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  1. Can someone give me a real download link. It sends me to the page all in german. The small English paragraph tells me that that site has to handle the download rather than link directly. But everytime I try to download I get sent to another page. When I click download on those links, I get sent to another page. Those pages have all kinds of "DOWNLOAD" buttons that look real nice but they don't have anything to do with the mod. I haven't found a link that gives me a download, just links that give me downloads of other programs or "premium" memeberships so that I can download 20 seconds earlier. Help :( please. Thanks

    Follow this Link : http://bwmod.de/index.php/inhalt/download , press the "Downloadbutton" and you will download the Mod !



  2. Please Italians can do everything better,except...tanks.Wanna replace an opel with a ferrari?german food with italian?italian art?cmon you can't be serious.We,Italians are second to none when speaking about creativity and genious.We have a lot of deficit(political and economical in primis)but no one will change an italian for a german.

    At first : Opel isn´t a german Car.

    At second Itallians have Ferrari thats right. But they need a german Driver to win the F1 Championship.

    Ok there is one Thing italians can to bether than Germans :

    Look at This :


    That is the only Thing that itallians can do bether than Germans



  3. You have overreade this Post @ Drakenof :

    Am only joking guys calm down. Lets just say that ive scaled down the modding work currently being done at the moment to none im having a break probably for awhile. And alot of things don't work in dev-branch.

    Blastcore is not dead !