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    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

  2. zach72

    ZAM Glasses

    Are there plans for visual effects if NOT wearing eye protection? I like the effects you have on the glasses, but a player not wearing any has no disadvantage. (Just noticed you said there is mild saturation-couldn't notice it.) Thinking back to ace in arma2, kicked up dust from rotor wash caused vision to blur and player to cough. Could a build up of dust cause unprotected eyes to lose colour and peripheral perception, and debris to cause short turn blurring, or until the player wipes their eyes clear? also, why disable the effect in 3rd person? Bypasses the benefit/immersion if the mod (if you allow 3rd person) I like where this is going though. Stops eyewear being just a cosmetic choice, and adds more game immersion with the debris and dust. Well done!
  3. Have you talked to John Spartan and Saul about help with the scripting? Or maybe send a PM to Lord JarHead who supplies JSRS sound for modders now. He may have some ideas? Regarding the classnames, what copyright are you avoiding? If you have John and Saul's blessing to do a sound mod........Other sound mods (JSRS/SOS) replace default sounds of BIS, and when in conjunction with other mod creators, replaces their mod sounds too. (i.e. weapons) That other thread asking for help isn't getting many views unforunately. You're probably best approaching suitable people through polite PM's or Skype groups.
  4. Wow, this looks amazing! Can't wait to play around with it, and see where you develop it. Modular bunkers/walls/sandbags that can be loaded, etc. Good work.
  5. Removing the mod dependencies took a while, it was quite ingrained into the mission so I don't think it would work as a parameter to toggle easily. Best way forwards would be to have an un-modded version, and then some basic scripting guidelines on how to add modded content easily. i.e. If you want F18's and A10-C's as reward items, edit this file and add them to this line. Changing units/vehicles at base just involves opening them in the editor, and selecting the replacement from the mod you want to use. Changing enemy units will need potentially a lot of changes, as they are spawned at main and side objectives. Tankbuster will know best :) Could even create a global config file in the root of the mission folder where classnames can be defined for all the mission content.....Just thinking out loud here now!
  6. UPDATE: Ok, I've downloaded the Armaholics version, and I've got sounds. I've let PlayWithSix know that their version is faulty, and asked them to update it from Armaholics. I have F18 sounds now with the @RW versions of the F18. Big improvement! However: In-cockpit sounds, it's virtually silent. Fly-by sounds aren't as bone shakingly awesome as the one in Kazmatt's video too. Find a happy middle ground if you can get back in touch with him? Again, is it possible to have this sound mod alter Sauls F18 instead of add new classnames please? Hope you get the team together you need to get this working well, and move onto the A10C, F38B and SU35 for starters! :)
  7. Strategic Outcomes are hosting a public 24/7 server addon/mod-free version of this mission. I've edited this modded version so can't guarantee I've got all the mod references out, but seems good so far. Hope you're OK with that Tankbuster? I always try to keep one public server completely mod-free, and your Domination is the best mission available.
  8. So I've just tested this again, stable Arma3, no other mods than @RealSound installed via Play with Six and it's two dependancies: @CBA_A3 and @FA18_a3. @RealSound is an newer version than the release version. Absolutely no sound after engine start, 1st or 3rd person, on ground, flying or fly-by. Could this be an issue with the Play with Six version only? Have other people reported this mod working? There is no aircraft sound in your opening video to compare this to, but I and I'm certain a LOT of other people are really keen to hear something like this video: feature=c4-overviewJust found the YouTube link off your front post, to this video below. Not as good fly-past sounds as the one above, imo. feature=c4-overview Tried putting .pbo in the FA18 folder. Same results. Report file full of: Cannot load sound 'js_jc_fa18_rs\sounds\f18rsidle.wss'Cannot load sound 'js_jc_fa18_rs\sounds\rsenginehigh_exterior.wss' Cannot load sound 'js_jc_fa18_rs\sounds\rsext-jetair-wind1.wss' Cannot load sound 'js_jc_fa18_rs\sounds\rsdistant.wss' Cannot load sound 'js_jc_fa18_rs\sounds\f18rsidle.wss' Cannot load sound 'js_jc_fa18_rs\sounds\rsenginehigh_exterior.wss' Cannot load sound 'js_jc_fa18_rs\sounds\rsext-jetair-wind1.wss I've just gone to try a manual download from Armaholics, but their website is down at the moment. Will report back here if any different results.
  9. Just tried this out on a dedicated server. Nice! Odd thing I noticed: when I packed it up back to my backpack, I still had an option to pack it up - did so and got a 2nd backpack Raven on the floor!
  10. zach72

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Have you looked at Karma Modules? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?168326-Karma-Modules They will patrol around all building positions, and search other buildings
  11. zach72

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    So do ours, but WaffelO's post said in Arma2......This is an Arma3 mod, there is an Arma2 version of JSRS if needed.
  12. zach72

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Have you read the documentation with the mod about the startup procedure? More than twenty buttons to press to start the engine....
  13. Oh that's bad Roy. Hope you didn't lose too much important stuff. Seems a bad week for hardware, 3 in my clan have had failures this week. i like Patrol Ops, but have been unable to leave it running on a public server due to the role assignment needing an admin. hope you can remember all the things you changed!
  14. Also since last update my players have reported seeing the zones created by MCC as marked areas on their map.
  15. zach72

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Just noticed a bunch of errors on my servers rpt file: Occurred about 100 times in the space of couple of minutes (I think when I was playing with the A10 in game)
  16. Does ALiVE deal with player loadout on respawn? Or will it? Doesn't seem to in the missions I've tested. But when I add a get/set loadout script, I see an Alive error about loadouts on respawn:
  17. When copying in the optional JSRS config .pbo's, I get no gunfire sounds. Without it they sound great though! Also, no optics seem to fit on the guns. I've got Joint Rails and various other gun/optics mods installed too. None fit.
  18. zach72

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Oh yeah that's quite annoying. If you edit a mission with JSRS enabled, it becomes a dependency of that mission. (Doesn't happen with e.g. Blastcore)
  19. only if the MCC user pushes the button, or sets it for refreshing every x minutes. Yeah, people put gear on the ground to swap stuff briefly, but I always see a lot of stuff abandoned on the ground, which can lag servers.
  20. @Spudly I'm starting to look at this bit of script to try out: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148577-GET-SET-Loadout-(saves-and-loads-pretty-much-everything)
  21. for the classnames and the itemname?
  22. Can I use an array in that class limitation? i.e. ["x39_defibrillator", ["B_mas_uk_medic_F_rec_v", "B_mas_usd_medic_F_rec"]] call X39_MedSys_fnc_addLimitationToClass; As I have more than one classname of Medic I want to limit some equipment too. Also can the item be an array, or do I call the function multiple times? Thanks.
  23. good idea. To expand it, how about a 'weapon holder' clear up button too for all those messy players who drop kit, or can't put unwanted stuff back into full ammo boxes? Maybe exclude items placed via MCC.
  24. zach72

    TMR Modular Realism

    If I recall, this mod makes the launchers one shot disposable?
  25. Thanks for the definitive answer however so I can look for a solution elsewhere for load outs, and not wonder if/when Xmed deals with it. keep up the good work on this excellent mod!