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    Custom Gui

    You create a custom resource.cpp (or resource.bin). I don't know of any tutorials but I learned from examining how others had done their main menus. A tutorial on making in-mission dialogs would probably help you as well since most of the terminology is similar. The demo mission for "desert island" that is shown when you start the game is located in DTA\Anims.pbo. What exactly did you want to do? Obviously you should create a separate mod folder and use your customised files to override the default ones rather than replacing them. If you're looking for good examples, my favorite menu is probably FFUR 2007 and most of the FFUR TCs have high quality custom overlays and demos.
  2. More useful information... Rather than using picture="" which causes the game to search DTAExt.pbo for equip\w\w_classname.paa or equip\m\m_classname.paa (so it's effectively picture = this) you can also get the i icon to display by entering a different classname. E.g. picture = "AN94"; Would cause the game to search for equip\w\w_an94.paa or equip\m\m_an94.paa and the EQUIP_AN94 entry in dtaext\equipment.html regardless of the name of the class. This allows you to use the same custom equipment entry for multiple weapon classes.
  3. Are there any existing MP missions that implement class based levelling and experience points? I'm thinking a COD or BFBC type levelling system where experience is saved at the end of a mission and loaded in other missions. The saved data influences the equipment made available to the player. I've recently made a series of missions that replicate the Combat Mission maps of Medal of Honor in CAT Afghanistan, they use a modified version of Sinews of War to save level and experience point data for each class locally (client side) at the end of a mission. The data is loaded at the beginning of a mission and determines the equipment available in a player's respawn dialog. Here's an example screenshot from my Mazar-i-Sharif airfield replica If there's sufficient interest I'll convert this to a generic template for others to use. The existing series of missions (Mazar-i-Sharif airfield, Shahihkhot mountains and Helmand Valley) are using too many custom addons to release at the moment. Also supported by the mission is a killstreak reward system, ability to respawn at a chosen squad member's location, ability to carry two rifles (secondary weapon selection) and multiplayer compatible flashbangs.
  4. LOL, no it's not to everyone's taste. It's easy enough to disable in the config because its an init eventhandler script for Soldier:Man. The Combat Mission concept (as well as being a blatant rip off of Medal of Honor) was my attempt to remedy the situation seen in Battlefield 1985 (i.e. die, click twenty times, spawn, die again), so I recommend you try it out. But the feedback I've had is that people still want to save their exact loadout. Regarding "MWC" currently I'm having to use a LOT of placeholder models because WW4 doesn't have everything I need (plan is to have 32 weapons each with a choice of optics and barrel attachments) and I don't do modelling/texturing. So it doesn't look that nice and there's some dependency on SJB Weapons pack and Laser's US weapons, which needs to be resolved before any release could take place. EDIT: Oh and no I didn't write the loadout/dialog scripts used in BF1985. I did make the ones in Combat Mission though.
  5. New mirror I'm now working on a newer system. Using a separate "firing range" MP mission, the player uses dialogs to spend in-game currency on their loadouts which they can save to a number of classes (in other words Create-A-Class). These loadouts are then accessible in any other MP mission (whether they be hosted locally or not). Each supporting MP mission then has a respawn dialog in it which allows the user to select one of their previously saved loadouts. As with the Combat Mission game type, player kills are tracked by eventhandlers and stats/XP saved at the end of the mission. I'm working a mod based on WW4 which allows the user to customise their weapon by purchasing optics and other attachments that offer various advantages. It also has a COD type recharging health system which is working very nicely. I haven't decided on a name yet, but it's probably best described as Modern Warfare Crisis.
  6. *zeewolf*

    WW4 Modpack 2.5

    Ahh, ok my work is only concerned with multiplayer so I can happily avoid any problems it causes the AI (I'm working on a "Create-A-Class" system based on my earlier work allowing users to purchase and save loadouts for MP Missions). Any thoughts on masterkey/M26 MASS attachments in WW4? I found that providing a selection of Buckshot, slugs and FRAG-12 makes them very popular.
  7. *zeewolf*

