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    CrCTI Coming soon With working JIP

    I downloaded the island and mission as posted above, but no joy trying to run it. The island and mission are in my list but it doesn't load.
  2. -=FW=-Platty

    Vietnam: The Experience v0.4

    What do you mean by this, do you have a screenshot? It's the custom face texture being mis-aligned, parts of it appear on the helmet and hands instead. Also the viet face textures have a face within a face. Like This
  3. The server has probably prohibited players running any mods from joining. Check what add-ons you have, any that adjust field of view, rate of fire, recoil etc are often considered 'cheats', although it might also be texture replacements that flag it, although they have little effect on gameplay.
  4. -=FW=-Platty

    Evolution V3.x : Tips & Tricks

    Has anyone else besides me killed themselves trying to push a Vulcan out of the hangar? 5 or 6 good pushes is all you can take in a hummer before you need to repair it, or else it's boom, respawn It's better to use the 5T truck I think
  5. -=FW=-Platty

    exec's mod

    Which file do I include to use the new night-vision without any of the other changes? This is most useful for night flying but I don't have any issues with recoil or the UI so would prefer to leave them unchanged.
  6. -=FW=-Platty

    exec's mod

    Which file do I include to use the new night-vision without any of the other changes? This is most useful for night flying but I don't have any issues with recoil or the UI so would prefer to leave them unchanged.
  7. -=FW=-Platty

    Evolution V1.0 Large scale respawn coop

    Visit the transfer building, it's the small wooden building directly in front of you when you first join the mission. Select "request transfer" from the menu when you're in there, this opens the squad manager. Find your buddy's name in the list of groups then click on 'join group' to send a request to join their squad. They will be sent the request as "Recruit Thermos", which if they accept puts you in their squad as #2 (or the next available slot if they already have AI in their squad). Alternantively, both of you get into the same vehicle. The player wishing to join their buddy's squad opens the 'my squad' menu then selects 'my vehicle' in the squad manager, then clicks on 'join group' next to his buddy's entry, the request gets sent the same way as from the transfer building.
  8. -=FW=-Platty

    My replacement packs

    Let us know when you have the test mission ready. My initial testing with Evolution 1.5a under 1.08 has shown the bug. I joined a couple of public servers and the floating Humvee effect was still seen, same as reported before. There goes my theory of the setpos fix sorting it out
  9. -=FW=-Platty

    My replacement packs

    I forgot to add that in Evolution, the Repair, Refuel & Ammo trucks are un-affected. Maybe that's something to do with them (presumably) having a setpos script run on them to allow servicing within their proximity? Thanks for the offer of a test mission, CSL. Presumably this would have to be run on a dedi server though? Perhaps the much talked-about setpos fix for MP in 1.08 will fix this problem for us though? We should know later today
  10. -=FW=-Platty

    My replacement packs

    Just to clarify that the server Spectre and I were playing on is ArmA V1.07.5157, running Evolution 1.5j. It's not my server so I can't comment on it's packet sizes & BW etc, but I can find out if you think any of those might make a difference.
  11. -=FW=-Platty

    new GateBuilder version

    Use ATI tray tools instead of catalyst control centre http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=733
  12. -=FW=-Platty

    Everon 0.1

    check it out with 1.07 beta. i have the 1.07. it loads and crashes to destop with this mod. You don't need to move the files, just extract the @ace_everon folder to your ArmA directory then modify your shortcut.
  13. -=FW=-Platty

    CSL UI Mod V1

    If he's not, I am, and certainly I'm not alone, so you should do it anyway
  14. -=FW=-Platty

    Everon 0.1

    Nice work A couple of issues though, roads don't show up in the editor screen or on the in-game map, and some town names are mis-spelled.
  15. -=FW=-Platty

