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  1. http://cdn.overclock.net/7/7d/7d758ebb_1355517972SmtzmJYEeY_7_2_l.png (1841 kB) (not arma) New HDAO looks like it should be nice thanks
  2. -=seany=-

    Steam parameters Aren't taken effect.

    isn't even Maxmem redundant these days?
  3. -=seany=-

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    Nice example, cheers!
  4. I went into the G27 Controllers configuration section in Arma3 and found that there was a small dead zone set for the accelerator and brake. I also reduced the "sensitivity" to 0 for the Accelerator and Brake. The sensitivity setting seemed to make the biggest difference and I can now drive that APC(Marshall) at 4kph. 0-4kph is still quite buggy though, it needs fixing by bis I think. Tanks are a bit better too, but again, the Slammer for example is very hard to drive at slower than 15 kph, the minimum I could do was 5-6 and that was very hard. It seems to keep wanting to run away after a certain percentage of throttle. And again, 0-5 kph is really unnatural and jerky, like a big hole in the Physx engine where it doest know what to do! How is the Slammer for you? Also, how is reversing vehicles slowly for you?
  5. I use G27 and the pedals. But I find many vehicles, especially tracked vehicles, are quite buggy when trying to drive slowly. Some appear to have a kind of minimum speed of approx 15 kph and are difficult to hold at low values. Others vehicles seem to have this weird cruise control affect where when you get above, say, 19kph they seem to keep going by themselves. It works perfectly for me in Arma2 and is very useful when creeping through a town supporting infantry. I must test out that A3 APC in your vid and see if I can drive it smoothly with my pedals.
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    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    I am getting more used to the new fatigue and enjoying it. I am still on the last "Release" version, though. Not sure if this has been changed, but one thing I noticed that I think needs adjusting (if it hasn't been already) is the recoil/vertical raising when firing the MX200 machine gun while prone. It kicks way too much. The model even shows a bi-pod, it should be very stable while lieing down. I should be able to give medium to long bursts of fire without the muzzle climbing to the sky after a second or two. Doesn't barrel heat and magazine feeding become the main issue when prone with machine gun? I.e they don't really have to worry about muzzle kick? If heat and jamming are what's required to properly "balance" the Machine Gun while prone...then BIS best get at it...especially as we are all simulatory with infantry now.... :)
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    Let's talk about tanks

    Agree with this. The best tank driving experience in any game is Arma2oa. The M1A1 is so much fun to drive across the terrain at speed. It looks and feels really good, pretty much perfect I'd say. It may not have been "Physx", but it did me just fine. Arma3 tracked vehicles don't come close to this. I'm sure the potential is there and to be even better. But at the moment it is quite far from this.
  8. I don't like this idea, it would fragment the community. The dev version exists to (try) to make sure that big problems never make the main branch. It seems to work to me (mostly). To their credit, from what I have seen, they don't take long to fix serious problems.
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    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Well maybe you should be more aware of how your thoughts look when written down. Telling a group of players who are concerned about a major change to the game "Tough luck", and that you don't care if it spoils how a large number of them liked to play the game seems pretty aggressive. It's definitely not passive anyway. People will "vilify" (slightly extreme) you if you make strong (potentially provocative) statements when trying to have a normal discussion about a large change to game play. It's not just you. There has been a large amount of "get used to it or F off" type attitude from some people regarding this change. It was also surprising to see a similar (Note:similar- Not the same!) tone come from a moderator. Tensions are already higher than normal around this change. So even slightly provocative post might get a reaction like mine...so don't be surprised. I'm not really arguing with you either, you said that. In my post I said "We are all fans of the same game right? We should be trying to support how each other likes to play the game". Not exactly argument type provoking statements. Although perhaps I got a bit too wordy with the rottweiler stuff :) . I think a little more empathy to other player's game play styles could be used around here. And if some one feels differently, then maybe it's best to keep that to themselves. To clarify I am not against the Fatigue, I think it's kind of interesting, but I can understand and empathise with players who are being affected by the change. Anyway, no argument from me and I accept I may have misinterpreted the aggression of your post, but not without reason.
  10. -=seany=-

