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    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    Well a tank that drives straight would be nice.....
  2. -=seany=-

    Cosmos Engine; This Mod Blew Me Away

    Looks very nice, thanks for posting!
  3. -=seany=-

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    Not at all. Every time I drive in Arma 3 I see pretty much everything shown in the 1st ten minutes of that excellent video. What parts are better? There is still digging into ground, poor transmission simulation, centre of gravity issues, Horrible suspension setup, etc. Since that video, they tweeked a couple of vehicles (that had serious problems, like the box truck). Other than that it's the same, especially for the tanks. If BIS only fixed the things in the 1st ten minutes of this video, Arma3 would have much improved vehicle simulation. g9suNMHrMhg
  4. -=seany=-

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    So arma3's much hyped (and so far pants) Physx implementation will never give us Tracked vehicles that behave as well, or are as fun to drive as the Tanks physics from Operation Flashpoint? If this is true, it's the most depressing thing to come out of Arma3 yet... Screw Physx...give me back my "crap" OFP/Arma/arma2/ tracked vehicle physics.... So they bounced into the air sometimes when they collided with some things (and provided me many laughs)....I'd rather have that than live with Arma3's clunky, uninspiring, unresponsive, glitchy, Tracked physics.
  5. -=seany=-

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    vehicle physics in general are becoming a bit of a joke for me now. Physx implementation feels like an after thought and BI seem to have no interest in properly going over all the Physics of Tanks, cars etc and making them handle at least as good as Arma2. I still play Arma 2 and it makes me shake my head every time I drive an abrams and remember how awesome tanks handle in OA. What is the point in a new system being implemented if it's worse than the Previous method (same could be said about sound I guess)? Are we going to be expected to pay for some Vehicle DLC to see this being addressed? Or maybe Arma4 they will get around to looking at it? Arma3 has been out for over a year now...Please, can we at least have even some slow progress on it...where a vehicle (or class) is looked at every patch or something? I think your going over kill on the infantry, helis got looked at...now how about vehicle PhysX?
  6. It could be down to the bad vehicle physics in Arma3. Most vehicles handle like crap no matter what you use to control them. I Made a feedback ticket asking about the ability to change the colour of the user marker back in the early access release but it was ignored and eventually deleted. I don't why they made it white...it gets lost in the terrain all the time. They did the same thing in Arma2 chernarus...What would be the absolute worst colour you could choose for a user marker in a woodland area? ...Yep..Green. With no ability to change it. And it "fades" constantly making it even harder to find. It's like, "you can have a user marker, but can't find it easily".
  7. -=seany=-

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Another sound bug I have noticed recently while playing on line is some times explosions cant be heard..even when they are right next to you. I think it might be related to air dropped weapons. I have had bombs dropped right next to me and not heard a thing.
  8. -=seany=-

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    misinterpreted thread
  9. Looking forward to seeing your maps in Arma3 IceBreakr. They have provided me much enjoyment over the years!
  10. Looks like they fixed the Thermal bug today, sweet relief! Thanks BI.
  11. -=seany=-

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    Damn! if only you had of posted that on the first page we could have saved all this trouble! :rolleyes: Steam sales will be the answer for me..
  12. Jeez so many pages for the fact that the Ai have no grass blocking their view in the radius around them, the same way that humans do. It would be great if the Ai went up on one knee if their view was (should be) obstructed by grass, that how a human has to deal with those situations. I also agree being told to change tactics to work around AI bugs is rather a silly statement to make.
  13. Yes this is the main problem I feel. The AI don't have their view blocked by the grass around them. They can shoot me from their prone position (which should be blocked by grass) but I have to go up on one knee to see them and then the New added weapon sway makes hitting them even harder. By which point I'm already probably dead.
  14. From what I have seen playing COOP online, silencers are not nearly as effective as Arma2. In 2 I could use a suppressor and as long as you waited 2 seconds or so between each shot the AI would not detect you. In Arma3 it seems very hard to judge what difference it's making. Some times the AI just seem to hear one shot and spot you straight away. My guess is it's bugged...or they have added some random element that decides if the Ai might detect you or not. That's what it feels like anyway.
  15. -=seany=-

    What happened to physics

    +1 for improved Physx. At the very minimum we need vehicles that handle at least as good as Arma2 (particularly tracked vehicles). At the moment, a lot of the vehicles in Arma3 handle and behave no better than a free indie game with wip physx. The fact they where ok in arma2 just makes it more frustrating. There is huge potential here, but it seems they lack some one who actually knows how to set Physx up propperly?
  16. The always "almost there" company. :)
  17. -=seany=-

