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    Operation Urup campaign final release

    Hi! I want to say that i like your campaign... it's really nice... but im still in mission 2. Â The reason for my post is that i saw a bug in your campa... I can't finish Mission1. After the return to the fleet with the Uh-60... nothing happens. There is the black screen with good job Soldiers... but an end trigger isn't firing. And by the way it isn't really good to create a black screen if u fly a chopper. So i had to cheat to get to mission 2... In the moment i have no more bugs to report. Keep up the good work, as i said i like your campaign. And sorry for my poor english, dude.
  2. 23-Down

    OFP Navy

    Amazing! I cant wait much longer for ur ships... the details are really excilent... Keep up the good work.
  3. 23-Down


    @nsx: by the way! The demo was lagfree! It was the first Namisland which was not laggy... so for what in gods name low res tress and gras? I hope, i didn't misunderstood u. @unsung team: keep it how in the demo, i don't wish me low res tress and gras.... but maybe u can add or release sometimes - 2 versions or verious pbos with low res and high resolution islands. I think this will be a good deal for all peoples, even this peoples with old wrecks like nsx his computer. But as i said: Keep up the good work dudes. Â
  4. 23-Down


    This are fantastic new screenshots... i like the screenies. keep up the good work unsung team.
  5. 23-Down

    Translator needed

    Hi all! I'm 23-Down an anvanced Missions creator for the Ofp German community. I released allready many stuff yet for ofp.. 2 campaigns *a 2 mission campa , a 6 mission campa* and many missions.. Now i want to ask if someone can help me to translate my missions in english. I never builed my maps with the stringtable.csv because my english is really poor as u can see if u read this text. Â I search for someone who understands the german language really perfect and the english language too. I want that the english ofp community can play my maps same like the people from the german community. If someone wants to help... just contact me here or via pm. I will thank u all. be sure my missions are not noob missions, so a risk to help me could be ok, i think. The problem why i cant do that by myself is just the simple reason : My grammar (i can only think in german grammar) and my missing word-treasure. greetings 23-down
  6. 23-Down

    Mapfact discussion thread

    That's fantastic! release it ASAP, i can't wait much longer for this. Â
  7. 23-Down

    ZOS/Zombie Outbreak Simulation

    Hi all! We from Ofpmbd wrote a review to this fantastic simulation\mission... If your interested read it... 9 of 10 possibility points english: http://ofpmdb.teamp2p.de/phpkit....tid=123 thx to vyrus for translating the review into english. german: http://ofpmdb.teamp2p.de/phpkit....tid=551
  8. Hi all! Yesterday i reinstalled windows, i had terrible trouble with the old windows install... some minutes ago i reinstalled ofp - patched it to v1.46 reinstalled Resistance patched it to v1.96. but now if i play it, my sound goes away after some seconds and i can't hear nothing... what i can do to fix that new problem? system preferences: Win Me 2.6ghz Radeon 9800 pro Onboard Sound I play ofp since the release 2001, and never had this problem before... i hope someone can help.. greetings 23-down
  9. 23-Down

    Sound Problem, sound goes away

    Great news! Looks like so that my problem is history... I updated my bios, my onboardsounddrivers and now the sound in ofp works fine... you should drag this thread into *TROUBLESHOOTING FAQ it could be useful for people with the same problems in future. And Thanks again people.... greetings 23-down Â
  10. 23-Down

    Sound Problem, sound goes away

    Thx Placebo and Mr_Tea i will test both ideas asap..... say you later if it works now or not.. greetings 23-down
  11. 23-Down

    Sound Problem, sound goes away

    thx.. but that don't help me yet... i changed to onboard sound because i had problems with my sound blaster and another one... had some in reserve. other ideas ?? EDIT: I tested my sound with the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.... the tool said my sound card (onboard sound) does not support hardware buffering.... is that maybe the reason for my problem? greetings 23-down
  12. 23-Down


    you can't take the truck into the next mission..
  13. 23-Down

    Inside Hell

    Hi! I played it today (in editor) i had addon problems *but don't worry, my own fault, have to much addys installed = addonbugs, some addons won't work together with other ones* It was a small mission, but a nice mission, i hope to see more of your stuff in future... i liked your mission.. Download it people.. greetings 23-down
  14. 23-Down

    ZOS/Zombie Outbreak Simulation

    Hi! Your mission is fantastic... Download it people, i'm sure you all will like it... even if your not zombiefans... it's a good idea... keep up the good work Trapper.... Â Â I write the same on ofpcenter.de in the comments section... if you are interested join up our team... Â we can need good people like you... Â Â greetings 23-down
  15. 23-Down

    Armed Assault - should the name be changed?

