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  1. TAW_Teeha's GPNVG-18 Panoramic Night Vision Goggles, @metro
  2. inspired by "megan leavey", great touching film about a sniffer dog and its handler. @max women , @zargabad , r0dx864's k9 unit.
  3. wika_woo

    USMC 2035

    you can find some decent US forces here tho. for arma 3.
  4. wika_woo

    Arma3 Videos

    something special..
  5. JDog & TeTeT nimitz, firewill's F14 tomcat. @porto
  6. wika_woo

    Arma3 Videos

    Arma 3 , Black hawk down inspured.. I made this intro, but couldnt finish the rest off. Having trouble with AI units..
  7. @US2000s forces, @mog, @centralafricanrebels
  8. I've tried searching and using commands. But the ai will not fire any rocket launcher. I also read arma 3 don't use rpgs . That's crazy. Oh how I miss arma 2. But I love arma 3.
  9. @froggyluv My thoughts exactly on the previous arma games including OFP. I'd sure like to see some of those videos on suppression for sure, if you could show me videos that would be great... I've tried commands like rpg1; selectweapon [weapon name]; dofire target1; but nothing happens. the AI just seems to fire its AK-47 at the helo flying then gets shot from the helo.
  10. I'll try that. It's strange coz. In arma 2 a normal RPG ground unit would work against a helo flying in the air.
  11. Sorry I forgot to mention that. I'm having them fire at flying mh60 black hawks. Using 2000s forces add on.
  12. I just made a video tutorial on making a camera. Hope it helped. Check the video thread for my video.
  13. wika_woo

    Arma3 Videos

    I made my first video tutorial on how i make a camera script in the editor video.
  14. I put in the players init : this exec "camera.sqs" . Then place a trigger around player . Activation anybody. Condition: true. On act: showcinemaborder false. I use manual filming no scripts.
  15. inspired by, act of valour . Vanilla.
  16. wika_woo

    Arma3 Videos

    "Danger Close" A film about danger close, hope i got it right!. No music, filmed with AI.
  17. @Nemanjic works great! Thanks!!
  18. and i tried the Ipad thing too... and got this..
  19. This looks good. But however, i'm doing something wrong.. Then i get this..
  20. Tested... And made this..
  21. If I we're to implement prayer sounds in a movie I'd make I'd had to do it all in post production. This will help loads. Can't wait to see more.
  22. Thanks for this add on. Looks like a lot of fun. Ayy.
  23. wika_woo

    Arma3 Videos

    Death in the dark PIII, Final chapter. No music. Filmed with AI ONLY.