have turned off your PC and grounded yourself. just a matter of making sure they are all in correctly

  7. edit: thanks nathanz, but i already have all non-BIS addons in mod folders

    I mean you might have to many addons in one mod foldier  wink_o.gif

    ahh, well just for the record most likely not as i have them split up between 7 mod folders

  8. i hope you arent suggesting i have a warezed copy of OFP void_false

    anyway, just started OFP and objects are now visible once more... hope they stay that way, oh, and only addon added was St David island but that had been running fine for just under a week... ill see if it continues to behave itself

    edit: thanks nathanz, but i already have all non-BIS addons in mod folders

  9. well, this is most strange.

    this evening while flying, objects started turning invisible (2 , 3 , 4 , 5)

    this included anything in first person (including rifle which you can see from 3rd person), any vehicles (tanks, cars, planes, people) and some objects on the island and even the island itself started disapearing in places!  crazy_o.gif

    rebooted and it was fine for a few minutes, then after about 5 minutes, it all started happening again sad_o.gif

    Specs as follows:

    CPU: XP2000

    RAM: 1GB (DDR)

    OS: XP SP1

    GFX: GF4 Ti4200

    DX: 9.1b

    first time this has ever happened and its been running fine as it is for months rock.gif

    anyone have any ideas?

  10. anyway to pre-define what weapons they have? so AI can use it..

    also, the AA-11's are somwhat useless, a stationary target, 2 reloads (8 AA-11s overall) only 2 hit and then the target was still able to fly crazy_o.gif (all the other just flew right past the target)

  11. ok, well i finally figured the bayonetes out, nothng happens unless you are right next to an enemy soldier (so it doesnt work on civies like when i first tried biggrin_o.gif ) and it looks great, so much fun! but i just got stuck in an animation and cant move now, can turn around on the spot and what not, but cant move sad_o.gif


    oh and the script error that was mentioned earlier is

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">(magazines _Unit) select _ID ==|#| _BayonetName' Error Zero divisor

    im assuming thats meant to be checking if the soldier is out of rifle ammo so that AI will engage with the bayonet?