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  1. acidcrash

    Speed feeling

    thats all well and good, but when you are low and fast like Major Gripe mentioned, if you turn round in the cockpit chances are you will crash due to OFP's "unique" sensativity and controls and for the record your vision doesnt "blur" when you go over 200 or whatever, what you are refering to is when the surrounding scenery moves so fast your brain cant keep up (cant think of an easier way to describe) but it only effects you when either on the ground (vehicle) or very low (aircraft)
  2. acidcrash

    Speed feeling

    no thanks tunnel view when flying fast...nope, would be very annoying and besides, it doesnt happen in real life so why implement it in OFP2. personally i think its fine as it is, maybe some polishing up but essentially its fine
  3. acidcrash

    New bas thread

    im guessing you mean the red dot in the center made smaller? yes personally i think they are a tiny bit too big and make aiming at distant targets hard...but hey thats why BAS is putting ACOG on the M14... right?
  4. acidcrash

    Military dune buggy

    not even an iron sight of sorts? either way looks cool
  5. acidcrash

    Better damage model?

    yep, and i guess you are going to mention how you can shoot wings off and so forth... would be interesting to see in OFP i agree, just wonder how feasable it is
  6. This has already been discussed here if you looked.
  7. acidcrash

    No message received....

    yep, it will only drop you back to the main multiplayer screen if it cannot reconnect, usually after about 70-80 seconds in my experiance in which case the server has usually crashed
  8. acidcrash

    Call for support

    to expand on what shash said: ...and/or have a radio set in the squad...maybe down to difficulty level so easy anyone could providing they had the radio set, or "realistic" and have only the person who started with the radio set (or a predefined radio operater class)
  9. acidcrash


    multiple gunner positions wouldnt solve this though, as it wouldnt be your individual weapon rather a predefined weapon. You could always have (for a bmp) say AK74's or whatever in those assigned positions but again, it wouldnt be your weapon and would seem odd if you had a PK and the port you were firing out of was simulating an AK74. but im sure BIS will come up with something in this matter
  10. acidcrash

    A few newbie problems!

    there is a list in both the comref and here. the link contains unofficial addons magazine/weapons also
  11. acidcrash

    Realistic military callsigns

    yeh but you can only have 2 custom call signs
  12. acidcrash

    Realistic military callsigns

    well its not a direct solution, but whenever ive used names and callsigns when in a chat (global, side, group, etc) ive started with (Name) eg man1 sidechat "(Tango Niner) All stations this is Tango Niner...." and so ingame alpha black1: "(Tango Niner) All stations this is Tango Niner..."
  13. acidcrash

    Can you still download red hammer?

    i would have thought if you could prove you bought it that maybe you could redownload it...
  14. acidcrash

    Short time ban system

    i wouldn't mind having the option for a logged in admin to overrule a voted admins ban, for example on a squad's server... there is no squad members with the admin password present and a non-squad member has the admin via vote, that person then bans the squad member from his/her own server. that squad member is gonna be rather pissed off, but they can go fetch a member who has the password to remove the ban. OR have something along the lines of a "immune" list, where only logged in admins can do anything to them... the list of "immunes" would be of players ID's. this way a non-squad member could not ban a squad member
  15. acidcrash

    Different countrys

    lol, watch out or ran might tear your bollocks off and enlist you in the FFL but back on topic, i agree the wars from more than one point of view would be cool
  16. acidcrash

    Official bistudio stat server

    i suppose it might be handy for keeping track of MP bugs or whatever... like crashes etc (for development i mean)
  17. acidcrash

    Global ils for ofp

    someone already made a basic sort of ILS, "take off tim" or something (its on OFPEC) but it worked in SP only
  18. acidcrash

