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  1. volkov956

    Horn not broadcasted to other players?

    lol i remember a convoy of us driving across sahranni honking horns on the way to enemy base was hilarious
  2. volkov956

    Arma 2 1.06 Patch Suggestions

    -A map that you can access while in game where its like Vietcong of course without the icon that shows u where u are. Just a minature Field Map -Quad Core Support for dedicated server -Players/AI not seeing through Objects and Hills still spotting enemies through hills when they are on other side even though there is no real Sight of it since theres a 500m hill in the middle. -Better Sync of AI targeted when Human is in Vehicle still on MP it can be lagging behind even when u have sight on the target which causes commander issues when AI Gunner is shooting say Meters behind a target even if the target is now static -An Actual land Command for AI helicopters that Players can task AI with like Land Here but then click where
  3. CNP CPU P4 3ghz or Athlon 3200+ or higher Video Card Nvidia 7800 or ATI 1800 or higher
  4. volkov956

    XP-pro versis W7

    I have it installed a dual HD setup (XpWin7)Win 7 does seem to run about the same but with a small loss of perf but on vista it runs marginally worse. But once I introduce 64bit of XP/Vista/Win7 performance and stuttering issues arrise heavily
  5. volkov956

    Unit expansions

    I would only buy them if they released them on Disks like OFP Gold Upgrade
  6. volkov956

    CD key and original cd

    people think they are getting a great deal unknowing to them they are getting scammed
  7. volkov956

    % of game time decrease

    80% Decrease i still hoping for a direct port of MFCTI 1.16 or MFCTI 2.0 crcti is a nice alternative but cant beat MFCTI on OFP and modded. I tried creating a port but I just dont have the time. To complete :/ so as long as no MFCTI for ARMA 2 I will not play it full tilt and will fall back onto OFP over and over
  8. Somehow i dont think that should really be an issue overall I have seen people modding peoples mods for ages and hell I been the one modding someone elses mod to more to my fitting in some cases. This mentality thats no one can mod it is kinda disturbing if they try and claim they totally made it then I can see a problem.
  9. volkov956

    Can't Patch to 1.02 or above

    grab a different drive or get a external dvd and load it that way
  10. volkov956

    Laser Guided Artillery Rounds

    me and a friend fired artillery manually in CRCTI Extended mode where there is no auto artillery mode and the ammo does arc a little which is good we were able to hit a target 4500m away accurately to 100-500m
  11. volkov956

    Arma2 doesn't work on USB-DVD ?

    Just tried it on my USB Samsung 20X drive on 1 system and it does not need a fixed exe to run the game
  12. I still CTD as well but turning off grass seems to fix it most times Otherwise as long as I am done a long session of MP and kill the game and dont start another match right away I wont CTD
  13. I just noticed last beta I could destroy walls and stuff with any MG mainly the PK while inside a building I would shoot the wall with about 10 bullets and the wall would explode and disappear. Now the interesting thing is newest beta its Fixed.... But its not stated So as with all BIS patches I presume there is other fixes we dont know about :)
  14. volkov956

    player count dropping FAST

    Some servers are running is closed lans like mine to prevent outside problems.
  15. volkov956

    Poll, old school CTI or warfare?

    indeed it was but MFCTI 2.0 was so close to being out supposedly for Arma which in end would probally been ported to Arma 2 eventually
  16. volkov956

    Grass on or off?

    Currently long range grass does not cover you but that seems to be general knowledge against human players anyways tho arma 1 approach worked nicely in hiding someone in grass at distance
  17. volkov956

    Localization for MP

    Play a MP mission Dedicated or Local on your system Dedicated a Unit that is damaged that explodes later the player gets no point. Local a unit that is damaged that explodes later the player gets the point. This was also in Arma 1 I did a test in OFP but this seems to properlly. I also host my own Dedicated Server to see if there was a difference then using online dedicated but there was none. Horns you have probally noticed get no response from players in MP as well since guess what its like OFP horn now it does not transfer to other players even tho arma 1 it did We seem to be also missing the Time Running Display for MP that was evident in OFP and Arma. AI refusing to enter another players vehicle when the other player is in the vehicle makes 2 small groups entering a Truck a problem when bother are controlled by players. Interesting that this was an issue in Arma as well but in OFP it did not seem to be a problem except for Helo's.
  18. I am wondering how does one in a MP mission say make the CDF and the Russians be Ally of each other in a Mission. I can only atm find the slider for who civilians and resistance are friendly to
  19. I just noticed all my 3 machines with arma 2 have no fillrate option like the screenshots people are showing in screenshots. Left Top Side in Video Option even when advanced I only have 3 sliders not the fourth with fillrate 505 Games DVD UK Edition Patch1.02.58134
  20. I would like WW2 setting where I dont have to worry about lock on missiles! But yea I dont mind Vietnam settings in games if they are done right
  21. I aint in the military but during our Outdoor training when I am carrying my Kevlar/BDU/Assault Vest/Rifle/Ammunition/Combat Pack/Sniper Veil... it aint no marathon And the thick underbrush in this area makes it even harder to manuever
  22. volkov956

    Arma 1.03 reduces bandwidth?

    will test later today did u remeber to import your server config over to the beta server?
  23. volkov956

    OS Performance Survey

    I have tested the following Win XP 32bit Great Performance Win XP 64bit Stuttering Windows Vista 32bit Stuttering Windows Vista 64bit Low Performance Windows Server 2003 32bit Great Performance Windows Server 2003 64bit Lower Performance Windows 7 RTM 32bit Great Performance Windows 7 RTM 64bit Stuttering But with all tests I still random CTD no matter what and the higher the res I run on my GTX 280 the faster it CTD usually at 1600x1200 its 1.5hrs 1280x1024 its around 2hrs. All settings are at normal and the crashes usually end with out of memory or no error at all just the me staring at the desktop
  24. i presume u want to run the arma 2 server as a serice correct?