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    Development Blog & Reveals

    Just spent an hour driving slowly from the lower west of Altis to the main airport near the middle. Absolutely fantastic Island, a true work of art. I knew it would be good but I am still impressed. Well done Bis! :) Performance is an issue and is to be expected I guess. It is the usual problem for me of buildings really hitting the CPU hard. It may be time for a CPU upgrade I think. I'm not sure Id be able to play online large coops in some of these towns given my performance alone in the editor. But anyway, overall I'm very impressed. Best and most impressive looking BIS island yet, and I haven't even seen half of it yet! :D
  2. -=seany=-

    Steam API / Achievements

    What does this mean, how would you restrict players? There are no unlocks etc (is that what you mean?), it's just a icon and info that appears in Steam You seem to be equating it to global persistent stats/ranking system or some thing (a la BF2/3 etc). Steam achievements are just a fun novelty. They are not uber serious in game rank system with leader boards where people would cheat to get the best score (which in turn makes the stat system pointless). And if some one wanted to cheat to get them...who cares. They are only cheating themselves. When I think of steam achievements for Arma3, I think they would most likely be focused on the firing range/challenges etc possibly the campaign also. "Stat whores" are a null point too, again it's just for fun, there are no unlocks or in game rank. I could care less if some one else got all their achievements by exploiting. They are not on the same level as a persistent integrated ranking system that other games have. More a personal record/stat system, for your own enjoyment. Again, I don't care if there are achievements or not. I just don't see a reason to be against them. It seems pretty harmless to me.
  3. -=seany=-

    Steam API / Achievements

    I just don't understand this type opinion I see so many times from this community when some thing like Steam integration is announced, or the Workshop is announced, or the possibility of achievements. We get these kind of reactions all the time and it baffles the hell out of me (probably the Devs too). Remember when BIS added "tips" to the loading screen in OA, I could only laugh at some of the reactions people had. Give me a rational explanation as to why Achievements are "a horrible thought". Explain to me how it can make your time playing the game worse? It's like a bunch of old grandads complaining about a digital radio tuner or having to use text messaging. :D
  4. -=seany=-

    Steam API / Achievements

    Why would anyone be against achievements? They are pretty much synonymous with Steam releases, so I imagine that there will be official BIS achievements. Personally, they are not something I have aimed for why playing a game (not yet anyway). But some times I do smile or take notice of achievements that appear for some games I play. Eg noticing I have built "1000 mines across any number of play throughs" in Civ5 etc. They are pretty harmless and some people enjoy completing them. You could get one for being kicked By BattlEye more than three times in a row :D Or one for dieing in a helicopter crash less than 10 seconds after it taking off Just kidding of course ;)
  5. -=seany=-

    Reveal Enemies in Multiplayer

    Nice research you did for this. I too find this bug very annoying. It has also unfortunately gone across to Arma3. Another aspect of this bug which is annoying are similar problems with confirming killed targets. This seems to have the same limitation as revealing targets and also appears to have an additional problem where by the length of time you have to confirm a target has been killed is too short. My observations are as follows. If playing on a sever online and I am squad leader I can reveal targets no problem, If I play on a server online and I am a squad member I normally can not reveal targets. We most likely need a good bug report ticket on the Arma 3 issue tracker to get it fixed.
  6. A screen shot would show quite a big comparison difference next to Arma's max in-game AF. I have been using 16x AF for a long time. It makes a big difference to texture sharpness in the distance.
  7. -=seany=-

    Arma 3 - Sneak Preview Livestream

    So regardless of everything else, pretty much everyone is looking forward to the new terrain. But even this is a point for you to complain about. You seem to have a very negative outlook. It's obvious this game is going to suck for you, makes me wonder why your even still bothering with it. If a game I was interested in turned out to be such an abysmal failure that Arma3 seems to be for you, I would have been gone long ago. Is there anything you are looking forward to? I have a sneaking suspicion, after this post, that you are just posting sensational complaints to stir the pot and cause a reaction...There is another term for that isn't there?
  8. -=seany=-