    Hi all! I don't like the name so much too. I think the name is a little bit to simple for a real ofp sequel game. But i think too it is now to late to change the name, if BIS change the name now... Many peoples will get confused. See the good old game Codename Outbreak etc... They all changed the names just some months before release, and the consumers stayed away.... I don't like the name but shit happens... the name is simple but ok. greetings 23-down and sorry for my bad english.
  16. 23-Down

    Unsung - updates

    ohja mp studio hilf denen. Die brauchen sie. Guter Zug von dir. i wish u good luck in the unsung team mp studio.
  17. 23-Down

    Unsung - updates

    C'mon guys stop the stupid talking about the screen. Help them better I am anxious that one more mod could be in danger. No release no new units + story. On all addonmakers and texturemakers help them now, pls it's your turn now supported the ofp community, supported a very nice mod!
  18. 23-Down

    Sleeping script

    Hi here are some sleeping scripts: For the Ai: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">_typ = _this select 0 _pos = _this select 1 #loop _typ setpos _pos _typ switchmove "treatedlying" ?(aufstehen):exit ~0.01 goto "loop" Activation : <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">[NAMESoldier,[2644.60,4568.33,0.7]] exec "sleep.sqs"; And one script for the Player: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">_typ = _this select 0 _posx = 10025.2 (Here u must enter the coordinates) _posy = 4051.13 (Here u must enter the coordinates) _typ switchmove "TreatedLying" #Start ?(ende1) : goto "ende" _typ setpos [_posx , _posy , 0.8] ~0.001 goto "Start" #ende player switchmove "" Exit <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">Activation: [player] exec "sleepers.sqs"
  19. 23-Down

    CV-22 Osprey

    Wow MAster_chief can u release that unit. Or just give it me to play with it? I know its long time ago where u build it. but im sure u still have your unit on your pc... I hope it..
  20. 23-Down

    CV-22 Osprey

    Some news ?? I hope the project isnt dead!!! If yes i hope an other guy will continue the author his work on the v-22. greetings 23-down
  21. 23-Down

    Unified zombie pack release imminent

    Hi... i found a bug (think a bug) in the zombiescript candidate... the Zombianimations work not more correctly etc. Please fix that problem. greetings 23-down
  22. 23-Down

    CV-22 Osprey

    Why u dont releases your v-22 Ospreys not JUST as a Helicopter.... To the problem with the engines: forget it, just create 3 or 4 versions of the copper in varius camo and the engines in varios positions(one version as helicopter, the second as plane etc) = Your problem will be history...
  23. 23-Down

    CV-22 Osprey

    Hi Sole its me again.. Please continue your work on your "fun project, test project whatever". I like the CV-22 Osprey so much you cannot believe it. Or please finish just your textures at the model and I will be so happy. I hope u don't cancel your work on the addon, your addon is the only one in the whole community with a V-22. Is that not reason enough to building further? Whatever you do, i thank you for the Beta of the CV-22 Osprey! Really tanks.
  24. 23-Down

    CV-22 Osprey

    Wow... I thank you so much for this fantastic addon... I wait since the release of Operation Flahpoint for a Osprey Addon. And now is my dream true. It's released and the best it's just a beta!! Really nice, I am already happy to see the final version from your addon. greetings 23-down and sorry for the bad english.
  25. 23-Down

    FML_Research Complex version 1.0

    Hi it is a fantastic addon... And just for a beta excellent. I love it. And can need it for horrormissions and other normal missions. Great job. I hope u can find and fix all bugs for the finalversion.