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  1. IS there a possible way to change some of the physics of how the civillian cars handle, or the acceleration & speed?.. Thanks....
  2. wika_woo

    UK Weapons

    These aren't so bad sasyboy.... calm down dear...
  3. wika_woo

    Animation script..

    LOL... it's not a problem mate, were only human... Â I Edited it again, it's still not working for me, ther must be something obvious i'm not doing right..
  4. wika_woo

    Animation script..

    Thanks walker, If those don't help, then pray for me lol... i'll just find some time later on again...
  5. Yeah, its working now, with 1.05... I made sure process explorer wasn't on...
  6. how can it, the international patch was the only one i could download as it works out more specific, i wouldnt download the european... It did work when i installed it..
  7. Has that been officially tested?... I guess I'll give it a go, I only run process explorer when something is "not responding".. I'm still using 1.4, I'll try installing 1.5, then run it and make sure process explorer aint runnin' .. Most Pc users would know it's not a hacking app..
  8. wika_woo

    Lost-World Returns

    heh, i cant wait for this mod....
  9. wika_woo

    Arma , the ultimate driving simulator

    I think someone should make some drifting cars for this game for some long distance drifting in the country.
  10. wika_woo

    securom of my ass ...

    well at least i'm not alone, i thought i was.. IMO the 1.4 version isn't that bad. Don't blame BI. but 1.5 did improve alot. I just need to find this little bas***d problem.
  11. wika_woo

    securom of my ass ...

    I don't know.. Is there like some list you can find that securom doesnt like on the web?.. I've also checked my "process explorer". I mean the patch worked 1st time around. Why not this time?..
  12. wika_woo

    securom of my ass ...

    Yeah, i get this error too. i mean come on, my arma copy is proper legit. i don't use crappy deamon tools or whatever that alcohol thing is .... all i wanna play is the updated arma, it worked a few times, now i get this stupid dialogue. http://img339.imageshack.us/img339....MG] Now i'm stuck with arma 1.4 UK version.
  13. Ok. I'm running the UK ArmA, the patch worked fine for a few days. Now I'm getting this error; http://img339.imageshack.us/img339....MG] I reinstalled the game, then patched it again. The dialogue apeared once more. The link on the dialogue is useless. Now I'm playing the UK one wich is... 1.04.