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  1. volkov956

    Fillrate Option Missing

    well there is 3d resolution and menu resolution 3d resolution = actual screen resolution and playing with menu resolution changes the res of GUI and Menu it seems
  2. volkov956

    Patch 1.02 Stability Survey

    Tests X86 Xp/2k3 4gb Runs Slow with Texture popping and stuttering time to time No crashes X64 XP/2k3 8gb Runs not as slow as X86 but CTD with no error message sometimes the crash is also with a looping sound. -Enabling Sound hardware and Disabling EAX in cfg help performance a little. -Nvidia Driver changes have little effect except the newer the driver the more texture popping and stuttering. 182.50 seems the most stable in X86 and X64 with GTX 280.00 Both results are Similar with using a E6850 or 955BE (fixed mispel of 6850) ASUS or Creative Wattage Difference compaired to Arma 1 is about 50-70 watt more then arma 2....but arma 2 dedicated server never crashes and runs great
  3. The Babushka Models have an issue where if they lower body has no hit model meaning bullets go through they're lower body without effect
  4. volkov956

    Babushka Hit Model problems

    well this one giving me bad tone and wouldn't talk so tried knee capping ... and dont worry abunch of the towns people arrived with guns to take care of me after never knew that was scripted for SP
  5. Either way new menu for commands I dont like I never used the Space Bar commands in Arma. Please give us the option to disable this annoying new Console and just use the old Console for commands. Also being able to identify if your soldier is in something would help as well since the icons of gerneic soldiers when in say a jeep does not show they are in a jeep...compaired to arma 1 where u could see the icon showing they were in aka a jeep or a static gun
  6. volkov956

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    I would recommend creating spawning enemies that only appear when a human or ai player is withing 1500-2000 to help with server load ala MFCTI town spawns. Also the function to select where the resistance has more units on the lobby windows options
  7. volkov956

    DOG Chewed Up My Cd ! What Can I do !?!?

    Some ISO of game cause Fade and be careful on sources of the ISO we don't need Warez links .....sits down....then falls over....and breaks neck....
  8. volkov956

    White Glasses?

    I also get the white Glasses in player setu but they work ingame
  9. volkov956

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    Any list of changes by chance? Time to make it the extended edition
  10. Some games were affected by having random FPS Example Company of Heroes was one of the ones I tested on Athlon X2 3.2ghz with XP. In some games it increases performance because of the bug with the processor. They created 2 versions of the patch. Side Note: It also helps with people using opterons and getting not expected performance on two CPU setups. I have tested 2 opteron 250HE Systems with 2 Procs in each. ---------- Post added at 12:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:33 PM ---------- Your cpu is two new for the bug Phenom 2 are not affected by this bug just the older gen AM2 Example Athlon X2 3800-6400+ as well as Athlon FX.The Athlon X2 and FX Socket 939 are also affected in XP and 2k3. Vista and Win 7 dont have the problem so they dont need the patch -AMD Link to Dual Core Optimzer is down atm for some reason 1.14- Just also a friendly warning if someone is using the Dual Core patch for an older AM2 please remove the patch before installing newer Dual Core AM2+ CPU's otherwise system may refuse to boot and just restart. Same goes if you installing a Quad Core AM2+ or AM3+
  11. The OP is using XP which may require a Dual Core AMD Patch which is on AMD's site Windows Vista and Windows 7 Dont need it but XP does All Athlon X2 (6400+ and Under) and FX dual core models require the patch in XP/2003 Windows for proper gaming in games some games are unaffected and don't require the patch
  12. volkov956

    Bigfoot...has anyone found him?

    just like real world photos of big foot so bloody bad u cant tell....
  13. yea I prefered the Oclock even if the AI was wrong sometimes when reporting it to u (whern in a tank with an AI)
  14. Are u using the Dual Core AMD Patch or is the OP using it either would be the question
  15. volkov956

    Co-op woes

    no since ur hosting without a server then u wont have the option to run map cycles. U need to after each tiime u finish to use the #missions command on the host PC to select the next mission once done
  16. I compaired my code with another preorder customer and ours codes were the same ...
  17. I got the free preorder of it gotta say the songs are meh I always mute music in Arma and will have to for arma 2 if they delivery it tonight
  18. volkov956

    Congratulations and thanks

    make examples execute all team members not willing to follow orders?
  19. volkov956


    say again? did u intend to reply not start a new topic
  20. volkov956

    AI Surrender

    well u cant order them into a Ural/Truck can u?
  21. what speed is ur c2duo this game can be a CPU monster at times
  22. never heard of him/.....
  23. so the chopper is good for Jihad missions in arma 2 then eh just like MG jeeps are good vehicles to ram tanks in arma 1 when they explode they take out the tank
  24. volkov956

    Poll, old school CTI or warfare?

    I prefer MFCTI and Secondly CRCTI. where is Mike Melvin :/ MFCTI 2.0 MIA
  25. volkov956

    Limited installs?

    well the company has to waste money and staff time on Telephone Activation support