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Wow, such venom! Why do you care so much how other people have been happily playing the game for 10+ years? You remember? The game that you all used to feel so elitist about and mock COD and BF players because your game was so much more like Real life than those crappy arcade shooters? So now this fatigue is added, everyone who liked the series the way it was up to now is thrown into the same "Arcade noob" arena as those BF Cod players? lmao This community is something else some times. We are all fans of the same game right? We should be trying to support how each other likes to play the game, not going into rottweiler defence mode..
  11. I think BIS made the first version way ott on purpose and knew they would tone it down after all the complaints. They set the bar higher than they wanted so they could set it where the really wanted it. I also agree with Down8, The perfect and most obvious way to make this more acceptable to the community would have been to include weapon resting at the same time....I mean, it seems so freaking obvious. They could have appeased most of the people complaining simply by doing this. But apparently they didn't realise that? Or they think that the vague rumour of weapon resting being in the next DLC might be enough to appease people? It boggles the mind trying to figure out their logic some times. Regards this new fatigue overall? I am a coop player and I think its interesting. To be honest I find being forced to walk more annoying than the sway. But it is not as bad as I had thought it might be. I think they should make it easier to disable. I feel it should be included in the difficulty settings and not an init line in the editor. But I have always said as long as the fatigue is not Forced and we have way to turn it off, I think it can be interesting addition. It's the same as with the ACE mod, I enjoyed the hardcore realism, but not all the time. I still like the game play style you could have on fast coops, with minor restricted movement and the standard OFP/arma2 type Fatigue. These where still way more hardcore then most other shooters....And lended itself well to public coop missions. EG, you could run to that chopper and get on before it took off without you or before the MHQ was undeployed etc. Telling people who liked this type of game play.."bring less equipment" etc/"manage your fatigue", is missing the point. Anyone who doesn't want to accept that a large portion of the community liked playing in this style is not worth debating with. You have to remember this is huge change in the game play style of the series.
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    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    I see bis are adjusting some sounds the past few updates. Can BIS PLEASE reduce the volume of the Titan Missile Search/Lock Tone sound and launch sound, they are way too loud! (it is near ear damaging levels) It effects me EVERY game. :(
  13. Like many things in arma3 they implemented some cool new stuff...but a lot of it looks like they got bored half way through implementing it and went on to something else. The 6 dof for TrackIR (and this free aim bug) is a good example. They could make it so much better but just left us with the bare minimum integration, it doesn't even functions in most vehicles or it's too restrictive and not properly set up. Same with Physx...huge potential...seemingly zero effort to actually make use of it...even to the point where the physics at least match, or become better than arma2.
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    Have thermal optics been changed?

    This is really annoying, I am pretty annoyed they didn't fix it in the last patch...it looks bloody horrible and is very distracting.
  15. -=seany=-

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    The fatigue is interesting. It would suck if it was forced....Quite a few fun game modes rely on carrying "rambo" load outs (either beacuse of the huge amount of units/armor in the mission or because of Dumb, unreliable AI, or even just because it's a nice and enjoyable game pace). Players (particularly the new guys 2013/14) have to remember this when you say "this is how the game should be" etc. Many people quite liked the way the game was for the past 10+ years....hell, that's why we are playing it. This new fatigue is huge change in the style of game that OFP/Arma was. Like I say, it's interesting, but probably wouldn't be high up my list for things BIS could have taken and tried to make ultra realistic....how about proper Vehicle gunnery for example? Or much better damage system with vehicles etc. These would have been accepted by far more people...e.g. much less of a controversial area of the game to make more realistic...also one that would benefit and make everyone happy, rather than one that alienates some people (only if it can't be switched off of course). Honestly, being constantly forced to move around a game world at a particular pace, to avoid being visually and aurally (and now in movement too) punished by annoying post process effects (blur and vignette) and annoying audio samples (constant heavy breathing in my ear) that are supposed to simulate an exhausted human......not really my idea of fun....not for every game/mission I play anyway. It's like the survival of DayZ...or the realism of ACE mod...yes it's fun for now and again...but that level of survival realism would suck if it was forced constantly.... lol I suppose I should go and play Mario...? :P. Also.. a no-brainer addition that would seem to need to accompany this fatigue is weapon resting...any word on that??? Seems like now is the perfect time to add that. Since we are supposed to be ultra realistic soldiers now...isn't that what real soldiers do when they need to steady their aim when out of breath etc? Use a nearby wall edge/ledge etc.. I have seen them doing this countless times in real world Iraq/Afghan videos. But like I say, as long as we can turn it off it's all good....If a little disappointing to some that BIS chose to focus on this area to make ultra realistic.
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    The Mi 48 Kajman

