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  1. Wrong place to ask this question. Right place to ask this question:----> http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?171722-Discover-Play-Promote-missions-and-mods-withSIX Answer: at the moment repos need to be built with six updater still. However the with.six team are working on integrating it with Play With Six, so expect this functionality 'soon'. I'm hassling them weekly as six updater is quite long in the tooth for doing repos. could a mod move this into the right thread maybe please?
  2. I'll start working on the non mod version Friday, and expect to finish over the weekend, all being well.
  3. zach72

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    Will your work on Unsung get to see light in Arma3 eventually?
  4. zach72

    TMR Modular Realism

    Great to see you back at the helm of this Tao! do the weapon sway and bipod setting work with any weapon mods, or do they each need to be configured? glad to see you have fixed the triple head issue. Shame one of my 3 monitors has died recently so can't take advantage of it!
  5. Nice to see you release this Conroy. I remember being impressed with this in the PvP scene - looking forward to trying it out.
  6. zach72

    ASM - Arma Samples Mod

    Nope, nope and nope. And here, eventually. We're all patiently waiting for Alduric to release it. Watch This Space!
  7. zach72

    Agile Helicopters

    Nice work Raven_JJ. This makes the Littlebird fun to fly finally. I hope you can find help to look into changing the flight model too. Maybe talk to the F18 team, or even Red_Phoenix who did all the land vehicles. It just needs the flaring for hover to be less than 1km: increase sensitivity of the collective and the effect of nose-up and nose-down on forward speed more. I look forward to seeing what you can do with the other choppers. Is it possible to make you mod effect Littlebird variants in other mod packs?
  8. zach72

    STALKERGB's British Infantry

    From the Play With Six mod request/support forums: http://withsix.com/support
  9. zach72

    TMR Modular Realism

    The author of the thread is no longer active so we can't update first post. For any bug reports, see the TMR Alt thread, where this mod has been continued by someone else (although that author hasn't been active nice January) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?170579-TMR-Modular-Realism-Alternate
  10. Me too. Also, just cannot get my headless clients to stay connected. Anyone willing to help please PM me
  11. zach72

    TMR Modular Realism

    Search of this thread for 'deploy bipod' reveals this has been asked and answered many times! http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?160054-TMR-Modular-Realism&p=2514442&viewfull=1#post2514442
  12. It's OK nkey, after a sleepless night (literally) someone came on TS and 'looked over my shoulder' and pointed out that the mission (patrol operations 3.1) already had a TaskForce script that sets "tf_same_sw_frequencies_for_side = false;" ...so it was undoing what I was trying to do after my script had run! Thanks for speedy response again though. Now to try and get headless clients working again....... EDIT: Oh, and I 'stole' some script from the Patrol Ops mission too that checked isClass(configFile/"CfgPatches"/"task_force_radio"); before executing the TFR scripts, to avoid errors for those not running the mod. (So other people can avoid sleepless nights)
  13. Looking for help.... I can't get the "tf_same_sw_frequencies_for_side = true;" command to work. At the top of init.sqf I have: tf_no_auto_long_range_radio = true; tf_same_sw_frequencies_for_side = true; tf_radio_channel_name = "Patrol Operations Radio Channel"; tf_radio_channel_password = "xyz"; The first, third and forth line all execute (no backpack radios, and automatic switching to the locked, named channel) but different frequencies for each squad still. Any ideas please? + + + UPDATE + + + After trawling through this thread, I've tried the following code that works for me: ...Which has now introduced a new problem. This is running on an 'open' public server, that I want to allow players without any mods to join. Can I wrap this code in something so it's only run on clients that have the mod installed? Thanks!
  14. zach72

    [WIP] IkaR F-16

    Joined only 2 months ago and already racking up Infractions. I shouldn't even reply to your clear baiting, so I will say no more on this.
  15. zach72

    [WIP] IkaR F-16

    Please people, stop posting asking for updates on long inactive threads. Asking for release dates/update info is against forum rules, and is very annoying for members who subscribe to a thread patiently waiting for an update via a new post by the author. PM the author if you are desperate for information, but don't be surprised if you get no answer. But please follow forum rules and stop resurrecting dead threads simply to ask for information.
  16. zach72

    A-10C for Arma 3

    It's always a good idea to at least do a Search in a thread to see if your question has been asked before. In this case is has quite a few times and it's got annoying to those who monitor this thread regularly. This version of the A-10 is all about the interactive cockpit. If you don't want it, there are several other mods coming out soon that will have a more straight forward port from the Arma2 A-10.
  17. PWS had the wrong dll version on. They are fixing now.....will post when fixed. ---------- Post added at 21:16 ---------- Previous post was at 20:06 ---------- UPDATE: PlayWithSix now supplies the correct, new dll for TeamSpeak 3.0.14
  18. zach72

    Karma Modules

    Karma is having some PC issues at the moment and can't run Arma3. As soon as he is back, I'm sure he will fix this.
  19. zach72

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    How did you solve? I've not tried HC's before, Just giving it a go and it gets kicked by BattlEye - client not responding.
  20. I place the PBO in another sub folder called whatever you want. Then PWS will recognise that the file is in the mod folder still, but Arma won't load it if its not in the addons folder.
  21. Wow. Great response time and nice list to keep the thread updated! Can't wit to try the changes....keep up the good work.
  22. I've noticed in the 3d editor you have a lot of classes names just 'building' or 'house' and tons with no name. would it be possible to include the CJFT101's Editor expansion mod as an MCC dependancy or ask to incorporate his code/sorting of these and other objects, and/or make them selectable through the 3D editor? if you run his mod with yours, you can use his sorted classnames in the native 2D editor. but they are inaccessible through MCC. its a very small mod, iirc: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?164996-CJTF101-s-EDITOR-v1-1
  23. I've noticed that AI pilots in the F18 and A10 usually crash into trees on final approach to land at the airfield. (Using Alive CAS) Any change of getting some of those trees on the east side cut down?
  24. From what i understand from Kju, this project isn't to bring all the ports into one download (which would be awesome) but to pool knowledge for porting, sharing configs, textures, models etc to share common information among different mod makers.