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  1. Me and my buddy are trying this but in order to take mission says we need 2 in group, but weve both been browsing/searching the forum and can't figure out how to make a squad in evolution. No one else seems to be asking this so it's probly something obvious that we are missing.



    oops meant to post this in evolution 3.0 thread

    Visit the transfer building, it's the small wooden building directly in front of you when you first join the mission. Select "request transfer" from the menu when you're in there, this opens the squad manager. Find your buddy's name in the list of groups then click on 'join group' to send a request to join their squad. They will be sent the request as "Recruit Thermos", which if they accept puts you in their squad as #2 (or the next available slot if they already have AI in their squad).

    Alternantively, both of you get into the same vehicle. The player wishing to join their buddy's squad opens the 'my squad' menu then selects 'my vehicle' in the squad manager, then clicks on 'join group' next to his buddy's entry, the request gets sent the same way as from the transfer building.

  2. Let us know when you have the test mission ready.

    My initial testing with Evolution 1.5a under 1.08 has shown the bug. I joined a couple of public servers and the floating Humvee effect was still seen, same as reported before. There goes my theory of the setpos fix sorting it out sad_o.gif

  3. I forgot to add that in Evolution, the Repair, Refuel & Ammo trucks are un-affected. Maybe that's something to do with them (presumably) having a setpos script run on them to allow servicing within their proximity?

    Thanks for the offer of a test mission, CSL. Presumably this would have to be run on a dedi server though? Perhaps the much talked-about setpos fix for MP in 1.08 will fix this problem for us though? We should know later today yay.gif

  4. I do have one kind of off topic question..my ATI radeon video card was performing worse on Armed Assault once I bought it, after some tweaking I went through some driver things..wound up uninstalling Catalyst and for some reason everything is performing much better. Of course now I don't know how to turn anti aliasing on without, forgot saddly..doing a search right but its quite extensive, very thread on every forum with "anti aliasing" basicly. So if somebody knows, could they please inform me?

    Use ATI tray tools instead of catalyst control centre


  5. cannot get this to work sad_o.gif

    Ive dragged the addons into the addons folder.

    created the @ace_everon in the mod part of the launcher prog.

    Game loads,i goto editor,hit everon,crash to desktop.

    please help

    check it out with 1.07 beta.

    i have the 1.07. sad_o.gif

    it loads and crashes to destop with this mod.

    You don't need to move the files, just extract the @ace_everon folder to your ArmA directory then modify your shortcut.

  6. @Kroky

    I'll think about it and ask Skaven if I decide I would like to do it. I'm still overdue on providing a replacement pack for Clavicula_nox4817's 3rd infantry DCU. At the moment, I'm time impared.

    Something I had thought about doing though was a step by step walkthrough on how to easilly make your own unit replacement pack. Would that be something you'd be interested in?

    If he's not, I am, and certainly I'm not alone, so you should do it anyway biggrin_o.gif

  7. No, the high- and low-drags are right. In low-flights you have to use the low drag bomb (with opened "wings" that works like airbrake) that you're not hiting your own plane. If the bomb falls in normal speed, you'll take damage on your airplane in low-level-flights. Take a look here .

    Well Panzer, I took a look and how I read it, it's pretty clear the fins pop out for increased drag, just what you need at low level. Of course, you can always release the package as a beta and wait for the posts to flood in telling you how you got it wrong, or you can accept that Shashman and I are right, and we we're only trying to save you the embarrasment. confused_o.gif

    Quote[/b] ]The cluster bombs cannot be changed by me. I'm not able to make a new model (can only modify existing ones). But I think for the Tornado the priority is to have the cluster bomb effect, not a 100% perfect realistic bomb. If there is someone out who will do the right cluster bomb, I'll add these off course.

    I might look into this smile_o.gif

  8. This gets better smile_o.gif

    Although, the CBU's you've shown are CBU-58s I think. BL755's are quite different. Here are 2 shots of a Tornado carrying them in Wings Over Europe:

    Clusters 1

    Clusters 2

    And the pics of the hi-drag and lo-drag snake-eye deliveries are reversed - the hi-drag picture is described as lo-drag, and vice-versa.

    Still a great job though, Panzer.

    Taurus & Stormshadow can be dropped from ~30 miles/45KM, but range is dependent on altitude. I think Panzer's ranges are sensible given the size of maps in OFP, and that we're unlikely to ever need to get to 30,000 feet biggrin_o.gif

  9. @-=FW=-Platty:

    Green grey Tornado? Do you mean this one? Than it will be included like all Tornados Colorchanger has done (adding new weapons etc.).

    And where is the difference between my MFG Tornado an this one?

    I was thinking of a saudi Tornado and have asked for the need of it in this thread. Now I got an answer, thanks! I can make it, but I need some help for the saudi markings. I think there is a need for this plane, because saudi arabia is the only country wich uses this plane apart from the building countrys (GB, I, D).

    @CENKCNK: No, there'll be no missions and no campaign. But I have to look for beta-testers in a later phase. Maybe there'll be a guy (or girl) who can do missions or promo video or something like that. You can get this planes when I have released it. Should not take to much time, but can't say exactly when because of real live.

    Panzergrenadier3, thanks for the link to the 'original' Tornado, I couldn't find it on any sites I usually use. Not downloadable though.

    There is no difference with the MFG Tornado you showed, it's just 1 of 2 possible patterns you could have chosen to make. But as you're finding out, anyone who's interested wants to see there personal favourite, and those are always different confused_o.gif

    I now found this though, that shows Colourchanger already produced this version: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=3614

    RSAF Markings comprise a roundel, appearing in the same positions as RAF aircraft: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki....rce.svg

    - A National Flag, mid-way up both sides of the vertical fin: http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/sa.html

    - The last 3 numbers of the aircraft serial number in Arabic over European numbers, above the generator exhaust ducts in the vertical fin;

    - "ROYAL SAUDI AIR FORCE", again in Arabic with English below, beneath the canopies toward the bottom of airframe, both sides;

    - "RSAF" at outer end of wings, opposing the wing with the roundel, top and bottom.

    Unfortunately the RSAF variant is probably the least photographed of all the Tornado operator countries, but their insignia shouldn't be that dificult to re-produce. Besides, I wouldn't worry about it being 100% accurate, OFP isn't a flight sim, and it's not like you're going to make us pay for this is it? biggrin_o.gif

  10. Nice work. I may be late onto this, but you're missing the original RAF grey/green IDS variant from the 'family abum'..? I hope you do plan to include it.

    BTW, the Marineflieger had 2 squadrons, MFG-1 aircraft wore this pattern, possibly what shashman was meaning: http://www.fly-navy.de/jets/tornado2.jpg

    And what chance of representing the Saudi Air Force Aircraft as well? Desert islands need desert camo smile_o.gif:


  11. I would like to make moving and parked vehicles explode as if setting off a terrorist bomb carried in them. I've tried a 'SetDamage' command on the units but there's no explosion, they just start burning, which doesn't do any damage to the area around.

    Can someone guide me through how to do this, or point me at some scripts that will do this? So far my searches haven't turned anything up.