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    Vampires/Undead Pack Beta Release

    Wow..... Very cool work... I like that addon so much i build my next mission with it. And a + point is that it is easy to build the units in own missions, just one gamelogic and its done. Good job.
  2. 23-Down

    Unified zombie pack release imminent

    Hi... A hint by me CaptQ : Build better a complete new mission, the doomsday missions are nice. But a bit simple the second map extreme just hold the town and after this go to a bmp. Done. Nothing against the autor of the map but i want zombiemaps with more storyline. I build currently on a zombiemap too, with more story and horror feelings. his map is cool too (particularly the music and sounds.) but that is my opinion.
  3. 23-Down

    Unified zombie pack release imminent

    hey stlkd can u send me your mp map with the zombies pls at 23-down@web.de.. i thank u...
  4. 23-Down

    Unified zombie pack release imminent

    I thank you for your answer Zombie_mod .... Now i will look in the previous posts..
  5. 23-Down

    Unified zombie pack release imminent

    Wow amazing screens.... I like the zombiemod... i'm currently build on a map with your zombies... But i need some help.. My english isnt so good and i dont understand many things. <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">GLOBAL VARIABLES ================ gblIndestructibleZombies = (0 or 1, 1 means "yes") gblZombieResrWait = (0.. infinite) - real number determining how long, in seconds, an indestructible zombie should lay on the ground after being "killed", before getting up again? You can have fun with this... gblHumanResProbability = (0 .. 1) - real number. The probability of a human coming back as a zombie from 0 to 1. Fractional values allowed. 0 means "human stays dead forever", 1 means "human always comes back as a zombie". .50 means "50/50 chance" etc etc. gblHumanResrWait= (0..infinite) - real number determining how long (in seconds) should a human stay dead before he/she comes back as a zombie? gblZombieDamage = real number from 0..1 Â (zombie damage to humans: 0 = none, .5 = half damage, 1 = 1 hit one kill ) gblHealthDrain = THIS VARIABLE IS OBSOLETE. DO NOT USE!!! gblZombieCarDamage = real number from 0..1 Â (how much damage a zombie can inflict on a car, per hit. . 0 = none, 1 = 1 hit one kill .5 = 2 hits etc, .2 = 5 hits yawn yawn) gblZombieAPCDamage = real number from 0..1 Â (for APCs.) gblZombieTankDamage = real number from 0..1 Â Â (for Tanks.) gblZombieDelPause = x (how many seconds before zombies are deleted from map when they are killed. 0 = deleted the moment they are killed again. Set to long value if you want them to never be deleted. REMEMBER: OFP has a finite limit of units & groups (12 x 64) that can be created at one time - it is recommended that zombies are deleted to reduce lag and allow other units to be created!) Where i have to write this things in ? In a trigger or a gamelogic, script ? where ? and i got a bug with the grawling zombie. It has no face what i can do to fix it? I like the grawling zombie and Victor Troska zombies on most. I thank you for your answers people. Â greetings 23-down