    Panavia Tornado

    Well Panzer, I took a look and how I read it, it's pretty clear the fins pop out for increased drag, just what you need at low level. Of course, you can always release the package as a beta and wait for the posts to flood in telling you how you got it wrong, or you can accept that Shashman and I are right, and we we're only trying to save you the embarrasment. I might look into this
  16. -=FW=-Platty

    Panavia Tornado

    This gets better Although, the CBU's you've shown are CBU-58s I think. BL755's are quite different. Here are 2 shots of a Tornado carrying them in Wings Over Europe: Clusters 1 Clusters 2 And the pics of the hi-drag and lo-drag snake-eye deliveries are reversed - the hi-drag picture is described as lo-drag, and vice-versa. Still a great job though, Panzer. Taurus & Stormshadow can be dropped from ~30 miles/45KM, but range is dependent on altitude. I think Panzer's ranges are sensible given the size of maps in OFP, and that we're unlikely to ever need to get to 30,000 feet
  17. -=FW=-Platty

    Panavia Tornado

    What about some British 500 & 1000 lb GP bombs, and BL-755 Clusterbombs for the RAF/RSAF Tornado? And could we get some Snakeye/AIR low level delivery bombs for all?
  18. -=FW=-Platty

    Panavia Tornado

    Great job, Panzer
  19. -=FW=-Platty

    Panavia Tornado

    The older patch should appear on the 'old' camouflage (grey/white), and logically, the new patch on the grey/grey/green variants. Looking forward to the screenies
  20. -=FW=-Platty

    Panavia Tornado

    Panzergrenadier3, thanks for the link to the 'original' Tornado, I couldn't find it on any sites I usually use. Not downloadable though. There is no difference with the MFG Tornado you showed, it's just 1 of 2 possible patterns you could have chosen to make. But as you're finding out, anyone who's interested wants to see there personal favourite, and those are always different I now found this though, that shows Colourchanger already produced this version: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=3614 RSAF Markings comprise a roundel, appearing in the same positions as RAF aircraft: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki....rce.svg - A National Flag, mid-way up both sides of the vertical fin: http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/sa.html - The last 3 numbers of the aircraft serial number in Arabic over European numbers, above the generator exhaust ducts in the vertical fin; - "ROYAL SAUDI AIR FORCE", again in Arabic with English below, beneath the canopies toward the bottom of airframe, both sides; - "RSAF" at outer end of wings, opposing the wing with the roundel, top and bottom. Unfortunately the RSAF variant is probably the least photographed of all the Tornado operator countries, but their insignia shouldn't be that dificult to re-produce. Besides, I wouldn't worry about it being 100% accurate, OFP isn't a flight sim, and it's not like you're going to make us pay for this is it?
  21. -=FW=-Platty

    Panavia Tornado

    Nice work. I may be late onto this, but you're missing the original RAF grey/green IDS variant from the 'family abum'..? I hope you do plan to include it. BTW, the Marineflieger had 2 squadrons, MFG-1 aircraft wore this pattern, possibly what shashman was meaning: http://www.fly-navy.de/jets/tornado2.jpg And what chance of representing the Saudi Air Force Aircraft as well? Desert islands need desert camo : http://users.skynet.be/exotic.....udi.jpg
  22. Don't forget to add AssignAsCargo to the soldiers init lines, for ex, this AssignAsCargo helo1
  23. I would like to make moving and parked vehicles explode as if setting off a terrorist bomb carried in them. I've tried a 'SetDamage' command on the units but there's no explosion, they just start burning, which doesn't do any damage to the area around. Can someone guide me through how to do this, or point me at some scripts that will do this? So far my searches haven't turned anything up.
  24. -=FW=-Platty

    Car/Truck Bombs & Suicide Bombers

    Thanks everyone for your replies, some useful stuff there. Hey DM!
  25. -=FW=-Platty

    Problem with misson AI

    Did you give the helo crews a 'get out' waypoint back at the base? It needs to be activated by a trigger though or they will fly off as soon as your squads eject. And are there enough helipads back at the base for all the helo's to land on?