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  1. Absolutely, 100% right my friend! Not to mention, many of us are still waiting on our pre-orders with no date in site. So it will tide us over until they arrive.
  2. So true. My wife and I have spent many a night with a bottle of red, a pair of M16's, chips and dip, on many a hill in many shooters over the last 10 years. And I'm not being sarcastic. 2 copies on order....anxiously waiting.
  3. Sounds about right. I just hope they ordered more than ten fricken copies in the their first batch. Otherwise we're gonna be waiting a long time and my video card's getting older by the second. ;) Like you I pre-ordered mine from CDWOW on the 16th...it's still 'Pending dispatch'.
  4. 11_harley_11

    Who's going to resist buying on the 19th?

    My wife demands a gift too...she wants a shiny copy of Arma2 as well. Its a match made in coop heaven in this household I tell ya. She's even upgrading her whole machine for the occasion. Demo for sure though. If only to get us by until we get it here in Australia.
  5. Just went to cdwow.com.au to order 2 copies and its now $88.95 and the release date is 9th july....yesterday it was $50 and the release was the 19th. *sniff*
  6. 11_harley_11

    Online coop campaign?

    Hi all, First time poster, long time stalker here. Just a quick question before I go back to my bush. To play coop on a home LAN do I need to buy two copies of Arma2? Probably an obvious answer I know but I just want to be sure. Harley