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    REQ: Bohemia Interactive PC Specs

    System 1 AMD Phenom 955BE 4 x 2048mb DDR2 640gb + 9650E 320gbx4 RAiD 0 Xonar Esscense STX GTX 280 1024mb Windows XP 64bit / Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2 32bit System 2 E6850 2x2048mb DDR2 2x640gb Audigy 1 Platinum EX GTS 250 1024mb Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2 32bit System 3 E8600 2x2048 DDR2 200gb + 200x2 Raid 0 GTX 9800m GTX Audigy 2 ZS Laptop Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2 32bit
  2. volkov956

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    I did notice the initartillery script seems to break later in a game maybe it was just a 1 occurance looking at the mission I dont see why it did but if I find out maybe I will post how to fix.
  3. volkov956

    Vehicals That Arma 2 missed out

    m109 paladin 2s19 But they will probally be addons eventually like arma and ofp
  4. volkov956

    The unkillable T-90

    Dont got into Optics mode and it fires different in game
  5. volkov956

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    Thnx Again, sad to see you go but sometimes gotta move on.... Maybe K-DVD will make an arma 2 edition u never know.
  6. just think stuka when u see the birds....
  7. I am running raid 0 with 4 drives does help the HDD thrashing but doesnt help Texture Pop Lod or the general performance as much And yes it hardware raid not software raid so it has its own Cache and PROC instead of 100% stealing from CPU in system
  8. volkov956

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    are u hosting it on the same system ur playing it on if so I recommend against doing it
  9. volkov956

    MLRS in crCTI?

    its currently not integrated 100% with the artillery module yet
  10. volkov956

    Arma 2 Glitched Deja Vu

    Is it me or are some of the bugs and glitches in arma 2 the same from arma 1..... I seem to remeber most of the problems I find from arma 1 1.0-1.04 So my guess is when Arma 2 was developed they started developing off Arma 1.0 Engine and mostly forgot to take into account many of the fixes after the release that should of carried over from Arma 1 patches to arma 2. Here is a few of my Examples that are for comparison might not be the same for you. -Game Not Dumping Video Ram (fixed in 1.08 arma 1) -Max Mem Commands (fixed in 1.08 arma 1) -Texture Popping/stuttering (fixed in 1.08 arma 1) Discuss any similar bugs u see now with arma 2 that were fixed in arma 1
  11. volkov956

    Patch 1.02 Stability Survey

    Here is my RPT Snippets
  12. How does arma 2 handle viewdistance regarding switching First Person to Third person in Aircraft (Plane/Helicopter). Why well any time I have a CTD its when its a long game and I am switching Views from Inside to Outside views......if I have a long game and don't switch views in a Aircraft there will be no CTD...or if I just stick to the ground...
  13. volkov956

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    Strange you speeking of .6 when .7 is out...
  14. I have had no luck with that SP runs perfect cant say the same of MP I seem to CTD randomly with no error message other times its Not enough memory i seem to remeber these sames bugs from Arma 1 but they were fixed in 1.08.... And interestingly enough evertime the game has crashed is when I am in a Helo or Plane First time Crashed MI24 into house after getting shot down as it hit and I fell out I CTD Second time I was flying a MI17 switched view from First to 3rd resulted in CTD Third Flew a plane over ocean changed to 3rd person then back then CTD Fourth Flew an MI17 for 15mins changing view angles then didnt for a while then hit enter for 3rd person then CTD If I stay on the ground and just use ground based vehicles no CTD
  15. volkov956

    Not working....

    Er nm recheck your numbers your entering to make sure u not using 0 as O and etc
  16. volkov956

    Mouse Lag

    I tested the game with the following G5,G7,MX510,MX518,X7,MS Sidewinder I dont use any software that comes with the mouse and none have the issues I also tested PS2/USB and there is no dif in the ones that support it for the lag that is shown in the video
  17. System 1 GTS 250 1024 E6850 4GB DDR2 2 640gb 32mb HDD Sata System 2 GTX 280 955BE 8GB DDR2 1 640gb 32mb 4 320gb Sata in Raid Hardware 0 not software All using up to date driver except both are using 182.50 Drivers on all Platforms Test 1 Windows Vista 32bit /Server 2008 System 1 Reasonable Frames no crashes System 2 Low Frames no crashes Test 2 Windows Vista 64bit / Server 2008 System 1 Reasonable Frames and crashing System 2 Reasonable Frames and crashing and stuttering Test 3 Windows XP 32bit /Server 2003 System 1 Great Frames no crashes System 2 Great Frames no crashes Test 4 Windows XP 64bit /Server 2003 System 1 Great Frames and Crashing System 2 Reasonable Frames and Stuttering and Crashing All tests took some time Didnt run arma mark to do the tests though sorry . Also Tested a System with a GTX 9800m GTX E8600 4gb DDR2 1 200gb Sata 16mb 2 200gb Sata 16mb in software raid 0 But it results were pretty much mirroring System 1 Notes: 1. All systems had little or no difference If I used the Very High or Default or High Settings for Video Memory 2. VSYNC Affected neither of the system if on or off as well as Triple Buffering 3. All system were not affected if I used a -winxp or maxmem command 4: Changing Drivers had little to no affect or caused even more problems 182.50 was the most stable in all tests. 5: All were run at the same settings in game 6: Disabling EAX in CFG improved Audio and increased in performance if HW Sound was enabled in most cases. 7: AA, AF, FSAA, Post Processing all set to OFF 8: Shadows High ran better then Low 9: Sound Cards tested were Audigy 1/Audigy 2 ZS/Audigy XFI Elite/Xonar Esscensse STX 10: In 64bit environments to get stutter less was to turn texture detail to low 11: Scopes in Vista 32/64bit XP 64bit 2k3 64bit 2k8 32/64bit where lod was changed causes large texture stuttering 12: SLI was not tested at all I dont recommend SLI for lack of benefit for 2 cards for any game 13: All systems were butchered down to the same basic services no AV/Firewall/Indexing/Superfetch/Application Experience 14: 2k3 and 2k8 were Workstationed during tests to be able to play games properlly 15: all tests where done during Campaign/Editor/CRCTI 16: Physx Disabled but seemed to have no effect
  18. Just my only bump incase this info can be helpful to anyone
  19. volkov956

    ARMA 2 changes language...

    Sound like ur using a German Liscense
  20. I have 3 SLI Options but all give me grief so i just dont bother with SLI much
  21. I somehow doubt it for some reason
  22. volkov956

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    odd just tried the updated .07 and ai does not respawn for either team nor build a base
  23. volkov956

    CRCTI Warfare ( cti ) MP

    Yea farthest I seen them go was a few towns and they just had units sitting around never found my base.
  24. volkov956

    ArmA 2 (Cant finish installing)

    -Update your firmware for your optical drive -Replace Optical Drive with a new model (not a cheap model though) -Another case where this can happen is if the voltage of the DDR2 Memory is not the proper V Setting on some Nvidia Chipset Motherboards where it is set on Default or Auto.