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    Vote for group respawn in crCTI

    I voted for no.... the same like @gL33k. Crcti is the veteran version of cti, when u + the 15 other people wishes grouprespawn then go and play mfcti. greetings 23-down
  2. 23-Down

    Blood, Sweat and Tears

    I hope then that this was the first and the last mission only for people with the 505. When not, i'm sure the publishers and BIS will loose players = money! People everywhere paid the same damn prize so we have to become our staff for all or nobody, version 505 or not that's explicit duty. Every else is an offence against the fans. handle this like a serious meaining cristism. so much from me. greetings 23-down
  3. 23-Down

    Blood, Sweat and Tears

    hi. Yeah can someone upload it somewhere, pls? I mean i payed my money for the first Arma version so it is my right to earn the same benefit like the UK people. I don't understand why the czech , german and polish version didn't have this mission. it's unfair to us from these countries. We are fans too not only the people from UK etc. greetings 23-down
  4. 23-Down

    [CAMP] The land of the Dead

    Hi people. A buddy from me released some days ago his really nice campaign - The land of the Dead. It's a Zombie Campaign and has nothing to do with military things etc. The spoken language of the campaign is in english so far so good, but the subtitles (titletexts) are only in german. But i think this isn't really a big problem. Because u has no briefings etc. all relevant informations will u get in the missions itself. The campaign awaits you with 4 fantastic and "atmosphare" rich missions. i translated the story so have your fun with my bad english. Story: I hope i spoked not so much in Yoda language. I just can think only in german grammar and thats my problem! I'm sorry for that. Installation: Download the campaign and extract the modfolder @LandOfTheDead to your ofp mainfolder, then create a shortcut and add this lines after your gamepart with the .exe thing : -nosplash -nomap -mod=@LandOfTheDead Don't play with any other modfolders, because that can provocate addonconflicts! I think replacementsoldiers and new skies should be ok, but more not. Dxdll is ok too, tested by Bulletstorm, the author. Â One more info: The Zombies act completly new, not like in the most zombiemissions. But you will see that first in Mission3 & Mission4! The scripts are scripted by him. He uses Animations from zombiemod, but a very old version of that, because the project is very old, he found it some weeks ago, again. The 4 missions are not compatible with the new zombieaddons! The only other one problem could be, if the player thinks or hint messages comes, then u cant unterstand it, because there are no soundfiles for things like that. ps: The author say everyone who wants the scripts can take it, cut and copy the scripts into own projects! If are some scripts interesting for u so u can take it without to ask him or give credits. All Features: <u>- Good Camerascripting - Atmosphere strong missions - fantastic zombies (only running in the first 2 missions) in 3 & 4 they are really cool, self-scriptet. - Included Custom music. - Good Voice acting - all addons in 1 large modfolder (you dont need to download other addons)</u> Pictures: http://ofpc.de/screenshots/184/25164.jpg http://ofpc.de/screenshots/184/25166.jpg http://ofpc.de/screenshots/184/25168.jpg http://ofpc.de/screenshots/184/25170.jpg Here's the downloadlink, the dl will starts 7 seconds later, Automatically, if not then click on "Sollte der Download nicht starten hier klicken: >>>>>>>klick<<<<<<<" http://ofpc.de/download_file.xhtml?id=1713&list=ofpc i wish u fun with the project. It's 42mb large. greetings 23-down Â
  5. 23-Down

    [CAMP] The land of the Dead

    @Zombie1: Lol yeah i know the problem with translator programs, funny funny. @Berghoff: Have fun Berghoff.
  6. 23-Down

    [CAMP] The land of the Dead

    Hi, glad to hear that. Bulletstorm wants to thank you for your good feedback. Â Yes i know, i liked the vehicle scence too. It's made with set Velocity. Then i wish u fun with the remaining playtime in mission3 and mission4. Mission4 is full of riddles. Have fun. So Mission 1&2 were understandable now ?
  7. 23-Down

