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  1. Breog are you running the latest version of Domination (1.09) as I belive previous versions the CTF side missions were bugged. Work fine now on our server. ~Z~
  2. when i added some stuff to 1.09, i broke the choppers and ammo crates and MHQs. was a typo in one line in on file that killed it! Just a mis-placed pair of " marks. Be careful editing Xeno's code! ~Z~ (btw succesfully increased red circle radius and spawned a lot more baddies in it now! and got all my choppers respawning and lifting properly now)
  3. Nice and easy Redfist :) Edit i_server.sqf and scroll down about half way and look for the entry: Follow these instructions in the arrays below and you can decrease the armour that spawns to guard and patrol the main objective. Then below this area in the same file, find: and make similar changes. Side missions are more complex, as each is set up seperately. Their scriptss are in the x_missions\m folder, numbered x_m0 to X_m52. These script files may spawn the enemy, or call other script files to call them, depending on the mission. ~Z~
  4. Domination just keeps going :) Happily re-modding the new version for my servers specific requirements (locking down the helo's, making a few more, making game generally harder...and adding lots of message and instructions for new players, like don't trash the choppers, drive MHQ into red zone or play like muppets!); But I've hit a couple of stumbling blocks, wonder if anyone here could help? 1. I've increased the spawn area for the primary objectives, and ramped-up the number of armour and troops that appear there, making it much more challenging. However, I need to similarly expand the red circle that appears over the objective. I've found what looks like the right bit of code in x_createmissionclient or something in the x_scripts folder (at work at mo, so can't remember exact name), and changing it's value appears to work when I host the map locally. however, when I upload to our dedi-box, the circle is the original size still. 2. Had an idea to make the ammo boxes USVehicleammo boxes instead, as people keep leaving them behind when driving the MHQ off, so I wanted to make it much bigger, and it better represents the amount of hardware available! Again, I changed the get ammo crate and drop ammo crate scripts that referred to it by name, and it seemed to work on testing locally....but on server, only the dropper can see the new crate model, everyone else sees the old one. PLUS, only the dropper can pick it up! Any suggestions welcome ! ~Z~
  5. Loving Domination! Have managed to make a bunch of tweaks to the scripts to suit our server, but I'm stumped at the next change I'm trying to make. I've added a couple more choppers at the main base (Uh1Y's), and called them HR5 and HR6 so match the original 4, and created markers for them called chopper5 and chopper6. I can't work out how to add them to the _can_lift group, nor get the markers to follow the choppers around the map, nor do they show as wrecks when crashed (but can be recovered) Any suggestions would be great! (so far, I've increased number of slots, make it so only the new 'pilot' class can fly, made alll the main mission and patrol spawns more dangerous, added loads of instructions/hints in game and warnings not to fly unless in our Teamspeak) ~Z~
  6. zach72

    Enable Backpack?

    Fantastic! Excellent work chaps, and of course all dues to Xeno for creating it in the first place :) Love these BI forums. Most helpful thing ever! ~Z~ EDIT - just tried this, but I get 10 entries on my action menu to put weapon to backpack, and none to get anything back out. Any ideas? I've created the two scripts mentioned by the Angry Canadian, and put the init line for each of the playable units.
  7. zach72

    Enable Backpack?

