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  1. Thankyou thankyou thankyou,now my T-80UM1's have flirs!!...lovin'em:yay:
  2. 343rdBadger

    ARMA 2 OA 1.52 :Bugs

    I get crash to desktop when using the "next" tab in control configuation panel
  3. Could someone varify if the Radar 114L hellfire's on the AH-64 are working in radar mode?I just can't get them to track to target even when locked via MFD target mode or the tab lock.Either manual fire nor the AI.They just go ballistic.Manual laser is fine as human gunner,but as Human pilot commanding the AI, in either radar or laser,the missile won't track to target.Its like it doesn't know there is a guidance system.The 114L model hellfire in radar mode I'm most interested in as you can concentrate on the flying.Im was using both a previous ACE version(371) and a current one(373).neither worked as expected.Am I doing it wrong or is it porked?:confused:
  4. Would it be possible to submit an addon pack to get modified to the ACE ballistics,so its 100% compatible?I'd like to have all the tanks with the round to target animations and ballistics drop.The range finder works ,but the translation to the round ballistics doesn't.I'd like to see ALL 3rd party tanks able to do what ACE does.How can we(those of us who aren't "config" savy) accomplish this?? I don't want to add to the heavy work load on the ace dev's ,but it seems a shame not to have such a great feature on all the armor that's been built by other addon makers.If its a matter of volunteering addons ,then I'm volunteering :) ps...for some strange reason the mg's work as they should.why not the tanks main gun?
  5. Some of us are having problems intergrating this in our missions(MP domination) and I've noticed others having the same problem here as well...would it be possible to get this pre-installed into a domination mission.The reason is that its kinda hard to know what is going wrong as its a pretty elaborate set of scripting.Thanks in advanced if this could be done.
  6. 343rdBadger

    Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA 2

    Hmmmm...I think your right ,just looked at the video above again and the pilot looks to be in gun mode while fireing hellfires.
  7. 343rdBadger

    Mando Missile ArmA for ArmA 2

    I've noticed also that with my joystick(x45 saitek) the weapons won't cycle.Its stuck on guns and won't switch to missles in manual fire.As soon as I exit the helo,everything returns to normal.Just sayin:confused:(this is with ACE2 installed btw)
  8. That was the ticket...problem solved.Cheers.
  9. I dunno if its a ACE problem or not but the vector nite doesn't give you range or elevation anymore since this update.Thats with or without a battery.
  10. 343rdBadger

    XP -> W7; Stable -> Random Freezing

    AMD 2 dual core ,ATI 4870 3 gig ram,win 7 32 bit on a msi mother board with realtek sound card.Today I froze spawning to the ammo box in domination after gettin killed in a helo...totally different from other incidents.But thats because we usually do the same things over and over in a mission.IE loadouts,man slots etc.I do think however its some*thing related to weapons(but its a guess at best)...I'll tell ya one thing...Its gettin to be a goddamn pain in the ass for sure!:mad:
  11. 343rdBadger

    XP -> W7; Stable -> Random Freezing

    I have the EXACT same problem as you do...random freezing ,knocks out the internet connection upon rebooting.Win 7 32 bit.I gotta wonder if its not a sound issue maybe?It sems to happen to me when switching to optics ,or hearing an engine start.I'm really guessing here as its sooo random.But anyways,your not alone on this.:(.We just need to compare notes as too when it happens and what the circumstances were.
  12. I'll weigh in here as well,...I've been freezing ALOT in arma II,but at random times.Sometimes I can play as long as an hour or sometimes as short as 2 minutes.When I reboot the internet conection has been knocked out.I haven't had this problem in Arma I,just Arma II.I'm using win 7 ultimate.My OS install simply doesn't like Arma II.I have no idea what causes it.
  13. 343rdBadger

    Arma 2 1.05 Keyboard does not work

    I don't know if this is connected or not but I have a similiar issue.When launching the game my mouse loses its additional mouse key function,like it doesn't know that there are more than a left/right /middle button (my A7tech has 5 buttons).If I launch a previous beta,everything is fine.The 105 patch is ignoring functions.:mad: So if you map a talk button for teamspeak (for example) on the mouse,it doesn't work.Whats even more strange,if I map the middle mouse button for a talk button,the middle mouse button works in game ,but doesn't activate the pressed to talk function.:confused:.As soon as I minimize the game.the buttons work as normal.:butbut:
  14. 343rdBadger