    Most people would normally just laugh and go "Oh BIS!". But we found this after having complained at length about all the other copy pasting in Arma3. It was like a poke in the eye.
  17. -=seany=-

    FPS with armour or vehicles

    Just a shot in the dark, but you arnt using Picture In picture are you?
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    Is Arma 3 a reasonable replacement for Arma 2?

    Yep, I've said it loads but, until I hear someone is actually seriously working on trying to fix it, I'll keep saying... Sound Engine sucks compared to Arma2/oa. Fire fights are confusing/environment/3d sound space/occlusion and all similar sound engine features you would expect to be as good as Arma2, or better, are far worse in arma3. The samples themselves are good, but the way they are played is bad. Tracked and Wheeled Vehicle Physics. The have so much potential to be better with the new Physx. But they just arnt. Most vehicles have some comical handling characteristic that just look and feel bad. Tracked vehicles are totally uninspiring to drive and don't come close to Arma2's (supposedly) inferior technology. Vehicle physics in Arma3 are of the sort of quality I would expect for a 1st release of an average community mod. I guess they might be working on fixing it, but it seems pretty low on their list atm.....Sucks...same with sound. In most other areas Arma3 is much more enjoyable to play. Hands down, by far the best feature of it is the new terrain and graphics engine. It really is a nice environment to play in....that's all the cookies your getting today BIS :P
  19. How do you disable weapon sway?...You can't, there are some aspects of Fatigue that are global and cannot be turned off. For example, I feel the length of time to hold breath is too short. Disabling fatigue has no effect on this.
  20. -=seany=-

    recoil, weapon sway, fatigue whats happend?

    The thing that bothers me most about fatigue is the very short amount of time you can hold your breath, it is really very, very short. It's also part of the global fatigue system so you can't disable it. Even if you are fully rested you can only hold your breath for a few seconds before horrible sway starts. At the moment I barely have enough time to aim and shoot before the sway kicks in, it's very frustrating. I would like to be able to aim and get a least couple of shots off, like the previous Armas
  21. -=seany=-

    Surround sound problems, DEVs take notice

    Yep it's bloody frustrating. Sound engine on Arma 2/OA was fine.....I HATE regression!!
  22. -=seany=-

    Tanks...are you kidding me???

    After living with Arma3's horrendous and clown like vehicle PhysX...for how long now??? I am really wanting my flippy tanks back. At least they looked and handled normal 90% of the time. I was really looking forward to Physx. But it looks like they don't have anyone with the skills to actually implement it properly. Almost every vehicle, wheeled or tracked, has some characteristic that makes you go "wtf was that?" and cringe. I am trying to get a mate to switch from Arma2 to Arma3, and it is honestly embarrassing when I tell him how much better Arma3 is over Arma2. Then we take a ride in a vehicle and I feel like I have to apologise, as I find myself saying how "they'll fix it eventually".....every 10 minutes....about so many things in this game....
  23. -=seany=-

    Terribly slow server browser

    Annoying, hope they can fix it soon.
  24. -=seany=-

    Arma 3 - Patch 1.22 Thermal

    Same, It happens on any FLIR for me. White Hot fences which look normal when zoomed in close enough.
  25. -=seany=-

    What would you like to see worked on next in ArmA 3?

    Nah, mods arnt the answer to fix sound. Sound Mods should be used when you want better or different samples etc. Not to get round problems with the sound engine, as RobertHammer And Froggyluv say. I personally think the sound samples in Arma3 are pretty good. It's just how they are being played back by the incomplete/buggy sound engine that is causing the problems. Infact some these problems may even still exist with a sound mod