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  1. Ppl, i need your help. I want to have HD sky textures in OFP, like they in ArmA, but i haven`t ArmA on my pc. Who can help me? Just take textures from ArmA data and post`em here. In OFP i`m using african sky pack, but it has 1024x1024 dimension and when i look through zoom of sniper rifle i see f#ckin` pixels! Thank u.
  2. xL.Burn

    RHS release 2

    RHS i luv u xD
  3. xL.Burn

    Turning OFP into your favourite game!

    help me pls Have ever been published texture replacements wit' 1024x1024 or higher format? i'm usin' a wgl textures but it's too blur cus' they're 512x512.
  4. xL.Burn

    Cessna Citation

    u rule man god damn! %)
  5. maybe Kegety will make a new version of his masterpiece work...
  6. joe@jonny thanx i don't wanna use old drivers)
  7. I'm usin' the last drivers.
  8. Hi guys, maybe many ppl already asked this question but it's hard to search somethin' on 80+ pages. So, i have a huge problem with reflections on GF6800 ultra. When it's enabled , fps falls to <5 and i can't play. There wasn't any problems on my old Fx5200. wtf it is?
  9. xL.Burn

    SCAR'S SU-30 and LEOPARD 2 A6

    very very very nice plane!
  10. xL.Burn

    M1A2 SEP v.2.0

    Tanks look great but I think the textures of desert ver. is too light.
  11. xL.Burn

    Nature Pack 3 - Nordic

    Berg, had u thought to make much more winter trees?
  12. xL.Burn

    PG117 Soviet speedboat & sailors

    I think textures must be more realistic
  13. xL.Burn

    NH90 TTH Beta

    n1 work