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  1. Awesome mode this! Can barely find it though, waaay too many flippin' Wasteland servers. *sigh
  2. ahh ok, yes i did. Working now, thanks.
  3. I've got the same problem, did you work it out?
  4. 11_harley_11

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Is there a limit to how many textures can be used on BIS terrains? I know udk has one and it's not very many. Maybe BIS have already hit the budget....hope not.
  5. 11_harley_11

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Great job on this man, really great job. Voted you up. I take it the engine can have two logic maps at once. ie. one for the close and one for the mid range?
  6. love this mission man, great job! Like the new spawn location as well, that town used to kill my fps. Much smoother in the hills.
  7. 11_harley_11

    Changing stance using headtracking

    +1 Is there a feedback link for this so we can vote it up?
  8. Hey SzymonS92, if you haven't already, try this. It's a dynamic mission with some scattered obj's to clear. Good for getting to know the game, exploring and randomly coming up against enemies. It's called 'Whole lotta Stratis' by Saok http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147768-SP-MP-Dynamic-Whole-Map-ArmA3-Missions-by-SaOk&highlight=lotta
  9. 11_harley_11

    low FPS in multiplayer

    Any MP match in the town of Agia Marina is when it really gets unplayable for me. Strangely in the forested areas with tons of trees, leaves, bushes and grass (ie. alpha and overdraw) it runs way better. But that Agia Marina goes to hell real quick. BIS towns have always been a big hit to performance, not sure why as they're not that big in A3 alpha and the buildings are empty. *shugs
  10. 11_harley_11

    low FPS in multiplayer

    I'd say so but maybe someone with a 6 could answer this for sure.
  11. 11_harley_11

    low FPS in multiplayer

    I had the same thing, sp was better than MP but MP was unplayable. I turned of Post Processing and put this -cpuCount=4 (I've got an I7 950) in the launch options in steam. I did those two things at the same time so I'm not sure yet which helped the most. Give it a try if you haven't already
  12. 11_harley_11

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Whats the command to get those stats on screen?
  13. LOL! me too. Man I wish I forced myself to play right handed 20 years ago.
  14. 11_harley_11

    Operation E3

    I know! This is my biggest gripe with arma2 and am pretty disappointed to see it now in arma 3. It appears on and off screen at a ridiculous rate of speed and is particularly annoying when trying to do slight adjustments in position. It really adds to the clunky feel of the Arma series.
  15. 11_harley_11

    SP: Dynamic Baranow

    Nice one. And thanks for using Unit Caching too. I wish more Arma 2 missions used it.
  16. 11_harley_11

    Arma 3 Frames Per Second and Fluent Moving ?

    Thanks NodUnit I'll check it out. Does his mod help performance in any way or is it adding new anims only?
  17. 11_harley_11

    Operation E3

    They need to put more than 5 soldiers in a battle before we can judge it's performance. Arma2 runs like a fricken dream with hardly any AI but drops to unplayable for me with a slightly less than boring battle going on. Hope this isn't going to be more of the same.
  18. Thanks Thomsonb, I'm lovin this! I've just got to work out why my frame rate goes right down to 12 after a minute or so. So many units I guess. I too would love to see an Iron Front version!
  19. 11_harley_11

    Arma 3 Frames Per Second and Fluent Moving ?

    NodUnit what is this project you speak of sir? Do have a mod that does this for arma2's units?
  20. 11_harley_11

    Operation E3

    really? Sounded like the same old wooden pieced together bits to me (with the same "actor" from arma2 to boot) Please say it's placeholder.
  21. Yeah not a whole lot going on in those vids. I'd like to see a decent sized battle with those specs.
  22. 11_harley_11

    COWarModI44 Compatible

    Gunter I've given it a good thrashing and haven't come across any bugs as of yet. This has really made this awesome mod even better. now we just need to get people off DayZ and back into ww2. :D thanks again Gunter!
  23. 11_harley_11

    COWarModI44 Compatible

    Thanks so much for putting in the time to bring this out so quick Gunter. DL'ing now and will report back as soon as I've given it a thorough go.
  24. 11_harley_11

    COWarMod Release

    You're awesome! Thanks heaps Gunter. :)