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  1. Maybe ! But i think you know what i want to say. Regards (ST6)Predator
  2. Congratulations, good work ! The Models are very well ! Your G36 is not bad too . I only miss the "RSA-S Reflexvisier" on the Weapon. Keep it up !!!! Regards (ST6)Predator
  3. (st6)predator

    Bundeswehr Retexture

    I Love it ! Verry good Job ! Thank you !
  4. (st6)predator

    Bundeswehr Retexture

    Compliment !! That looks very good ! I love It !!! Greetings (ST6)Predator
  5. (st6)predator

    Bundeswehr Retexture

    For me, without dusttexture it Looks bether ! But that´s a matter of taste. Keep up your good Work ! Greetings (ST6)Predator
  6. (st6)predator

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Work in Progress

    Please Legislator ! Tell me/us when you will release this great Stuff ?
  7. (st6)predator

    NATO Strider

    Do you ever Play the Game ? The Strider is a Vehicle from the "Green Army" "Nightmare515" has put it into the NATO - Faction.....Now is Called "NATO Strider" ! Reg. (ST6)Predator
  8. (st6)predator


    Thats the Stuff im waiting for !!! Thank you ! My biggest Wish will come true ! After were Germans always so painfully neglected by the developers, i am now again filled with hope. (the KSK in ArmA2 were the biggest joke !!!!!) Keep it up and a lot of luck !!! Best Regards and Wishes (ST6)Predator
  9. Cool Stuff. Like allways !!! Thank you @ Massi
  10. (st6)predator

    GLT Mod for ArmA 3 - Work in Progress

    Do you have a specific release date for me/us ? :cool: Predator---> <---Legislator Write it Now !
  11. On Arma3.com the "CRV-6e Bobcat tracked engineering vehicle" is shown in the "Vehiclelist" Today the Full - Game is released, but i cant find it in the Editor. Can someone help me there ? With best regards (ST6)Predator
  12. (st6)predator

    Bundeswehr Retexture

    Cool Stuff !! A Expansion of your "Beta-Mod" ! Keep up the good Work. Now only the G36 Weapons are Missed . A Suggestion at last: Perhaps you can create German Special Forces by using retextured FIA Faction Soliers using Shemag (Arma 2 like) Greetings (ST6)Predator
  13. Hello developers! I always read in the Editor the Faction NATO but i only see American Soldiers and Vehicles and Weapons ! Only America is not the NATO ! The NATO - States are: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, France, Greece, Great Britain, Iceland, Italy, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey and Hungary So? When will come the Armys of the rest NATO - Countries? Vehicles and Weapons ?? With best Regards (ST6)Predator
  14. (st6)predator

    CRV-6e Bobcat tracked engineering vehicle

    Thanks @Kavoriken and Varanon Now ive found it ! Ive only serch on the wrong Folder (tracked Vehicles) With best regards (ST6)Predator
  15. (st6)predator

    A3B Arcade Helicopters

    Construct Argument : Iff you want to Play "ARCADE", then go and Play "Battlefield"!!! No one Needs this Shit ! This is Arma 3 !! Dont destroy the Spirit of this Game !
  16. (st6)predator

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Hello Developer, i just tested the Beta What you allow yourself anyway? Infantry simulator or not, You make yourself a Little bit to easy I dont want to look through a black Hole if I drive a Tank !! Helicopters and Cars have a Cockpit too. Why should it not work with armored Vehicles? For This (Shit) I dont have paid 70 Euros !!! I am totally disappointed !!! I sincerely hope that this will be changed to relaise of the full Version !!! Regards (ST6)Predator
  17. (st6)predator

    British Units

    Ok Thanks for Help! I have found it ! I thought there would be a separate faction. Reg. (ST6)Predator
  18. (st6)predator

    British Units

    Ive copyed the files in Arma3 directoy and activated them in game Options. They are not shown in the Editor ! Reg. (ST6)Predator
  19. (st6)predator

    British Units

    They dont work for me ! Reg. (ST6)Predator
  20. Hello kju Is it possible to hide ArmA2/OA Fractions in the Editor ? So that i have only ArmA3 Content and ArmA2/OA Islands . Rgs (ST6)Predator
  21. Is it possible to make a "AiA_DisableA2_Content.pbo" ? ( disable/hide the ArmA 2 content in the Editor ) So that only ArmA3 Content is in the Editor. Rgds (ST6)Predator
  22. Good Question ! Any Answers ? Regards (ST6)Predator
  23. This will be Map only. Like Sakura Chan write it in the first Post ! By the Way, sakura, can you tell us briefly about the state of Project ? Regards (ST6)Predator
  24. (st6)predator

    MH-9 Door Control

    HI First i have to say that i am not familiar with scripting and so on. So i have a little Question. It is not possible to create a pho-File that allows to use the Addon on Stratis and other Maps without having to load a Mission? Kind Regards (ST6)Predator