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  1. acidcrash

    Reloading while running an jumping

    both have been suggested many many times reloading on the run: yes, id like to see...or atleast walking jumping: no, people would abuse it (anyone remember bunny hopping in CheaterStrike?) though a system like they had in Rogue Spear would be great (walk upto and then get an option to climb up/down)
  2. acidcrash

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    looks really cool what did you do to it?
  3. acidcrash

    Editor, stand alone

    actually i wouldnt like to see this, it would most likely mean we would no longer be able to preview it quite so easily and instead have to compile it first before we could test it... would get rather tedious.
  4. bug: RTO Navel infantry (normal and HD) has wrong ammo other wise, great was hoping these would be modified for JAM
  5. acidcrash

    Antonov 124 updated

    yep, thats OFP's not LOMAC's Tornado Â
  6. acidcrash

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    im with Acecombat on this one, GCS all the way, fraps (any version) crashes me ...theres always good old print scrn and paste into a document anyway, to not give placeblo a reason to bitch at us: what happens when you let a pair of warrent officers loose with tanks
  7. acidcrash

    Lock on: modern air combat

    meh i get a weird red screen that i cant make anything out so just point, target and pray still, as long as you get the recticle pretty much over the target and press lock you should get it. anyone tried a furball with the Mig29 vs A10 yet? (theres one that has 8 mig 29s, vs 4 A10s and 4 Mirage 2000, lags but is pretty cool)
  8. acidcrash

    Lock on: modern air combat

    here here! FSpilot for president...uh actually i better not resurect that but seriously, what do they hope to gain by doing that?
  9. acidcrash

    Copter sims?

    heh, and ME was 98 with new bugs and "crash 24/7â„¢" introduced ...prolly easier to say any windows? :P but seriously, i didnt like the new Gunship! really, the graphics were "ok" but the game play was terrible, i was hoping it would be something along the lines of where Longbow 2 left off... not some pure arcade game which it felt like that fari strike looks interesting though, not heard of it before however
  10. acidcrash

    Lock on: modern air combat

    i found easiest way to rid the Shilka was to engage it with the cannon at about half a mile, if you didnt hit it at about 0.2 miles then i usually break off so as not to get too far inside its engagement radius
  11. acidcrash

    Game physics

    after thinking about that, you could possibly implement it like Neverwinter Nights did... ie, weight: after carrying so much you could only walk not run, then after that only walk slowly. this would also work well with a revamp of the current way you pick up ammo and load them in vehicles. instead of making 6 journeys between the bodies and the vehicle just to load their rifles, you could do it in 1 or 2... if you see what im saying
  12. acidcrash


    so the first unit would know about the second unit for X amount of time before "forgetting" about them?
  13. acidcrash


    so maybe this idea isnt exactly scripting, but its editor related: custom shapes "what the hell do you mean fool!?" well for example: triggers, right now its either square or circle right? well I personally would like to see custom shapes... same with markers to explain further what i mean, say you have a radar on the side of a hill and you want to mark its field of view on the map, sure you could put a nice big circle around it... but it cant actually see that full circle can it? so instead you would have the shape lob-sided, ie one side flat to show that the hill blocks the radar, yet facing outward would be its full range... those of you who have played Falcon 4 will know what i mean (on map: Threats>low alt radar/airdefence) screenshot of what i mean
  14. acidcrash

    Which theatre are you most looking forward to?

    indeed! mass high-tech graveyard. Europe also gets my vote, Vietnam and Africa dont really appeal to me
  15. acidcrash

    Military airbases

    too much light and they risk ruining the pilots (and just about anyone else for that matter) nightvision. I remember from my time at RAF Leeming there wasnt that much in the way of lighting near the flightline though but the rest of the airfield was lit up well enough though i guess it would be a different story during a state of readiness
  16. acidcrash

    Something id like

    it may well be like that for OFP2, OFP2 they were making them as they went along which was why they wernt ready till late
  17. acidcrash

    New a-10 or an f-16

    indeed! most modern SAMs within a certain range will get most aircraft with a high PK
  18. acidcrash

    New a-10 or an f-16

    it maybe getting outdated compared to modern equipment (ie 90's to present) but it was just fine back in the 80's which oddly enough is when OFP/OFPR is based ;) and just because it would get massecred by a SAM, why is that a reason for someone not to make one? would be fine for missions where there arent strong SAMs and so it can perform as it was intended. im not saying someone dont make an F16 and make a A10 instead, just saying that why not do both (or one team do the F16 while another does the A10?) so that way both parties are happy?
  19. acidcrash

    Enviorment seasonal changes

    i suppose this is already possible as on 25th of December i think it was, certain trees had lights etc on though if thats not quite it then would be nice to see none the less.
  20. acidcrash

    New bas thread

    *slips an envelope with cash in under the table* how much would it cost for you to tell us?†seriously though, is that the updated littlebird in your sig DM? †joke
  21. acidcrash

    Russian apc pack

    thats one gutsy soldier sitting there
  22. acidcrash

    Graphics engine improvement

    lense flare you mean? yes when tracers (or any light for that matter) enters your field of view would be nice to see, but essentially eye candy... probebly best that if we had that then theres the option to turn it off also as it could strain some of the les powerfull computers
  23. acidcrash

    Multiple computers behind router cannot connect

    are you using the same ID? as i think it auto-kicks people with the same ID
  24. acidcrash

    Iff & vehicles

    it has but i cant remember where and how long ago so i think the mods should let it go and yeh, i fully agree there its really annoying them instantly knowing
  25. acidcrash

    Armoured personnell carriers

    the AI might not but humans do... besides, how many times in MP have you been getting out to have your AI stand there like idiots and then for another player on the other team hit it with an AT? i know ive seen it happen more than a few times