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    PSF GROM DESERT Beta v1.

    Nice work... are there any plans to make the HMMWV playable or build a new one?
  2. -SWAT-


    i would like to play this... i played pink pony and loved it So why not have sharks with laser canons?
  3. probably Just wait a few month and i'm sure they are released
  4. -SWAT-

    Delta Force Units for ArmA

    aggreed... i'm only a mission maker, but i tried building an own addon long time ago. As i released the first screenshots everyone wrote and told me I have to finish it now (or maybe 2 days earlier). Even when i explained "it's done when it's done" everyone asked. I can understand the addon makers, when they explode sometimes Ontopic: Never saw or speak to a Delta, only Marines, SEALS and Green Berets. But I know what I like and those I don't like very much... sorry
  5. -SWAT-

    Delta Force Units for ArmA

    nephilim in a bottle??? Very interesting
  6. -SWAT-


    Tutorial for mod folders and addon installation German Language
  7. Great camo... i like the blue style
  8. @Pellejones Thx for your informative statement. I didn't mention to criticize this addon or the addon maker or anyone else. For me it just would be a step back into the past, to play on an ofp-styled island. There are very good advantages for low spec pc users that i wouldn´t deny. And i tested the island for myself, it's a nice work. But as PaMe already said
  9. Why does everybody post something like that when there is a negative post? I know that i needn't download it. I just told my opinion to this addon, not less and not more. And as i already said, i appreciate this work...
  10. sorry to explain it, but: Why did i buy Arma? To play on an OFP style island? I appreciate the work OFman did, but for me it's no island i like to play on
  11. -SWAT-

    Hatch back addon

    Please what? You call us noobs?
  12. -SWAT-

    Hatch back addon

    @willybeef Are there some infos? What kind of car? Will there be more? ... Only a screenshot won´t give us many space for discussion
  13. -SWAT-

    Swiss Troops

    The addon had a bug... on his website u will find the fixed one during that day. I don´t know exactly when laeppli will update it.
  14. -SWAT-

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    Very very very..... very great news... GNAT, your ships are awesome Will the ships be able to move on it?
  15. -SWAT-

    3rd Infantry Division Units

    Thanks for info... haven´t read that statement. But useless babbling? Ok, the one or other comment might be that (maybe mine too). But even if this camo isn´t authentic, it is worth to discuss about it. Otherwise the moderators can lock every thread on this forums and we keep discussing with ourselves. *little bit ironic*
  16. -SWAT-

    SJB Weapons Pack

    Was 1.1 your latest weapon pack, Jackal? If yes, it worked fine without any error
  17. -SWAT-

    Note to addon hosters

    Although an addon hoster, i appreciate this request. It was a little bit annoying to read this every 2nd post.
  18. -SWAT-

    3rd Infantry Division Units

    Is this camo authentic? Looks a little bit like own style... but nice anyhow
  19. -SWAT-

    Embedded Reporter (Request)

    djfrogstar... Is the last screenshot made from BF2 editor?
  20. -SWAT-

    Scratch Modworks' IED

    can it explode or is it just for fun?
  21. -SWAT-

    Greek Special Op units

    very nice work... i like the camo
  22. -SWAT-

    (Idea) 911

    Look at my nickname and you know, what i think about it
  23. -SWAT-

    SJB Weapons Pack

    Wow... the best news till arma release Love your work, Jackal
  24. -SWAT-

    FRANCE unit

    Nice job... no they need french weapons and everything´s fine