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  1. Is there anyway to take in consideration the blunt force trauma that a bullet hit causes to a person (when wearing a vest or otherwise)? It's not like AI should be standing up after getting shot, they should be thrown down or forced down by the effects of the bullet? Now they shake violently which looks quite silly :)

    Exactly and there's probably no easy way to do it realistically. Which is why realistic damage numbers should be reduced to compensate for the lack of all these other realistic factors. In short it needs balancing...a dirty word it seems.

  2. But we chose to set that values as what we understood was the most realistic approach to body impacts. If in the future we see that it's not accurate enough for our taste we'll tweak the values. But for now we are comfortable with them.

    I for one wish you would reduce these numbers, me and my buddies tried the mod, loved it until we had a fire fight. We actually don't play it for this reason and this reason alone. tbh it feels more SciFi than vanilla ever did.

    Comments on 506th realism units videos tend to agree. When someone commented on the huge amount of rounds AI were taking before going down the reply was:

    "Its just the RHS mod, they still have some balancing to do. Trust me, all of us in the 506th really don't like it either but we still have fun."

    Yes they're having but I've heard many expletives in their videos when they have to empty half a clip into the AI.

    It's a brilliant mod but please don't be too stubborn on this subject.

  3. Wow this has simply changed the game for me on a massive scale. Fire fights sound absolutely AMAZING! The variety, the sound choice and volume of bullet impacts around the player are incredibly well done and extremely intense. Cracks and flybys are also a massive improvement. My situational awareness has improved hugely because you're general stereo mix and volumes are top notch! I'm no longer guessing where bullets are coming from. Even the rain sounds stunning.

    I salute you Dennis for you are a true master of your craft.

    Thank you for all the hard work.

  4. Setting my particle effects to the highest setting fixed it for me...

    Yep I have it on the highest setting.....maybe it's another mod conflicting.

    edit: fixed it. I had my clouds on low, so switching them to high and back to low again forced the impacts to work. And they great btw! Thanks OS!

  5. Wait, you actually have bullet impacts? Bullet hits to grass and dirt are invisible beyond a few meters in my game. Up close there's just a few dirt clods kicked up.

    Hmm I have the same problem, zero bullet impacts except for a few tiny barely visible dirt blobs up close.

    Anyone know a fix for this?

  6. I disagree, I say release it, People will always have something to complain about. If it's only spawned explosions I see no huge deal. Yes people will complain but as you said it's out of your hands. If you don't want to release it then don't. But I honestly believe this is something that should not stop a release as it's a engine limitation that can not be supported until fixed. No need for all of us to suffer to wait for this implementation... who knows how long that would take?


    And it could be a year before BI do what you need them to do LJ.

  7. ;2659473']Nope' date=' Harley, mao damage mod isn´t conflicting with Toadie´s AK, toadies mod isn´t just config´d to receive the +8 bonus in damage that maos mod gives to vanilla weapons (if you use lukrops mod, it extends that bonus to massis and RH weapons too)

    I´ve asked lukrop to take a look at toadies guns, he´s working on them, just wait a lil and check his thread -> [url']http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?173658-lukrop-s-customized-configs[/url]


    Ahh yes of course :o Thanks for clearing this up for me Corporal_Lib, I'll add lukrop's mod to the mix for sure.

    Actually it's lkr_ammo and I just released an update which now includes optional configs for Toadies awesome AKs. There is also a optional lkr_ammo_hit_plus_soviet.pbo which increases the damage of all soviet variant rounds of my mod (which again, can now be used with Toadies AKs). ;)

    Absolutely brilliant, thanks Lukrop! :D

  8. In the debug, could you run

    count allUnits;

    Target is between 100-150 active AI.

    Thats a handy little bit of code. So yeah even with 20 AI I was getting shocking frame rates.

    But I think I've sorted it.... I'm not sure how exactly though.

    First thing was delete and reinstall the mod. (I had it in documents/arma3 instead of programs -not sure it that makes a difference) Then I made a fresh scene (I was cutting and pasting from a scene I'd made with the previous version of the mod) Perhaps there's a compatiblity problem between versions? But anyway now I'm getting 25 to 50 fps with the occasional brief freeze and hitching but nothing like before. 60ish AI present (anything like 100 and it's down to 15fps but it's time for a new cpu anyway)

    But old scenes made with the previous version are an fps nightmare....unless I just screwed the scene up which is highly likely :)

  9. I really love the idea of this awesome mod but I'm getting really big frame drops when I use it. I've tried removing all other mods but still no luck.

    If I use a simple setup like 2 opcoms, 2 mil placement (200 light infantry each side), Profile with a radius of 900 and 30 profiles used, garbage collector,

    my frames drop to 5-12 and awful hitching and brief freezes happen constantly. The A.I is the culprit but the radius isn't that massive. :(

    All maps are pretty much the same deal.

    Anyone else had this problem?

    cpu i7 950 and GPU gtx560ti (Old stuff I know but it runs Arma just fine normally)

  10. That is a legitimate reason, easily fixed by changing the visuals of fatigue. That does not mean soldiers should become less tired.

    I hope the devs will make this work for all of us. I'm not suffering from the effect myself, but those who do must be taken seriously.

    I can only play for 15min or so now because of this forced blur fatigue thing. It's extremely annoying to point where I close it and play something else. :mad:

    Please change it BI.

  11. If you guys have time to answer this or if anybody else knows I'd really appreciate it.

    What do BI artists use for creating their ground texture normal maps?

    And if it's artist personal preference do you hand paint in the Red channel to enhance rocks and larger details - to make them pop?

    I've been look at your normal maps and they're pretty awesome but they don't look like anything you'd get from Crazy Bump or NDO2 etc.

    The red channel especially looks different. It's looks more like a height map and is blurry compared to the other channels. :confused:

    Or is the red channel used for actual displacement in the engine?


    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, wasn't sure where to put it.