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    This will be the first (REAL) DLC since Arma2 "Army Of the Czech Republic" (no..I haven't forgotten)....so yeah...they are not getting any of my money. Not until I see that the DLC is not a total cluster F***. The days of me preordering/buying BIS DLC without reading reviews are over. Also yeah.. 13 is too much. So I'll wait for steam sales. I also don't like their new DLC model for people who have not bought it. Arma2 method worked better, this new method just seems greedy. How can you make all that money in the last 2 years and then go and decide to change a really fair and innovative (compared to other companies) DLC model to something that is now just about actively annoying the user (time limited, pop up reminders etc) and in general, far less kind to the community who made you all that money. The lores texture model worked to sell DLC...I have seen 1st hand, players buy the Arma2 DLC because they did not want to look at the lo res textures. And the poll you created about DLC, to get basically get the answers you wanted, was BS (I'd say participants represented less than 5% of the arma community). I also want to see them finish other aspects of Existing Arma3 content before I give them more money. Vehicle physx (physx in general)...Still worse than arma..no sign of improvement. I hate driving vehicles in Arma3 ..it's a joke. Used to love it in Arma2. Sound...Still big problems...seems as though they are beginning to work on it... Weapon resting...we still don't know if this is coming or not. Any chance of maybe tweaking some of the duplicate models between the factions so they don't all look the same?....yeah the copy paste thing..
  18. -=seany=-

    GTA V Map in ArmA3

    Meh I don't see the problem with it...your not going to charge money for it are you. Sounds like an interesting project. Probably shouldn't have asked if it was legal and just posted it. Then moved to a blog or some other site when/if BIS decide it was not allowed. The main reason you would attract more negative attention than normal is because it is not out yet for PC and its a hot topic in the news. Release it mid way through 2015 and no one would bat an eyelid. I have seen plenty of "inspired" and ported stuff in arma.
  19. I play mostly coop, so the that filter works well for me too. But yes, BIS Multiplayer lobbies are always pretty horrendous/ crying out for some features..How long did it take us to get a favourites? (4 generations..ouch! :) )
  20. -=seany=-

    Jurassic Arma

    Great work, looks really good. Keep at it!
  21. Anyone else getting this? Basically, since OA I have been getting these little white, sparkling, pixels on mainly plants and trees. I think it gets worse depending on Time Of Day, at the moment 13:40 in December is my testing time. I have tested Chernarus with both the OA and Arma2 engine and can't recreate the problem there. It seems specific to Takistani vegetation. Here is the dev heaven link if you want to vote or add feedback: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/15668 Screen shots: http://dev-heaven.net/attachments/9464/MotionExample2a.jpg http://dev-heaven.net/attachments/9465/MotionExample2b.jpg load each of the these in a separate tab in your browser and swap between them for a perfect example of what this glitch looks like in game when the scene is in motion. See more screens shots at the Dev-Heaven link. ----------- PS, anyone know why we lost the option in the Nvidia CPL ArmaOA profile to "Override Any Application Setting" for AntiAliasing? Only option we have now is "Enhance Application Setting" or "Application Controlled". I think if I could over ride it, that may fix it....it would be nice to try anyway.
  22. The most annoying things for me at the moment are just problems with existing content...I want to see some serious focus on these before we get more DLC or other new things that are just going to add more bugs: Tank physics (and vehicle physX in general) need some serious love. Sound engine needs some serious attention. Crappy mid range textures that we have a fix for that devs seem to ignore. And general stupid bugs that need fixing: eg glowing fences in FLIR/ Keyboard commands activating while using chat / etc / : there are a lot of these big bugs you run into EVERY time you play the game that sit unfixed for months. The only feature that is causing me annoyance is lack of Weapon resting.....
  23. -=seany=-

    Fatigue indicator poll

    I would probably use an indicator for a while, just so I can get a feel for the speed/buildup of fatigue with various amounts of weight or while performing various tasks. I don't think I would use it for long though. For new players, some things are not that intuitive; like running with your gun raised vs lowered, or walking crouched vs standing. I know about them now, but only beacuse I read about it. if I was a casual non forum player I would just be confused/annoyed. BIS probably should have had a Indicator right for the start of the fatigue implementation, with the view to removing it when it was finished. This would have made a lot of sense to me. Another reason that a fatigue indicator would be useful is bugs. I am sure I have seen some bugs where my Fatigue is incorrect while in a vehicle, or the fatigue not recovering properly in some situations etc.
  24. -=seany=-

    Arma 3 - Patch 1.22 Thermal

    Still happening in the last stable release...Please fix this...it is important enough to need a hot fix....yet it's still here stable patches later. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=19730
  25. White/HOT fences in FLIR Any chance of prioritising this? It is a serious problem that needs a hot fix...can't believe that last Stable patch did fix it... http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=19730