    WW4 Modpack 2.5

    Thanks, I'll try that. Were you referring to AI shooting you or human players? For AI just give them WW4_E762_30HDmag instead of WW4_E762_30mag to increase their shot dispersion. For humans you are better off re-zeroing the AK sights to 200m (default is 400m) using distanceZoomMin=200; distanceZoomMax=200; in WW4_AK47, you can also reduce the muzzle velocity of WW4_E762_30mag (initspeed). This will make it more difficult to pull off accurate long range fire (especially with no optics) without compromising accuracy at shorter ranges. For my mods I set all iron sights and close combat optics to zero at 200m and all acog/elcan/PSO sights to 300m.
  8. *zeewolf*

    WW4 Modpack 2.5

    Hey Sanctuary, I'd like to make some custom camouflaged body armor. I've been using the wrinkles2.tga to make more clothing but I can't find an equivalent template for the body armor/boots. I've been using the black armor (wemer2.tga) to merge but because it's so dark the outline of the seams washes out into the material. Can you provide a template .tga for the body armor? Oh and I have another useful suggestion for a future version. Use the dexterity attribute for more weapons to give a better feeling of weight. I've been experimenting myself and found using 0.5 for GPMGs, 0.75 for sniper rifles/LMGs, 0.9 for battle rifles, 1.0 for assault rifles, 1.5 for carbines, 2.0 for SMGs and 3.0 for pistols gives a distinct difference in feel for each weapon class. It definitely provides an incentive for people to choose lighter weapons for CQB.
  9. *zeewolf*

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    I would be grateful if you could host these addons: Invasion 44 standalone grass pack Mirror Battletech grass pack release Mirror Screenshots are included in the respective downloads.
  10. *zeewolf*

    Battletech Grass pack new version

    Suggest an alternative host site and I may upload it there as well. There's a sad lack of reliable permanent OFP addon hosts available as you can tell from the filefront link. I always run NoScript so I never see the extra download buttons that litter free hosting sites.
  11. *zeewolf*

    Battletech Grass pack new version

    Err are you sure you're clicking the right link at sendspace? It should be a zip file, not .exes or installers etc. Yup just checked the sendspace link and it downloads Battletech grass.zip. For that matter why the hell would I be making an installer for single pbo addon anyway? Maybe you should think a bit more before making rash accusations.
  12. *zeewolf*

    Invasion 44 standalone grass pack

    Yeah filefront's servers seem really crap recently. Try refreshing a couple of times (it works about 50% of the time for me) or try the link from the main list. Here's a temporary mirror If someone can get it onto a better permanent mirror I would be grateful.
  13. *zeewolf*

    Battletech Grass pack new version

    Yeah filefront's servers seem really crap recently. Try refreshing a couple of times (it works about 50% of the time for me) or try the link from the main list. EDIT: Sendspace temporary mirror added, see OP. For large areas Battletech grass is better, try the demo missions for examples of large areas. Battletech is comparable to Dragon Rising's style of grass while I44 feels more like Arma 2's so the two addons complement each other nicely. You should be able to cover an island the size of Desert Island with Battletech grass without getting lag. Also, in MP differing in-game Visual Quality settings can create problems with the grass LOD culling at differing distances on clients.
  14. Ok, here's the release of the Combat Mission pack. Filefront's servers seem to be a bit dodgy so the link may not work first time. I removed the dependency on DRG Shotguns by including a very basic combat shotgun (using Kozlice model) addon. The template itself only requires the included combat mission addon which contains flashbangs, the afore mentioned shotgun and a container for the second rifle that you can carry in the mission. Two missions are included (Helmand Valley and Shahikhot mountains) which require CAT Afghanistan, Taliban units, NIM weather, editorupdate102 and BAS Tonal objects. I haven't included Mazari-Sharif airfield due to the large number of props required from various addons. I included a pretty comprehensive mission editor's guide describing how it all works for those who wish to modify it. It would be simple for instance to create a Rush style game mode (BFBC2) using the same template.
  15. Ok, well I'm slightly surprised at people's interest in the saving side of things because Sinews of War is not exactly a new development. It is on the other hand extremely difficult to get hold of a basic template. So for those purely interested in getting their hands on the hallowed SOW sqfs I've made a little template that demonstrates how my Combat Mission game mode saves player stats, this will give you something to look at while I work on the template for the whole game mode. The loading and saving in this demonstration is done via radio calls. The triggers have been split into client side and server side to demonstrate is works on both ends. As I said before my system is purely client side saving, there is no need to pass the loaded data to other clients or to the server. To get this to work I had to alter the SOW functions slightly I've included the original versions of the functions, which are ok for purely server side management of data. Credits for the original functions obviously go to Rune. The functions are fairly simple to use but I'll answer any questions you have.
  16. Yes you can. I'm basically using a slightly modified version of the SOW v1.0 functions to get the client side saving. But the originals work fine for server side. I'll make a little Combat Mission template. I'll have to remove all of the Medal of Honor radio chatter I ripped that's used to narrate the mission. The initial version will be using vanilla BI weapons plus DRG shotguns for the Spec Ops class. If I have time I'll make a WW4 version too.
  17. The missions are currently designed around replicating Medal Of Honor's classes as closely as possible. They are pure PVP no AI involved. I may make CoD4 or BFBC2 classes as required for future missions. The main challenge for me was getting the Sinews of War saving working locally rather than as a server side system. Each client essentially stores its own independent stats for the player. The standard Sinews of War scripts I had couldn't handle this, so I made some minor modififcations. Levelling up is handled through client side scripting, although player scores are kept synchronised via peer to peer publicvariables. For a campaign involving AI the conventional server side saving would be more appropriate. GDCE is an excellent example of saving large amounts of data using Sinews of War (despite being for the most part a single player engine). Obviously if you're only interested in single player then using pickweaponpool, savestatus etc are much more efficient ways of saving data (The Partisan dynamic campaign is still my favorite example of this).
  18. *zeewolf*

