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  1. acidcrash

    3rd person view no longer working

    as Mjr Fubar said, its in your difficulty settings, just a simple click if i remember correct
  2. acidcrash

    Everyone will want one...

    hmm, aye, oh well, only a matter of time before a mod closes it
  3. acidcrash

    Everyone will want one...

    hmm, aye, oh well, only a matter of time before a mod closes it
  4. you type msconfig.exe and i just tried it, doesnt work, still happens edit: I just tried what was said here: </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Im back, and im glad to say, ive solved the problem. i uninsatalled all the creative stuff, including drivers, then reinstalled the Drivers Only Install, and success. It works!! Ty to Avon Lady and bn880 for your help. If this works for me maybe it will work for u too acid. <span id='postcolor'> didnt see that before when i posted, i just tried it, and sofar ive narrowed it down to one of these from the install:# Diag Wave Studio Soundfont Bank and manager Stream Recorder Getting Started Demo(i doubt this) Midi Samples (i doubt this) im just going to try one by one now, welldone Stream, you seem to have it sorted Thanks
  5. i have searched and nothing, i tried playing OFP minutes after the install of the new card and so no, no tinkering/tweaking/modifing ive tried looking through the settings, but tbh i dont really know what to look for
  6. lets get this back on topic, i also installed a audigy2 platinum yesturday and yes i also got this error, i cleared everything from the task manager, and nothing i have installed latest drivers and it only effects OFP, no other games
  7. acidcrash

    Ita tornado v1.1 released

    theres no ammo for it, i expect that minor bug will be fixed in a follow up version?
  8. acidcrash

    A web game that is more productive than most

    lol it must be an auto message, as i got the same but with a cat lol
  9. acidcrash

    Merry christmas everyone

    Have a good christmas from everyone at SWAF Â
  10. acidcrash

    How low do you fly?

    if you include the littlebirds and other similar addons, i go as low as possible...as fast as possible, the LB i tend to take down to 2m, which tends to scare my passengers (some ppl scare too easy! lol...quote Shashman, also from SWAF "turn!!" ..."TREE!!!".."watch out!"..."bloody hell acid wtf are you doin?!?!?" "do you like the smell of grass or somthing?!?" ) then to stop, quick flick to the left or right with full rudder 200-0 in seconds sod the joystick! keyboard
  11. acidcrash

    Animation editor is out!

    so this will enable things like new stances, firing positions, actions etc to be created?
  12. acidcrash

    What shld i get?

    the "hammer" range by any chance? and going back to the XP range, im sure i heard somewhere that thats the equivelant Intel speed? might be wrong though
  13. acidcrash

    Something for tomorrow...

    is it just me not hearing about it, or did they keep this very quiet? and judging by that list, they have been very busy! cant wait
  14. acidcrash

    What shld i get?

    well regarding Half-Life, 60 is the default max FPS if i remember right, all it requires is some editing of your config.cfg and you can gain the extra FPS. but coming back to CPU, i used to have a 1.2 and i now have an XP2000 and imo it runs better.
  15. acidcrash

    I formatted my pc yesterday...

    but then some programs/games dont like NTFS in which your stuck in that case, a partition of both works fine for me
  16. acidcrash

    "fighting omars" f/a-18c

    just noticed, is it me, or is the forward cockpit brace missing? no big deal, just wondering
  17. acidcrash

    Zu 23-2

    wow i gotta say i love it! cool light show eh?
  18. acidcrash

    Zu 23-2

    wow i gotta say i love it! cool light show eh?
  19. acidcrash

    I formatted my pc yesterday...

    he might only have an upgrade version of XP, I would say try get hold of another version of windows
  20. acidcrash

    "fighting omars" f/a-18c

    both look excelent, i look forward to them both. Good job!
  21. acidcrash

    New official unit !

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (PiNs_Da_Smoka @ Dec. 21 2002,21:09)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Am i the only one that ges my ass spanked by the MG's in that SP mission. I'll make my first run, go to turn around, and on the second run they blast the fart out of me. <span id='postcolor'> no, they are lethal i agree, they get me within a minute of the first strafe
  22. acidcrash

    The cypher

    afaik its an un-manned recon/scout thing, but tbh im not quite sure how we would be able to use it as irl its remotely controlled
  23. acidcrash

    A-6e intruder bomber public beta

    dont know if you know or not, but the A6 called "test A6" has a problem with the laser designator, ie it doesnt work but the folding wings is a cool touch
  24. acidcrash

    All really clued up posters please help that

    sometimes simple is the answer, did you try a fresh install of OFP? you'd be amazed how many problems that fixes for me (so come on LT, stop making excuses and get back on server so we can kick ur arse )
  25. acidcrash

    Directx 9 released

    im going to add to the list and say yep, it runs fine for me also