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    Enemy Civilians

    Add an OPFOR unit to their group, and give it a 0% chance of appearance. Note this will only make the units in that group 'enemy' though. To make all civilians 'enemy', ally the RACS side with the OPFOR, but then BLUFOR units still won't target them.
  2. -=FW=-Platty

    Unable to use Addons

    Mi-24's are found in OPFOR > RHS_Air. Says so in the Readme as well
  3. -=FW=-Platty

    FFUR/SLX 2007

    Never mind, fixed now, Seems to be a problem with Kegety's DXdll (the ONLY other addition I made to the vanilla install) & ATI Catalyst 7.1 drivers. Maybe I roll back to those 6.8's after all
  4. -=FW=-Platty

    FFUR/SLX 2007

    I've re-installed OFP this morning to try this mod out, but OFP now CTD's when I try to launch, even vanilla OFP. Clean install of OFP GOTY 1.96, FFUR-SLX 1.01. I've un-installed FFUR-SLX and the game still won't launch Vanilla OFP was working until I added FFUR.
  5. I'd like to keep the radio and/or radio commands hidden from use until it's needed in a mission I'm building. I've searched the forums here but can't get the solutions I found working. Anyone help me out here? Or perhaps suggest a mission to de-crypt so I can see what a 'working' solution looks like?
  6. -=FW=-Platty

    Hide radio until needed?

    Thanks all, I now see the mistake, the OFPEC articles lead me to believe 'alpha' channel was '1' in the channels list, not '0'.
  7. -=FW=-Platty

    Chopper Convoy system

    Give the helo a get out waypoint after it drops you off. sync your radio trigger to the waypoint and the crew will re-mount and come to pick you up when you give the call.
  8. -=FW=-Platty

    Arresting civilians?

    I guess I could, as I'm already using the UPS script for the enemy patrols. I've just got the trigger to work to switch him to a captive when he is discovered, so I'll have to make the trigger area large enough to prevent my group from detecting him while he's still an enemy and killing him, as that will end the mission instantly. The trigger activation line for 'eastCaptive' (the Officer) is as follows: removeAllWeapons eastCaptive; this setCaptive true; eastCaptive allowFleeing 0;
  9. -=FW=-Platty

    Arresting civilians?

    Hi, I've been working on a similar scenario too, my captive is a defecting SLA Officer though I wanted to have the officer drop all his weapons and become a captive when a 'discovered by west' trigger is activated, but so far the only way I got it to work was to have him start out as a captive, with a 'join' waypoint synched to a 'join and lead' waypoint for my squad. The only drawback with this method is that I can't randomize his location much because it's always going to be somewhere near my squad's waypoint, so re-playability is limited as it stands. No doubt as I become more familiar with the editor I can fix this, but in the meantime, any help is most gratefully received