    Arma 3 - Sneak Preview Livestream

    Unlucky with the network problems. Looking forward to the recording, no probs!
  9. And about as useful as a chocolate fire place :rolleyes: I agree, we need this feature. Hope it is in the final release.
  10. -=seany=-

    Development Blog & Reveals

    My main problem with 1 jet is it being that L159. What a boring thing it is. It has been skinned for many BIS content so far. Arma2/OA/ACR. even if we get an F35...its boring..I have seen it so often now in Arma it's like the Abrams or M16 (You know? the whole reason BIS wanted to do a future setting? so they could get away from this stuff). I would have imagined one of the coolest things a game designer/3D modeler could be told is to, "make a plane for the year 2035 and your not constrained to making a real world copy, you can use some artistic flair". And we get 1 L159.. :/ What about using some inspiration from that recent crazy Iranian "jet"? cdni.wired.co.uk/620x413/o_r/q133.jpg Or the the new Yak-130. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Z1PdRhkL_d4/T0C8rjPbwGI/AAAAAAAACjk/o19dgzC9Qdg/s1600/yak-130+bangladesh.jpeg Or even make it look like the L159 is a 4th generation+, upgraded like the new F16: http://www.gizmag.com/lockheed-martin-f-16v/21482/pictures Wasted opportunity for some nice variation. PS I have had this opinion since I first saw the Screen shots of the F35 and L159, just never mentioned 'till now/Secretly hoped more planes would be revealed.
  11. -=seany=-

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Thanks for the explanations BIS. All seems very reasonable.
  12. -=seany=-

    Development Blog & Reveals

    It hasn't been canceled...you will get what you paid for. Again, you are making it sound like the campaign may never be released... If they change the release date for A3 now to match the delayed campaign...you would never know...but I guess this would make you happy as the campaign would then be released on the same day as the game? I don't see the problem with delaying a part of the game rather than the whole game. Even if I did care about the campaign being delayed...you know what I would do? I would wait until next week for an official statement before having a mental breakdown about what currently amounts to a bunch of hearsay and guessing.
  13. -=seany=-

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Where is the post where BIS said that the SP content and campaign are canceled? Because given the sort of dumb reactions I am seeing in this thread, that is what a lot you are behaving like (never mind the usual Forum moaners who are just hijacking this discussion to post more unhelpful dissenting rubbish about how Arma3 is the worst BIS game ever and is like COD etc etc.. we heard you the first 50++ times...we get it, you don't like it) We don't even know how long the campaign will be delayed for..hell, we don't even know when the game is going to be released. Bis could, behind closed doors, now decide that they will hold the game release off until it can be released with the campaign...and none of you would even know. So what does it matter if they release the game earlier and then add it in later. Maybe they thought we would like to get the game a bit earlier instead of waiting. As I said, it's pointless to complain when we don't know when the release date is anyway...
  14. -=seany=-

    Development Blog & Reveals

    When you said you did care, what was the point you where trying to make? When people make a comment about a design/development decision, they say whether they like it or not...other people then post to give their opinion. This how an "Internet Forum" works. Honesty, I don't even know why you stick around here.
  15. -=seany=-

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Yeah and they wouldn't even need a script :D
  16. -=seany=-

    Development Blog & Reveals

    The campaign will be delayed a bit.....oh no...what will I do, the world is ending...:16_6_8: Sheesh. You know the last BIS campaign I played through? Operation Flashpoint Resistance. Played about 30 minutes of Arma1 campaign, gave up. JIP Multiplayer was new and was more fun Played about 30 minutes of Arma2 campaign, was supposed to be playable Coop. I tired this but it was a disaster. Got stuck on about the 2nd mission by some bug that caused the mission to not progress. Played about 30 minutes of A2Oa campaign. Seemed like fun but the AI constantly doing stupid things made me quit. Played less than 30 minutes of BAF/PMC/ACR campaigns. PMC seemed good, but lost motivation to play. BAF campaign had same annoying AI, crashing your vehicles, getting stuck, refusing to follow orders and just standing there. ACR campaign..ahem...less said about that the better. So do I care if no campaign is in initial release? No...maybe given time they will actually make some thing that is fun to play and not a buggy turd. In the meantime I can enjoy Stratis and multiplayer.
  17. -=seany=-

    PIP on/off switch?

