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  1. I personally would like to see Xmed (optionally) deal with respawn load outs. BTC revive does, and although the intention of Xmed is to keep players alive,it is a mod that deals with damage, life and death and I'd hate to use a separate mod for this and find a conflict.
  2. Hmm. Everything fresh from the download from GitHub. Even rebooted server. Only one server/mission shows on first 2 lines at a time. No stats :( Monitor running as administrator............. .............. Aaaaaaaaand I've fixed it. Remember I said 30 hours no sleep? No excuse! So, last time I upgraded (and this time) I just dumped the @ASM folder in the Addons folder like a true heathen, instead of putting the .pbo in the Addons folder. Hence I've been using an older .pbo that caused the weird responses in my earlier post (I assume). Sorry to trouble you. I'll now go away and think about what I've done (and hopefully sleep at last!)
  3. Remember that ACRE hasn't been released for Arma3, there is just a port from the A2 version that is floating around in various forms with lots of errors/problems in it. I wouldn't be surprised if this A2 mod is seeing the A2 vehicles that you are porting and making some kind of sick, twisted love to it....
  4. Thanks for the quick reply Fred. So ArmaServerMonitor.exe doesn't need any other files with it to run? Just the ASM.dll and asm.ini in the game root, and the @ASM loaded by the game? What are all the other files in the package for? The DllTest, DLL folder and FSM folder? Not needed by end user? Yes, I shut down all game instances before deleting all relevant files and copying in the new ones. I will try again to be sure. More surprisingly, when I deleted ASM and failed to get the new version running again, the complex 30+mod mission stopped dropping to 1-5fps and now stays at around 30fps even when I'm aggressively spawning stuff in. Something was seriously afoot with my last install! I'll probably sleep on it (as I've been up 30+ hours now!) and have another look tomorrow, and will update here my discoveries!
  5. soooo....I've noticed a few weird things lately on my server's ASM. I've been messing about with a LOT of mods (30+) including some heavy ones (Alive, MCC, Xmed) and the FPS was grinding to a halt.....and noticed that also the AIL, AIR were counting up like there was no tomorrow. (I don't have any remote, headless AI) And when I joined the server, the player count doubled every minute or so! So I went back to look at my simple Domination, barely any mods, and the AIL and AIR were rocketing up there too. but no player showed when I logged in. I figured the last download I did of ASM a few weeks ago may have been installed wrong, so I deleted all reference, went off to the GitHub and downloaded it again. Now it only shows me server name and map name, nothing else! Think I may have installed it wrong, but I've done it several times before no problem. Copied asm.ini and ASMdll.dll to game folder (Arma 3 Server) Copied @ASM to addons subfolder (so it always loads) Copied everything in all the sub-folders of ASM-master.zip (besides the addon folder) into an "ArmaServerMonitor" folder to run the Server Monitor from. (put them all in one folder) Copied the asm.ini and ASMdll.dll into the "ArmaServerMonitor" folder for good measure. Fire up 2 servers. Join one and see it's name and mission appear. Log out and join the other, to see this one's name and mission overwrite the one from the first server (that was still running) I think I've done something wrong somewhere - any words of advise?
  6. zach72

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Just to confirm: New Bi-Keys are working fine! Thanks LJH. (downloaded via PlaywithSix)
  7. zach72

    NSS Admin Console

    Thanks for staying on top of it,TB!
  8. zach72

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    I've given PlaywithSix a poke to update it on there asap....
  9. Sorry to revive an old thread, but is this still supported, or replaced by anything? The demo mission works, but if I add weapon and unit mods, they don't show up in the DLS box. Also when I insert this into an existing mission with various weapon mods (and Alive, MCC...), it doesn't show any items at all, just errors about undefined variable in miscpool, ammopool etc. And finally, also now suffers from the Arma3 1.1 patch scroll bar error message.
  10. zach72

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    If he uses the same key, they can all join. If he uses a new private key, server owners will need the public key from the old version AND the new version. So it would be easier for everyone if he uses the same private key, but ensures they are signed correctly. (I know signing is a bit of a dark art....)
  11. Any chance of having the sounds effect the F18 mod classnames, instead of generating your own classnames please? it would make your mod a lot more useful as a client side only sound mod.
  12. zach72

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/8uykhczlew9gtf3/JSRSerror.PNG -> Error message while trying to join a signature checking server. From my own dedicated server hosting JSRS updated via Play With Six, connecting from my home PC with same update. Also updated server keys to server just in case the key was changed.
  13. zach72

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    new version keys not working? / new pbo's not signed correct?
  14. Just put the F18 classname into the CAS module for aircraft to use.
  15. It's been talked about loads in this thread. Just do a search. e.g. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169030-XMedSys-Improved-Medical-System-for-A3&p=2602143&viewfull=1#post2602143
  16. http://x39software.unitedtacticalforces.de/wiki/index.php?title=XMedSys#External_variables_-_Changes_the_behaviour_of_the_mod X39_MedSys_Display_TimeBeforeRespawnAvailable_NormalKnockout default: 60 X39_MedSys_Display_TimeBeforeRespawnAvailable_Death default: 300
  17. Three posts up dude. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149077-Virtual-Ammobox-System-(VAS)&p=2615434&viewfull=1#post2615434
  18. zach72

    Refined Vehicles

    Sorry to hear that RP. You taking a hiatus from all of arma or just refined vehicles? Was kinda hoping you would be involved with porting the A2 vehicles in the community upgrade project. Thanks for the mods you have released. Much bette then stock vehicles.
  19. zach72

    NSS Admin Console

    Hate to revive an old thread, but this invaluable tool has been damaged by the latest 1.10 Arma3 patch, the scrollbar error message when you call up the VAS system. (which is also a quite dated version now) Is there any chance of this still being in development, or should I look at fixing it for myself?
  20. Not getting any aircraft sound other then engine switching on/off and weapons. Running @RealSounds from PwS with dependencies @CBA and @F18 loaded. Incidentally, was it intentionally to not apply the sounds to John and Saul's existing model/classname, but create a new one beside it labelled @RW - so every mission needs to have the aircraft swapped out, and then won't work if any client isn't running the sound mod? Would it not be better having this as a client side mod like sound mods such as @JSRS and @SOS, so it's optional to have the client running it, but wont break any missions if you are not running it. We've been hoping for RealSound aircraft mods for Arma3 since finding a load of videos on Youtube you made during the Alpha/Beta. Hope you can get this sorted and release more!
  21. zach72

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    So will these new weapon sounds happen if you use a mod with that weapon, overwriting the weapon mod sound files, or do the weapon mod people need to support these JSRS sounds?
  22. Look in the init file in the VAS folder. There are areas to put lists of classnames to add/remove from VAS. However, VAS. Will add all the content from extra mods to itself automatically as it scans and loads all classnames available while it initialises.
  23. zach72

    VTS Duck Hunt

    Are there plans to support Massi's NATO weapon pack, as so many good units use these weapons.....?