    has anyone managed to extract the backpack script successfully from Xeno's excellent mission? I've had a look, and it's waay beyond me working what snippets I need to keep etc. Any help appreciated
  8. awesome! works a treat thanks. had a bit of trouble with the trigger to make them jump, then came upon a West Present with condition this and (alive C1); many, many thanks. Now just to work out why a string of waypoints held up by a trigger won't let them go when triggered- real basic stuff! ~Z~
  9. Hi there. I've ready every post I can find regarding spawning aircraft during a mission, assigning them waypoints etc. Have manged to get a Mi24 to spawn and attack an area, and an A10 to do the same. I'm now working on getting 3 C130J's to spawn (adapting the A10 script here) on a trigger (which works), and also a load of troops to spawn inside them (so far only scripted the first C130J, but don't think it's working) - and when they follow their waypoints past another trigger, it executes para.sqs. Which doesn't work. please have a look at the code I butchered, and see if there are any glaring errors! (very new to using sqs files....) GroupC130J = createGroup West; wp1 = GroupC130J addWaypoint [getPos C130JWaypoint, 0]; [GroupC130J, 0] setWaypointType "MOVE"; [GroupC130J, 0] setWaypointCompletionRadius 200; [GroupC130J, 0] setWaypointFormation "WEDGE"; for [{_x = 0}, {_x <= 2}, {_x = _x + 1}] do { _C130J = "C130J" createVehicle [(getMarkerPos "C130JSpawn" select 0), (getMarkerPos "C130JSpawn" select 1), 250]; _C130J setPos [(getPos _C130J select 0) + (_x * 40), getPos _C130J select 1, 250]; _C130J engineOn true; _C130J setDir 270; _dir = 290; _speed = 500; _C130J setVelocity [(sin _dir * _speed),(cos _dir * _speed), 0]; "USMC_Soldier_Pilot" createUnit [getMarkerPos "C130JSpawn", GroupC130J]; (units GroupC130J select _x) moveInDriver _C130J; (units GroupC130J select _x) setSkill 1; (units GroupC130J select _x) flyInHeight 250; }; player1 moveincargo C130J; Groupsquad1 = createGroup west; wp1 = Groupsquad1 addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "castle", 0]; [GroupC130J, 0] setWaypointType "SAD"; [GroupC130J, 0] setWaypointCompletionRadius 200; for [{_x = 0}, {_x <= 25}, {_x = _x + 1}] do { _squad1 = "USMC_Soldier£ createUnit [getMarkerPos "C130JSpawn", Groupsquad1]; (units Groupsquad1 select _x) moveInCargo C130J; }; Any help appreciated. ~Z~
  10. zach72

    Evolution V3.0

    Shame. I thought I'd make quite a sensible post - but all I got in reply were people informing me of when the last nuke was dropped in anger - and it was only a rhetorical question anyway! Looking forward to the new version whatever it contains Kiljoy - bring it!
  11. zach72

    Evolution V3.0

    Hmm. I really love Evolution. It's all I've done over the last week in my spare time, and have read this thread on the forum keenly for any updates or more information - such as how to make a server remember ranks when a map restarts. (anyone?) My only niggle about the map is respawning at base all the time. I appreciate the realism thing, and like that people get together and get lifts to the battlefronts...but it's so darn far, a squad of players trying to work together never get that co-op feel as over 50% of your time is spent travellling, and you cant expect the others to wait for you! Another comment is that medic seems pretty useless. As soon as I get the rank, if I'm injured I'll just call in an AI medic, and if there isn't room in my squad, I'll make room for one. I'm no coder, but my 2c worth of my first post on these forums would be to suggest a limited respawn option, IF a medic can get to you within a couple of minutes of death, you can respawn at a medic tent IF it's within a certain range of a FARP. This would mean if a group are attacking a certain town and make a decent forward base and have a medic, there is a chance to maintain team work, rather than earn lots of frequent traveller points. And while your at it, to make FARPS more useful forward bases, have 'abandoned' respawnable vehicles stay if they are within a radius of a FARP. It's sooo annoying to have your repair trucks disappear, or if you keep an AI in them, they attract too much airbourne interest..... OK - last things, and that's from Kiljoys recent post about the next version. First is - Â NUKES?!?! Lets try to keep some realism here: when was a nuke last used in anger? And as we're onto realism - what's this about everyone halo jumping all the time? There goes the last bit of co-op with everyone spawning together and travelling in convoy. People will be falling out of the sky like frogs! Attacking whatever city they fancy, or just making sad wet puddles on the floor. Maybe let SF halo at high rank, but everyone? In my mind that's a map-killer. So Kiljoy - please listen to the masses barking on about some sort of respawn options, but it has be be balanced. And please don't ruin your ground breaking map by heading way off the original, realism flavour! Good Work! ~Z~