    Good Idea. Afaik you have to go into options to turn it off. +1
  18. This is some thing that has been broken for a while, since Arma1 even maybe. I know for sure the problem exists in Arma2. As a squad member I find Revealing Targets and Confirming Killed targets does not work a lot of the time. However, as a squad leader the system seems to work ok. In OFP it worked every time. In fact, if I remember correctly, you could even call "BMP is history" etc for vehicles kills. Something that also has not worked since Flashpoint. With regards confirming kills, some times it feels like it's because there is some kind of "Time out" that ends too quickly after you have killed a unit to allow you to confirm it. Eg, you shoot 3 enemies over the course of 30 seconds. Then, when they are all dead, you go back to the first kill to confirm it's death over radio with "Reveal Target" and nothing happens. It would be great if we could get this looked at. Has anyone else noticed these problems or have any idea how or why they got introduced? If anyone wants to test this problem, simply load the Defend Camp Kamino mission and play as a squad member and see how many units you can "Reveal" and how many Kills you can "Confirm"
  19. -=seany=-

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Yep very disappointing. This is the worst and most unplayable DLC I have ever paid for. I think I have played a total of 40minutes of gameplay...before a bug made me stop. The horrendous bugs combined with complete lack of use of this DLC online (which is what I was most looking forward to) has been very disappointing. Even if they fix it now it's too late. It was basically a complete waste of money for me. This disastrous DLC will change how I now buy BIS DLC. I will no longer preorder DLC or purchase on the first day anymore. I hope they avoid what ever third party was responsible for this in future.
  20. -=seany=-

    Chat activating controls

    This is a bug I'll bet. I remember the same thing happening a couple of years ago.
  21. -=seany=-

    Action Menu - must do better

    I-Ve4PJQhjY Yep, agreed with most of that video. It's just frustrating. It could really use a: [Look at object, object highlights, press action key to use] system. A very different game I know, but Bioshock Infinite had a nice graphical hint on what your where trying to interact with by making the object very slightly glow/ get brighter. We need some thing more intuitive anyway. There are many good examples out there.
  22. -=seany=-

    Tracked APCS have messed up controlls

    I have noticed the tracked vehicles turning on their own, I think this is due to going over rough terrain. If one of the tracks goes over a mound or into a dip while the other track is on level ground the vehicle pulls to one direction or the other. I have never driven a tracked vehicle so I don't know if this is what really happens. My guess is probably for early tracked vehicles it did happen, but I doubt modern tracked vehicles would have the same problem. They would most likely have some kind of "differential" that sorted it out, or some kind of fly by wire system that controlled the power to each track automatically. I have also noticed that the Iranian tracked APC over steers pretty violently at high speed. Of course this can be quite fun :) I think the tracked vehicle physics in OFP/Arma have always been very good (nowhere near as bad as Wheeled physics). They just get a little weird when they go over their center of gravity and the object collisions had problems. But the weight transfer/gearing/torque/understeer/oversteer/suspension/acceleration/braking was all perfect. I am not 100% if the Arma3 tracked vehicles are quite as nice to drive as Arma's, I need to play with them a bit more. It will be interesting to see how the big tanks are.
  23. -=seany=-

    Discussion on "Axed" Features

    Not sure if I would call it inertia, to me that feeling in A2 was "clunkyness", I prefer A3 movement.
  24. -=seany=-

    Will there be rivers in Arma 3?

    Kinda of expected this, but one day I hope we can have them. It would add a nice new strategic element to the map for missions and scenarios. It must be a pretty big hurdle to over come though, as environment is one thing that BIS do seem to like to get quite accurate (also, rivers are pretty major in the overall scheme of conflict and battle tactics etc). I believe the main problem with rivers is how the AI will deal with them and bridges etc?