    [CAMP] The land of the Dead

    Hi everyone... Here is the complete 4 mission set, the scripts (Message texts) are now all in english. I wish u fun with it. It isn't everything else than perfect english. But i still hope u will understand now a bit more of the excellent story... http://rapidshare.de/files/35483554/Campaign_scripts.zip.html greetings 23-down
  8. 23-Down

    [CAMP] The land of the Dead

    Hi Zombie1... There are no missing voices.... The texts without any voices are just thinking texts by the player. That means the player thinks that but dont talks that... That's the reason why u don't hear any voices for some texts... Hm ok i will translate the other 3 missions too... But as far as i know bulletstorm will build a english version of his campaign for u people. We know that with the stringtables. I think he had no time or delight to do that earlier. But that has changed now... I'm sure he will release his english version soon. Ok start on mission2 to translate.
  9. 23-Down

    Operation Farmland Mod

    Hi! I played your campaign finish today... I liked it.... but most of the missions were released before by u @zombie1 and others. So it wasn't really new to me, because i played the standalone missions before. But all in all it was nice to see it with a story around and in a campaign structure. I hope u people from the Farmland mod will release more campaigns in the future, maybe for Armed Assault. I hope next time with zombies. my personally wish. i give the campaign 8 of possible 10 points.. greetings 23-down
  10. 23-Down

    [CAMP] The land of the Dead

    Hi Trapper yes thats true. For all i recomment to kill first all zombies before u enter a new area... Dogs for example will follow u over the whole island. How i said before u can take all scripts and thats for all, if u want it, then take it. Could be a basicstone for your own scripts, i'm not sure. Info: Ok people i translated the first mission for u... It isn't perfect, my english sucks, but i hope u understand more now. No i bet u understand more now!....I will translate the other missions later..... http://rapidshare.de/files/34290069/english-files.zip.html Just unpbo the campaign and replace the few scripts with the existing scripts inside from mission 01-disaster. Then pack it again and play it. Edit: Bulletstorm thank you for your good feedback people. Now he will create a english version maybe. Send more good feedback and i'm sure u hold soon a english version in your hands.. greetings 23-down
  11. 23-Down

    [CAMP] The land of the Dead

    I'm happy that u like it, people same like me (i was a betatester of this project) I let it him know, that u like it. btw: are u complete with the campaign? Later in the campaign u will see many new things. @mp_phonix: No it's not supported. He tested it with ecp and ffur but it causing errors. it's not compatible. btw it's useless because u fight most against cevilians and not vs soldiers. and u don't see spectacular explosioneffects. to ur hint problems people... if u want i can translate the hints for u (the scripts) but u must import the scripts then by your own to the open source campaign... thats an option only for profis which are known with the mapeditor, scripts and pbo tools. greetings 23-down
  12. 23-Down

    [CAMP] The land of the Dead

    U get your orders inside the missions, in hints or cutscenes. Your first order in the first mission is to get your weapon of the boat after u saw the dead buddy... then you must go to Modrova. It't the right way, not the left way to modrova. If u walk the left way then u will die. The missions has limitatations so that u can't run over the entire island.
  13. 23-Down

    Policie Pack v1.2a

    Yep i hope u will update it, one more time again, please.. The version of your Gaz24 isn't working probably, the lights are not seeable if i activate the sirens or light button. It works only with the original version of the Gaz24 but the orig version dont has the cool turning lights like your version. Please fix that. oh btw: It's a fantastic addon liked your previous version from 2003\2004.
  14. 23-Down


    Hm they were not really good.. i can't find it right now... but try a look on ofpc.de i found it earlier there.... btw english voices are better. I dont wish me for the german version of Arma german voices.. that would be crap. Because german synchronization isnt good in pc games. and mostly censored in our country... Campaign looks good, give it a try... good work bardosy.
  15. 23-Down

    OFP Navy

    Hm then i'm sure he will release his boats for arma with multiple gunner positions etc... i think a small statement by him for his fans for this project would be nice.
  16. 23-Down

    OFP Navy

    i think he has no more time to build on his project and for ofp... i wrote him a message... there came no response... and thats 1 month ago now... looks like so that he's Missing in Action.
  17. 23-Down

    OFP Navy

    Yeah thats a nice idea Shashman... what did ya think about this [APS]gnat? but as i said better we dont give u so much work.. i'm sure u are full of work atm.
  18. 23-Down

    OFP Navy

    Argh dont give him so much work or we will never see this beautiful ships by him.
  19. 23-Down

    Pauk-Class Addon reworked!!!

