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  1. (st6)predator

    the game need a uniformly redesign

    Why no one from BI write here something about this topic? I always thought the Stuff of BI read here in this Forum ? Dont let us sit in the darknes ! Hey ! Christmas is soon ...... Maybe there is a gift to (for) the Community ? With best Regards (ST6)Predator
  2. (st6)predator

    FRL Airforce Addons release thread

    Not bad ! Not bad ! Keep up the good work ! Best regards (ST6)Predator
  3. (st6)predator

    Final release of CAA1

    I'm looking forward to it! I hope it comes soon! Best Regards (ST6)Predator
  4. (st6)predator

    Final release of CAA1

    Hmm ?... No ! CAA1 dont work perfect ! There are still shown double factions in the editor ! I think that is not perfect. Regards (ST6)Predator
  5. (st6)predator


    To me it seems so as if the inner textures to deteriorate. The windows are milky. The external textures are ok. The previous model was better in my opinion. Regards (ST6)Predator
  6. Finally my prayers were answered! Many thanks @ Massi ! Kind Regards (ST6)Predator
  7. (st6)predator


    Good Jop@ Mike Your Outpost looks to me like a "Prison" ! I think it could be a military prison for war crimes ! Best regards (ST6)Predator
  8. (st6)predator

    Sti A-10

    For me it works ! No Problems ! Regards (ST6)Predator /(
  9. (st6)predator

    Camp Fortress

    Thank You ! Downloading now ! Best Regards (ST6)Predator
  10. (st6)predator

    New ARMA2 OA Beta Patch 73206 Available

    Sorry for this silly Question, but what does[73139] Changed: Airplanes parallax HUD disabled, can be enabled by "enableParallax" in config means? What ist the parallax HUD ? Can someone explain me what it is ? Regards (ST6)Predator
  11. (st6)predator

    US Army Rangers for CO

    Super !!! Downloading now !! Thank you so much ! Edit : After a short "Test", I must say: "The units are well done" ! But i miss some Units : For example i miss some Combatunits who carry a M4 or a M16 and some Units who wear Backpacks. Please understand me wrong Massi. You have done a great work ! This will only be suggestions not Critique ! I "love" your Units ! Best Regards (ST6)Predator
  12. (st6)predator

    US Army Rangers for CO

    Cool !! Thanks again ! Best Reagards (ST6)Predator
  13. (st6)predator

    US Army Rangers for CO

    Thank you very much Massi ! All my wishes will come true ! When you will relaise the new units? (I know. Its a stupid question, but i cant wait after reading this) Best Regards (ST6)Predator
  14. (st6)predator

    DLC - bigger and new maps

    I would pay for new Sharani, Porto and Chernarus-Map with "OA-Features" ( go inside all Buildings, Interior ) A "Bagdad-Map" (with all points of interest) or the Samawah-Map from JCove (VBS2-Light) would be interesting. Regards (ST6)Predator
  15. (st6)predator

    US Army Rangers for CO

    Perhaps would it be possible to integrate the Rangers to the USA Faction? I imagine that like This in the Editor : USA--> US Army Rangers (CO) Kind Regards (ST6)Predator
  16. (st6)predator

    US Army Rangers for CO

    Thanks Massi ! This ist what im waiting for !!! I love it ! Regards (ST6)Predator
  17. (st6)predator

    Anzac Mod Wip

    Already clear! Simply ignore unpleasant Ask!
  18. (st6)predator

    Anzac Mod Wip

    At first, Congratulations ! Very good work ! Now to my Question: In my opinion it would be better to show the ADF and the NZDF units separately in the Editor . I mean these are two different Countries. Would that be possible to display them in the Editor as ADF and NZDF? With best Regards (ST6)Predator
  19. Hi Massi. As usual, you have once again delivered great work! I hope and wish that you relaise your U.S. Special Forces and the U.S. Rangers too. Thank you very much ! Keep up the good work !! With best Regards (ST6)Predator
  20. (st6)predator

    ArmA 2: OA Beta Build 72787

    @Dwarden This can not take so long untill the downloadlink is corrected ! Whats going on ? Im waiting, waiting and waiting and waiting................ Regards (ST6)Predator
  21. (st6)predator

    UH-1 Huey Reskins

    Yes ! I think so too ! :D Downloading now ! Regards (ST6)Predstor
  22. (st6)predator

    SyNcRoNiCzZ AddOn Release Thread

    Thanks Chris for the new Version ! Downloading now !! Regards (ST6)Predator Edit : After a short testing I noticed that the black lettering ( US ARMY ) on the black CH-47 is a little bit to black ! :D
  23. (st6)predator

    OA:un-pbo tool not working

    kegety's cPBO. dont work on my PC !
  24. (st6)predator

    Arma2 CO for U.K Players!!

    Joker !!!
  25. Question to RKSL-Rock It would be possible to transfer the "Flightmodel" from the "Eurofighter" by config.pho to all Jets in Arma / OPA ? Kind Regards (ST6)Predator