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  1. acidcrash

    Bas delta/ranger update

    Excelent work guys, good stuff mirror: Link one bug so far, M4/203(s) has wrong ammo, it has SD ammo when the weapon is not SD (edit: but the soldier is is meant to be carrying SD M4/203.. oops, no biggie) nothing else so far, good job!
  2. acidcrash

    New bas thread

    indeed, markers are very usefull in making of and planning of missions, would be nice to see
  3. acidcrash

    Bas huh

    thats because the campaign is in the campaign menu not SP missions menu
  4. acidcrash

    Bas pavehawks

    mirror here Good work BAS, as always!
  5. acidcrash

    Lock on: modern air combat

    the AI seem to have improved somewhat and nolonger CTDs at the click of a button seems good so far
  6. acidcrash

    Btr-t released

    not seen this mentioned so far, and this is something ive wanted to see in OFP for a long time! screenshot notice, the turret seperate from the chasis. pretty spectacular seeing it fly up in the air excelent work!
  7. acidcrash

    Wargames addpak

    its the same issue between Maac+Marfy MTLB Packs SA13
  8. acidcrash

    Lock on: modern air combat

    hmm, since installing BMS my Falcon 4 has gone very very unstable, unstable to the point where i can press any button on the UI and I CTD not looking very promising I must say
  9. acidcrash

    Wargames addpak

    you guys didnt read the readme then i see... copied from te readme:
  10. acidcrash

    Footmunch gear

    that wasnt a very usefull answer, anyway, AI i presume you mean will have a problem, would have to speak to Footmunch about sorting that...perhaps auto-raise after a certain speed?
  11. acidcrash

    Cti- worst thing to happen to ofp

    thats abit over-generalising don't you think? I like CTI games but it doesn't mean I prefer arcadish games, quite the contrary I hate arcadish (DM for instance) with a passion Im not saying its realistic, but its not an arcase type game either, with the right people it can be quite interesting (all on the same side vs AI, working together)
  12. acidcrash

    Idf m-60 by steele

    looks good, not tried it yet though also, you might want to make that a link before placebo/other mods see it as its well over the 100kb rule
  13. acidcrash

    Joy ride

    One of my teachers did that or it was probably a MiG-27, but deffinite a MiG. wouldnt have been a Flogger as its single seat not to mention the fact the Flogger cant reach Mach 2.5-3
  14. acidcrash

    Flashpoint global blacklist

    we had a guy on our server yesterday that was able to and we are running 1.95, he was also able to remove himself from the #userlist meaning we couldnt kick him, so evidently someone somewhere has made one
  15. acidcrash

    Is your inbox filling up with mydoom virus emails?

    my own inbox hasnt received any...yet but someone else on my network has had 2, strangely enough they were posing as 2 British companies
  16. acidcrash

    Lock on: modern air combat

    i still havent figured how to hit anything in the Su25 yet, as i too am a Hog driver, failing that a Crane
  17. acidcrash

    Lock on: modern air combat

    Strange how some people claim to have non-stop problems while others say they have no problems what so ever I myself have only had 2 problems worth mentioning: Cockpit/parts of aircraft disapearing textures/fonts not loading or something along those lines both, rare I must say though, since I started playing with an online squadron (AirWolves, a sister division of SWAF which im a member of in the OFP world) on a regular basis, i can verify that you do learn to fly alot better overall, especially as most squadrons dont fly with any labels etc. Its alot more fun in MP also, ive never had so much fun playing LOMAC till I had a 2v2 furball Flankers vs Eagles... a good Human vs Human flight is far better than a Human vs AI any day in my books
  18. acidcrash

    Wargames addpak

    yeh, the deployable weapons bug is known, but still, Im much happier with the damage values tweaked, makes the game much more enjoyable edit: meh i cant type today, more typos than you can shake a stick at!
  19. acidcrash


    we have a version of both on our server (SeaWolves Armed Forces), though I dont know if there is a newer version available. connect, select it and head into briefing (so it downloads) then copy it from your MPmissioncache into your MPmissions folder and your sorted
  20. acidcrash

    Wargames addpak

    erm, wrong topic? lol shouldnt that be in the RHS topic?
  21. acidcrash

    Lock on: modern air combat

    closer view of collision closer view, it does look pretty poor i agree, but that does happen, try it for yourself what happens when you collide with a power cable
  22. acidcrash

    Lock on: modern air combat

    are you sure about that? powerlines but your right about FPS increase, finally sorted it out and in general, get about 10fps extra, still has the problems of things going invisible
  23. acidcrash

    Lock on: modern air combat

    wow only just watched that, excelent stuff and yeh, the A10 one was good, but some of that flying in the Flanker was spectacular
  24. acidcrash

    Bas littlebirds

    you should get the MH60 pack the, as it includes SOAR2 which has desert flight suits and uses JAM weapons
  25. acidcrash

    Lock on: modern air combat

    i did... which is why i got the CD probs: