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  1. acidcrash

    A10 capabilities

    you make it sound like its an easy job! it would be anything but easy, and would more than likely be more effort than its worth... the added weight would change how it handles, lessen its payload etc... the C130 can/did do it because it has rough strip capabilitys... ie doesnt strictly need a runway (ie it can land in a field providing its big enough, which the RAF ones do in their training every now and then)
  2. acidcrash

    New a-10 or an f-16

    only a reskin... it also replaces your "official" laserguided.pbo ruff: swooping how do you mean? if you mean diving slightly (or not as is the case) then whats wrong with that? watch footage and you will see that they dont actually need to as their onboard computers will calculate it automatically... CCIP or CCRP for example
  3. acidcrash

    Armoured personnell carriers

    well its not purely cosmetic though... as when they scatter its for the reason of getting clear of any potential blasts... less chance of taking the whole squad out. dispersing so as to present less of a target
  4. acidcrash

    Bas littlebirds...

    i presume you mean the MH60 Blackhawks not MH6 Littlebirds... the updated LBs with new anims havent been released yet, and have you checked the readme? they got most stuff in there
  5. acidcrash

    The brits take the lead!

    indeed placeblo, though theres lots from the US too (then again it comes from all over the place doesnt it? ) and as for hotmail i just gave up on it... 200 spam a day WITH filter on minimum... sod that
  6. acidcrash

    Hawk's c130

    if you say so, its handling is still too slow compared to an unreleased beta which was spot on... and before anyone says it, no i dont expect it to fly like a bloody fighter!
  7. acidcrash

    Ai takeoff

    on Ia Trang the south eastern strip works, the north west and SF base dont
  8. acidcrash

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    ooh i sure wouldnt want to be inside that with the prospect of enemy with AT lurking... sorta stands out lol nice shot though
  9. acidcrash

    Other nations

    i expect he means Vietnamese not Vietcong
  10. acidcrash

    Russian apc pack

    about the BTR80 wow yes i just noticed that... destruction derby anyone? edit: turns out that the crew get injured after hitting a few times but the vehicle is fine... my gunner died after ramming another BTR80 first time
  11. acidcrash

    Seagulls and reality

    personally i would rather the people still playing wouldnt be able to see the seagull... it gets rather annoying when you have a flock of them following you around and making that really annoying chirping sound
  12. acidcrash

    Russian apc pack

    having not seen arena in action irl, i cant say for sure but i would have thought it would be so quick you would barely notice. as for arena ingame, im guessing it only affects the first one or two missiles? as any after that usually do damage/kill me whch is just as well otherwise it might turn into some invincible vehicle heh
  13. acidcrash

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    BMP3's scanning the horizon nothing much, just thought it looked pretty good
  14. acidcrash

    Getting in vehicles

    nope there was a version of the MH6 which had an MP5 stuck to the side to simulate one of the crew firing
  15. acidcrash

    Russian apc pack

    indeed! nice work i like!
  16. acidcrash

    New virus must read

    they just seem to be getting more publicity than they used to was this real or fake though? as i heard several people saying it was another hoax
  17. acidcrash

    Military buggy released!

    oops i get missing textures for the spec ops and normal east buggy (navel inf version works fine) blackdog whats the link to his site?
  18. acidcrash

    F-117a nighthawk

    The hinged Cockpit door is meant to be Jagged. Stealth Technology. no i think he meant like anti-alaised jagged
  19. acidcrash

    Other nations

    I thought they used real russian actors for the voices? they may well have, but they sounded like a cockney to me (and by the way to clarify i mean the voice sets, not the sound bites like "vodka" "die american evils" etc)
  20. acidcrash

    Other nations

    i always thought the russian voices in red hammer sounded like dodgy cockney immitations *shrugs* back on topic, in the prelude to Resistance campaign it actually says Troska is from Nogova
  21. acidcrash

    Some interesting script ideas...

    <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> #loop man switchmove "effectstandtalk" ~30 goto "loop" though im sure theres going to be a more efficiant way of doing this, but thats a start
  22. acidcrash

    Vehicals needed

    they are more "want" than "need" L;): though trains are something id love to see "officially" supported though some of what you mentioned could and have been quite easily made by mod makers... mechanic made loads of cars awhile back if i remember oh and just got to make sure these things actually fit on the map in the first place
  23. acidcrash

    Best armed forces in the world

    this will just start a flame war... and the mods will close it the moment they see it...sorry
  24. acidcrash

    ^$&** alarm noise

    indeed! that last idea is good, and to expand further a similar situation with patrols... ie radioing into their officer and so forth up the command hierachy
  25. acidcrash

    New codemasters cd key replacement policy

    hmm thats actually a pretty good idea! keeps it from others while keeps them within reach