    MP Flashbangs

    Does anyone know of an existing addon that has multiplayer compatible flashbang grenades? I.e. flashbangs that can blind other players. UPDATE: I've released my flashbangs as part of my Combat Mission pack. You need both the addon and mission scripts to use these, see the documentation for more detail.
  19. *zeewolf*

    WW4 Modpack 2.5

    I've been using gunnerless versions of the BI vehicles for ages in the mod set my clan plays (basically vanilla OFP with extra anims, ability to carry two rifles, swimming, gunnerless vehicles, flashbangs, Javelins and AN94s in a mod we refer to as FP++). The gunnerless helicopters make for great MP dogfights, not having to rely on picking up a gunner is really handy. The AI can handle them fine, you'll struggle to notice the difference between a normal AI chopper and a gunnerless one. Shilkas, Vulcans, BMP 2s and Bradleys are also great as gunnerless vehicles. Tanks are not really effective for players because there is a huge parallax error when using 3rd person to aim, but they are useful for reducing the number of AI units in a mission. I've always wondered if the BI models could be tweaked to put the driver's view onto the main gun axis, allowing a BF2 style one man tank. It's a shame there isn't a mod offering low poly MP optimised vehicles to complement WW4's excellent infantry. Gun wise I'd really like to see the assault rifle grenade launchers given red dot sights, otherwise I think the range offered by WW4 is very comprehensive.
  20. *zeewolf*

    WW4 Modpack 2.5

    Another suggestion that wouldn't need much work. You could expand the WW4 BI vehicles to include versions of the BI gunships with no gunner position (i.e. hasgunner = 0), allowing the pilot direct control of the chain gun, I found this makes for excellent dogfights in MP. Gunnerless versions of the ww4 cars and JeepMG would also be a cool addition.
  21. *zeewolf*

    WW4 Modpack 2.5

    I really like the addition of the jump/vaulting ability, picket fences will no longer hold me back! I was wondering however if it is possible to shorten the animation so that it stops in mid-air rather than finishing once your feet hit the ground on the other side. This might allow it to be used to climb on top of crates etc. At the moment you can "fall through" the top of something if you try to climb on top of it with vaulting. If the time is available, an Arma style vaulting animation would also be really useful for getting through windows, there are spare fastB's available in crouchActions and combatActions that could be used for this. Also I noticed that WW4_AKABGP25 is using the wrong muzzle (AK74).
  22. *zeewolf*

    CWA 1.99 Bug reports

    VoiceRH.pbo works fine for me. Interestingly addons are still loaded from both \Addons and \Res\Addons.
  23. *zeewolf*

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    You can still get FDF from ofp.info. Speaking of which I think CWA is sufficiently worthy to update the news on that site.
  24. *zeewolf*

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    Thank you BI. When I started this thread it was more about allowing the remaining hardcore OFP community muse about what might have been with just one last patch. Yet again you have demonstrated your support for the community and your games. But moreover you have proved there is definately another meaning to the phrase: "Original games don't fade".
  25. If you want more PLA units you should try the VME mod which is definately still active.