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  1. That should rather be maximum angular limit, meaning how much can gun deviate from optics direction, than a speed limit. Also, lead should be acquired by multiplying smoothed out angular speed of turret from last few seconds (1-2 is usually comfortable enough) with distance/time of flight, so it wouldn't matter whether you actually lase some target or not - lead would be calculated anyway.
  2. Any news about magazineGroup property for magazines? I guess it would be useful for pylon weapons. Or even better, a class like Joint Rails that would let us add supported interfaces and inherit them in 3rd party mods.
  3. It's news time! We have been working hard on next release. Apart of several annoying bugs fixed, we are going to introduce some new features and Polish existing content up. Here's summary what is upcoming - soon: Short and long barrel versions of MSBS Polished up grenade launchers sights Similar animated ironsights have been added to Beryl rifle Gallery Video GPBO-40 grenade launcher for modernized Beryl rifle Gallery Great progress on Rosomak APC model Gallery Accurate depiction of Rosomak's FCS Gallery Video Introducing new faction Kebabic State of Altis, which will pose as generic OPFOR. Its members will generally be random insurgents with varying combat gear and weapons, using mostly game's content. Screenshot Many tweaks and fixes for minor issues
  4. The error could be caused by referencing texture as material in oxygen. To check it, look at SECTIONS screen in Object Builder and try to find a section that contains your offending texture set as material.
  5. Hello, folks. On the behalf of the PSZ Team, I would like to present You a project we've been working on. THE BACKGROUND Since ArmA2, our dream was to provide at least a somewhat complete, realistic Polish Army faction for the game, in quality that could compete with the best mods from the international scene. Even though we were short on people, assets and even experience in some areas, we managed to make a first versions of the mod for A2, bringing attention of polish military industry, which offered us a few nice contracts. This lead to the absence of the ArmA2 mod release. Now, it's ArmA3 time and we're both bigger, stronger and more experienced; We have a much more elastic product to build on. And we did, in fact, built some pretty nice things on it, things we should be able to release in 2015. What could be expected? THE PLAN The general idea is to release the mod as soon as the base is ready, then build upon it, until we have everything one could ask for in terms of realistic Polish Armed Forces faction(s). Initial plan includes PKW 2010 faction with weapons, infantry and some vehicles, which then should be supported by following Special Forces, PKW "Motorpool" and also the 2020-ish PKW faction updates. 2020(-ish) faction will be there to include the newest weaponry polish military industry is trying to incorporate, like MSBS Radon assault rifle, Negev LMG and possibly more, like ATGM Rosomak APC variant. The mod will be fully standalone (meaning it will require no other mods to use it). The mod will fully support ASDG Joint Rails and Muzzle devices and at the very moment we're discussing possible usage of MRT Accessory Functions and Weapon EventHandler Framework. And finally, remember that everything was made to depict real-life counterparts and their behaviour as much as possible, while keeping the best possible visual and technical quality. THE FIRST RELEASE ...is planned for 2015. It will include the following things: ===EQUIPMENT=== - wz.2010 uniforms (completely new models, not just retextures), in both woodland and desert camo - UKO-M vests in about 50 variants, including both camo's, light and heavy and headset versions - Kontraktor vests in 2 variants in both camo's - wz.2005 helmets in 12 variants, including different camo and ESS goggle's variants - Boonie Hats in both woodland and desert camo - Berets of different branches of the polish military - 4 basic backpacks in both camo's [bIS retex, will be expanded later on] ===ACCESSORIES=== - Eotech M552 close-combat optics - PCS-5M Gabro ranged-combat optics with night vision (NV is not default, it's a built-in option) ===WEAPONS=== - wz.96A, wz.96B and wz.96C (aka wz.04) versions of Beryl rifles, including a wz.74 Pallad GL variant - wz.96B and wz.96C (aka wz.04) versions of Mini-Beryl rifles - extra variants of Beryl rifles with transparent plastic mags, in which depleting ammo can be seen - MSBS Radon with MBUS sights and a P-MAG 30 MagLevel, including both normal and handgrip versions - PKM light machine gun - Alex sniper rifle - Tor high-caliber anti-materiel sniper rifle - RPG-7 anti-tank launcher - Spike LR ATGM launcher - GROM anti-air launcher - P99 pistol [retextured BIS model] ===VEHICLES=== - Tumak HMMWV's - Star 944 and Star 1466 - MRAP MaxxPro - M97 Żbik - Mi-8 - Mi-24 - C-130E Every vehicle will be available in few variants of camouflage and armament. The mod will also include few showcase scenarios. Anyway, why not finally have a look at what we have to offer? THE MEDIA You can find more in our gallery on Imgur. That's all for now. Hope you like it and we'll be able to share more goodies with you soon. THE LINKS Soon™. - PSZ Project Imgur Gallery - ArmACenter.PL (home of the PSZ Team) THE CREDITS ===PSZ TEAM=== - WinteR5 - Maćko - zGuba - Reyhard - Keeway - Jon - Ghost - Kamex ===CONTRIBUTORS=== (this section will be updated as we implement new content) Dan (part of the old team) - M97 Żbik Sgt. Pepper (part of the old team) - various textures and layers RHS Team - Leupold sights Project Reality: Polish Forces Team (Veti, ddeo) - STAR trucks Community Upgrade Project - PKM RichardsD, Namman, Stiltman - MRAP MaxxPro (for screens just for now) Kamil Nowicki - Alex/Bor, UKM-2000, Negev
  6. zguba

    Weapon Damage too low?

    Then consecutive hit shouldn't deal damage on such heavy vest. But most body armour, even in future, probably won't be able to be so efficient at protecting you, and definitely you wouldn't be able to cover your whole body and back with that. Basically you will need to act like walking tank - try to face enemy with your best armour, not vulnerable flanks.
  7. zguba

    Weapon tests

  8. zguba

    Weapon tests

    Please provide video, sounds interesting.
  9. Yeah, the proper files will arrive in next dev update.
  10. zguba

    PhysX Discussion (dev branch)

    It would be possible in VBS2 with scripts; unfortunately these commands are not present in Arma engine. https://resources.bisimulations.com/w/index.php?title=createJointExt
  11. Awesome news, I can't describe how awesome these awesome commands are awesome.
  12. zguba

    Weapon tests

    I've noticed that many players still try to take out helicopters with small arms. It's probably caused by former fragileness of their hitpoints, letting players to use even their pistols as AAA weapons; this has improved over last months. Shooting down military helicopter now requires proper weapons and some skill rather than random firing towards target. What about testing helicopters against projectile weapons - should be enough to try both gunships, any transport copter and one weapon of each caliber. Player can damage various parts of helicopter: engines, rotors or their shafts, fuel tank (usually under vehicle's center of mass), in case of gunships also turret guns. Pilots are obviously fragile, but most have protection enough to stop 7.62x51mm rounds. For inspiration: (yay for Russian live dummies!)
  13. zguba

    Minigun firerate

    I did some tests with friends using several AH-9s depleting bullets at 12000 rounds/minute simultanously - and the server did not die. So I believe it's not a problem.
  14. Please provide repro mission or video. Regardless of how hard I try, it's impossible unless I set damage of helicopter to 0.999 prior to shooting.
  15. zguba

    RPG42 ranges

    Do you take altitude difference in account?