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  1. acidcrash

    Some questions about recoil...

    this guy kinda makes the MP5 look like a kids toy guy with MP5
  2. acidcrash

    Dynamic range for v 1.90

    it does, but some servers dont like you using them as i think it lags them or somthing, not too sure your best bet would be to install it as a MOD and then have alternate exe's... if they allow sound-mods=fine, if not...just load up the other exe
  3. acidcrash

    Finally some competition for ofp ?

    spotted an error here: Screenshot...Tornado crossed with a Harrier
  4. acidcrash

    The army-for-ofp-proposal thread

    why is it pointless? the east has far less units available than west, sure the new russian tank pack helped even it... but anyway: BTR-80 BMD2 BMP3
  5. acidcrash

    Beta mi-26

    well, incase anyone is interested, it can hold people/jeeps while flying, only if it moves, they fall out Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5
  6. acidcrash

    F-15e (strike eagle) released.

    the amraam is a A-A missile, and yes i agree it does seem to miss alot, even targets going straight and level infront of me and sofar, i found the best way to get hits with bombs (Mk82 and GBU) is to dive on them from about 400m, nukes, i found being about 6000m was high enough to survive, i was hit at 5000 though
  7. acidcrash

    Beta mi-26

    surely the Mi26 cant go THIS fast: that cant be right? but anyway, model is pretty good, but as has been said lacks details and cockpit + odd pink on top, and stretch marks (?) underneath the 3rd person view needs to be moved back alot, all you get is a nice view of the cargo-bay Â
  8. acidcrash

    Rainbow six universe

    yup chavez was in the light-infantry, clarke the ex-SEAL and Jack Ryan was the Ex-Marine LT
  9. acidcrash

    Zu 23-2

    it could catch helicopters though, and maybe low flying aircraft if they dont spot it on radar
  10. acidcrash

    Zu 23-2

    it could catch helicopters though, and maybe low flying aircraft if they dont spot it on radar
  11. acidcrash

    That estonian infantry

    it didnt go to a folder within the addon folder did it? some addon makers like to put a thousand and one folders in them... is it in the right addons (ie CWC addons vs RES addons)
  12. acidcrash

    A-6e intruder bomber public beta

    ok, i like the plane in general, the weapons are good, but then again i got but one beef with it... i dont like the ripple firing of weapons, its ok for the rockets, or maybe the mk81's but not good for the others...especially the MK84s since then only have 5 and it drops 4 of them... could that be fixed maybe? also, spotted this ingame, pretty self explanetory: the wheels coming through the top of the wing anyway, good job on that
  13. acidcrash

    Can the ofp gods model this?

    wernt the falklands mod making one? or was that a normal landrover?
  14. acidcrash

    A-6e intruder bomber public beta

    do you have any other mirror besides fileplanet? ofp.info or opflashpoint.org maybe?
  15. acidcrash

    Operation northstar tank pack

    great job, you can tell theres alot of hard work gone into them now for the feedback: The scopes, when you raise it so much, blacks out...is this meant to happen? makes shooting at low flying helo's alot harder i know it was mentioned earlier in the thread, but when trying to switch to shells of some sort, you have to change to the NSV first, then to shells/ATGM...is it meant to be like that?
  16. hmm, aim-92 is correct for stinger, but it looks like an aim-9 sidewinder
  17. acidcrash


    well oddly enough, it appears most ppl are commie according to the politcal test here
  18. acidcrash

    They deserve your respect!

    and then theres Peanut butter jelly
  19. acidcrash


    good for you, now im supprised no mod has turned up yet
  20. acidcrash


    ahh the good ole blackadder "spam" sketch
  21. acidcrash

    The political compass

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Economic Left/Right: -4.12 Authoritarian/Libertarian: -1.85 <span id='postcolor'> tbh i dont know what to think about my result lol just looking at all our results, we all appear to be in the bottom left corner... we all think alike?
  22. acidcrash

    Was this the last patch?

    i expect BIS is probebly working on a patch, but having said that, i think the heavy weapons on wheeled vehicle is a engine limitation, and so not fixable...thats not to say it isnt possible though, youd have to ask Suma or other member of the dev team, if its not going to be added to ofp, then i hope it will be in OFP2 what do you mean though when you say "full auto has never been the same since 1.75" ?
  23. acidcrash

    Anyway to shut the stupid ai up?

    ...so use manual fire? and increase your view distance
  24. acidcrash

    Chechen war mod?

    yeh, more room for tank engagements, maybe somthing like you see on all these video clips of soviet armour advancing en mass over large open fields
  25. acidcrash

    New move - feign death

    it can work, but it depends how low and slow they are flying, id much prefer it for when you are shot at, and near a bush, sometimes just diving prone can make them think they got you... others, they keep on shooting, but if they see you "die" and drop more convincingly, maybe they would let it slip?