    All crc and md5 values

    and mine: EU Res CD Â MOFRCDEU00 File CRC MD5 res\bin\config.bin 0xb24bdddc d75a744502379515b72d4d1c8e0488a1 res\bin\resource.bin 0xbbf83b11 a85119c0c4cfd3c4f7f4beec5f8dfd25 res\DTA\anim.pbo 0xdf3c002f 151b93850f86a624d1fa9ac185037f20 res\DTA\anims.pbo 0x52874913 3c226e07346bfd21e5269f4e2c1b5951 res\DTA\data3d.pbo 0x0071d673 b3ba701b7d118bd110dc7e2bbaa29569 res\DTA\data.pbo 0xbf02a960 4083d0605eaf3929e8e79ae792506935 res\DTA\data.pbo 0xbf02a960 4083d0605eaf3929e8e79ae792506935 res\DTA\sound.pbo 0xd578a4c6 d84ee16522db752277919d34aca75174 res\DTA\Hwtl\merged.pbo 0x042c93ca a14d9e9343f1578c435dc3abef73ce51 res\DTA\Hwtl\data.pbo 0x1a7de0a2 28d96646e2f61ee3333e291f87afa121 res\DTA\Hwtl\data3d.pbo 0x21fc532d a4495437b60de2e7e85e006533e2f94c res\addons\bizon.pbo 0x687b171d e8752ec3e5adc3d9ea107810d929a092 res\addons\BMP2.pbo 0xa4e1370e c0409fad48ab6f1bf495128550675e83 res\addons\brmd.pbo 0x8f774649 f3b419cd2a5dc52ab5d37ea35597762a res\addons\ch47.pbo 0x6696830a 7c54e1140e66623fcfdae015752b9001 res\addons\M2A2.pbo 0x5726fddd 79f0de5a458fefdb4ec1fbf66006cec8 res\addons\g36a.pbo 0x077c4f63 9337cda8514e8c0202cca94c0743ad20 res\addons\humr.pbo 0x5439768b 8a91e2735e073b688243c9403f185e8a res\addons\hunter.pbo 0x76747474 0fb162d4c1f05d691d3f94d85cae5205 res\addons\kozl.pbo 0x421577b8 cb2d352de409040bf60920984eb8d854 res\addons\mm-1.pbo 0x3369e2c2 1fce277ec34d5452b693006dadc1f92f res\addons\oh58.pbo 0x1f59d5b3 7524a89a483b06dcce56a0a36436053f res\addons\steyr.pbo 0x1c19352f 4fed80d722cc8cf228106503164ff3d5 res\addons\su25.pbo 0x7c1585c4 a19f76320d96316a070f9b7b7cbaa04f res\addons\vulcan.pbo 0x5aa0c95b 4f24eda51bae31142709c0f05500db86 res\addons\XMS.pbo 0xdc8fe36b 784bdadec9b5db9890cbab5fd8568a07 res\addons\noe.pbo 0xe43f265b 04753c9b9a96d33798e6f5a526bc9ecb res\addons\o.pbo 0x5dc53bab 0143030b42f4bea8fa8d3f1b5619b2b4 res\addons\o_wp.pbo 0x08c2b113 1ad65c7ae260de15fa3ec245b04412d2 edit: stupid enter key before i had finished pasting edit2: must learn to spell
  19. acidcrash

    Mig-29 screens

    looking good, nice crisp textures too!
  20. acidcrash

    Woodland hummers

    yeh but you forget that wheeled vehicles in OFP cant fire missiles nor have turrets
  21. acidcrash

    Helo parachuting

    they would need a "waddle" animation for when they try to move with all their kit + parachute seriously though, most likely they would leave it behind if they didnt need it for the above reason
  22. acidcrash

    Joint ammo and magazines (jam)

    must be just you, they use them all the time with me, pretty accurately too @ dusand Its a standardisation for ammunition and weapons... when fully implemented i seem to remember seeing it said that a BAS soldier would be able to pick up ammunition from say a Codeblue soldier
  23. acidcrash

    Game physics

    im actually happy with the way you currently die from being shot, ie stagger a couple of steps and collapse though im not too sure about your body flying a kilometer or so when hit by a tank shell, or even a grenade
  24. acidcrash

    Ac-130h or ac-130u

    ...unless maybe they have some fancy scripting like the patrol boat someone made a while back...though come to think of it i think i remember someone saying it would not work on planes *walks off rambling to himself*
  25. acidcrash

    New bas thread

    there already is one...at the bottom of the list called "soldier" but theres no medic without the ranger tab and further more, if you check he read me for the exac code snippet you can assign custom unit patches (10th,82nd, 101st were some already included)