    Russian Armour Pack ACE 2 version

    Quick note...this pack is for the ACEX2 install of ACE2 ,not ACE2 plain,use the normal RUSSIAN PACK for ACE2 WITHOUT ACEX2 ,or the ruski tanks will walk all over the abrams.Seems the m1a1's are ramped up in armour in ACEX so the extra protection was necessary for the T-90's/80's to fight them.Sorry didn't realise this till today when I tried the ace without the acex(the ruski tank pack mopped up the M1a1's in that configuration:p)I installed the whole ACE package from the get-go without realising the difference. So again... ACEX vs RussianTank Packv8.0 FOR ACE 2 ACE vs RussianTank Pack v8.0 normal
  15. This version of the RussianArmour Pack has upgraded Tank Armour Values suitable for ACEX 2 combat enviorment.USE ONLY with ACEX 2,as the armour values are balanced to the M1A1 HC in ACE 2.:) Download: http://www.filefront.com/15084881/RussianArmourPackArmA2Ver8.0ACE2.7z Note!!... I wasn't sure on the values for balancing,I just played around with then until the T-90's were able to hold their own in a fight.Seems pretty fair as is,but any feedback /suggestions is welcome.Please note I'm not a coder so it was trial and error.:D.
  16. Yup...I believe thats what I'ma lookin for....cheers:)
  17. Treid that,it was binarized,so couln't get the values.
  18. I'll ask again... Could someone tell me what the parametres of the APFSDS for the T-90 are in the mod?...ie its hit factors etc.I'd like to match the ArmourPack to the ACE T-90's.Would that be possible?I could just guess and adjust ,but that would take trial and error.A set of numbers from ACE people would be quicker.Tanks
  19. man I feel your pain,I opted to bypass it all together because of all the negative posts.What saved my ass was the yoma server link posted a few pages back(page 2??3?...not sure which).Worked like a charm and was very very painless.Ace...you'd be wise to offer this as a standard option.
  20. Could someone tell me what the parametres of the APFSDS for the T-90 are in the mod?...ie its hit factors etc.I'd like to match the ArmourPack to the ACE T-90's.Would that be possible?I could just guess and adjust ,but that would take trial and error.A set of numbers from ACE people would be quicker.:) LOVE the new missle animations ,they work great on the pack.Its the little things
  21. 343rdBadger

    Russian Armour Pack with BTRs v6.0

    New update for the Russian Armour Pack.I hadn't noticed the muzzel flashes on some tanks were off centre(guess no-one noticed)Fixed now. Download: http://www.filefront.com/15067681/RussianArmourPackArmA2Ver8.0.7z
  22. I'd like to know whats going on in the "Tank" area of the new ACE mod.I've always used it and was happy that the Russian Armour Pack always seemed to run well under it.Is this gonna be a problem in the upcomming release??:confused:I'd really like to keep it compatable.Can I get some feedback on this?
  23. 343rdBadger

    Russian Armour Pack with BTRs v6.0

    New version 7.0 update in first post of this thread.Couldn't fix the problem/conflict with other vehicle/addons, but from what I could tell its only the btr's causing the issues not the tanks.First post explains new version changes...ie...drivers can now "see" out their hatches when turned out.Hope this takes alittle stress off the pack issues and I hope you Enjoy them as much as I do.
  24. 343rdBadger

    Russian Armour Pack with BTRs v6.0

    Yeah well stupid me rared/zipped up the wrong "extended event" file.I accidently zipped the bisign event file instead of the event pbo itself from some slx version by mistake...duh...hell,I'm not sure what file is really needed anymore, but I'm thinking as long as you have CBA activated,its ok.IF you don't use CBA,THIS file(the one in the new upload) SHOULD allow the addon to be loaded.I'm re-upping the armour pac later today with it in.Just gimme a couple hours to see if I can fix the commander turn out position(it got messed up somwhere along the line and I'm not sure how to fix it)he's too far back in the turrent and looks outside the turret hatch while turned out.:mad: What I REALLY need to do is join some addon group and learn more.:p
  25. Big update!! Changed Commander view type to T90 instead of T72.This also fixes the gunner moving the commander view when turning turrent. This pack has one issue with ArmaII, the rvmats make it dependent on the tracked.pbo.(if you want the shinyness and scratches)The only way I could get around this was to add them into the tracked.pbo package. All you do is de-pbo the tracked.pbo and add the included rvmats to the data\detailmappy directory.If you DON'T do this, what will happen is the game will nag you about it on startup and the textures will be flat/matt without the ArmaII "shinyness"(no biggy really but I personally like the shiny textures better). download: http://www.filefront.com/14953395/RussianTankPackArmA2Ver5.0.7z