    Sorry people i must talk to him in german... I just want to say him how good his addon is. Hi Punkrocker... Nette Arbeit, schön das du wieder zurück zur Community gefunden hast. Ich würde es trotzallem schätzen wenn du das Multiple-Turret-Gun System drin lassen würdest. Ist einfach besser. Oh und ja... Wegen der Faces und Lods brauchst du dir nicht mehr soviele Gedanken machen. Die meisten Leute haben heutzutage 3ghz computer 1 bis 2 gb ram usw. Die Modelle heutzutage sehen alle schon zu perfekt aus, wobei man da sagen muss das einige von denen aber dennoch zu übertrieben sind und sich so eher nur für Bildermachen lohnen. Missionstechnisch ist da nichts machbar. Du konntest übrigens zu keinem besseren Zeitpunkt zurückkehren. Armed Assault der Nachfolger von Ofp wird im Herbst released. Wie dem auch sei. Mach weiterso dein Addon schaut klasse aus. Viel Glück wegen der HW&TL sache. Schaffste schon, das ist jetzt nurnoch ne sache der Optimierung, ob es möglich oder nicht möglich ist die Ideen der anderen einzubauen musst du entscheiden, wenn nicht dann nicht, wenn ja gerne. Die Idee mit der Nummer von Badass ist aufjeden Fall gut. Würde ich versuchen umzusetzen. Hab dein altes Schiff übrigens in vielen meiner unreleasten missionen eingebaut. Es ist schon so wie du sagst die Ofp Navy wird echt vernachlässigt, selbst heute noch. Ich hoffe du kannst das nach der Pauk mit Gnat ändern. Mfg 23-Down Puh sorry dudes... I know german is a worst language... sorry for this long text. but it was easier for me to explain him some things in my language, he understand it. Just told him abit about Arma, ideas for his ship etc. greetings 23-down
  20. 23-Down

    OFP - Operation Reinstating Order

    sounds good keep up the good job and release it soon. if u released it i will write a review for your campaign on ofpmdb. greetings 23-Down
  21. 23-Down

    OFP videography

    This Video is Awesome! i'm sure things like this happens every day in iraq... it's really a hard video. download it people! The high res video. I'm sure you won't repents it. gimme more vids like this one.... keep up the fantastic work. greetings 23-down
  22. 23-Down

    Creating Missions

    I am build my missions and campaigns spontaneously (on the spur of the moment.) If i have a idea for a mission i think fast what can\will happens in the mission. and build it. In the production of the mission i get only new ideas and add the ideas into the mission, if possible. I think thats the best waz to build up a mission. the best waz for my own.
  23. 23-Down


    this is La dran valley ? a mofied version bei sebs la dran valley??? It's amazing.... awesome screenies. cant wait for the next release of the mod...
  24. 23-Down

    Good airborne missions?

    Mapfact has 2 good plane missions... http://www.mapfact.net/include....tid=327 im not sure if the second mission is available in english too.. but u can try it out by yourself... http://www.mapfact.net/include....ntid=62 both missions (sp only) greetings 23-down
  25. 23-Down

    New vietnam campaign

    hi. sounds to me like an addon conflict between 2 addons or an conflict with one and the same addon.... look in your addonfolder that u don't have the same addon in a modfolder and maybe in res addonfolder... In this case ofp crashs.... 2 pbos with the same name are deadly for ofp. is that not the case, try to reinstall all addons, or pack the addys in a new modfolder.... keep your res addonfolder empty there should be only the BI addons inside.