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    EM_buildings - new buildings

    Good job. ---------- Post added at 15:11 ---------- Previous post was at 15:07 ---------- Do you think that you'll be capable of modeling embassies in the future? That would be cool alongside a few 7eleven and Walmart! :cool:
  2. you guys would have to pardon me if this had already been addressed.. but what about clan leaderboard? (as this would focus more on a group rather then individuals)* would there even be a clan support/system built in the game? guessing it's a bit too early to ask that question. Once again guys sorry if this as already been addressed, I'm not a regular here.
  3. ok sounds good, really wants to see this babe in-game by the end off the year xD
  4. so is there any development on this?
  5. ok men, that's half answered so are they still Around or what? so would u help me post my images here? i would like to request a MH-46G whit the previous BAS scripts.. I don't kno if they were using they own script or someone else but they insertion/extract/bail/fast inser/etc..that came whit they helos where pretty Bad ass & now since we got a awesome polished chinook from Bohemia (CH-47F), a MH-47G modification combine whit the l8te BAS helos scripts would be *bleep* top.. don't y'all agree ?
  6. *bleep* Arma 2 *bleep* scripting yoo So here is my problem. I would like My *bleep* S.A.S. squad to Start inside a Puma while its already heading to a weapoint. So i kno wut the scripts is for that (i think)- {_x moveincargo heli1} But every time i put this on the initialization field i get this *bleep* Expect nothing etc.. and it won't work..i did try some other script and i get the same message or something like "ur missing a (;)" wtf? Can someone point out what i'm doing wrong when writing those gad damn script? thx u.
  7. Daboss here!! Nice to see u came here to let the mass kno ^^
  8. Yoo!! Couple of questions here! Does addon Makers really [care/pay attention] about people request in this thread & how do u post images here and what's the max? I Would like to show some pics of my request..Does anybody remember BAS studio from OFP?
  9. i wasn't requesting anything..suggesting (he kind of asked 4 it)..
  10. What about some good old Ford?
  11. vagabond985

    fox's small projects

    yo any release date estimation? i'm kinda getting impatient xD
  12. Hey just a Question to Rksl studio. Do u guys also Mod Western Planes aka U.S. whit the logos/flag/insignia & all that. Bcus There is a guy in the Armaholic forum who was doing a c-17 project but he no longer got time for it and he his willing to give up is Files to who ever talented enough to Finish it. Here's the link : http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=11054&d=0 Here is a video : I'm dying to see this baby on Arma 2, please someone make it possible.