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  1. volkov956

    CRcti Proman

    anyone test to see if LGB's can lock onto laser designator now? wont have time all week to test too busy :(
  2. volkov956

    Projected Pre-Orders/Sales.

    well i am getting 4-6 copies wish there was multi packs sometimes dont really need 4-6 copies of disks like I have for OFP/ARMA1/ARMA2 and EXPANSIONS you know 1 Multipack contain 1 set of discs 2 licenses or something...
  3. volkov956

    High resolution wallpapers

    1920x1200 or 1920x1080 or 1600x1200 :)
  4. volkov956

    Trees makes this game unplayable

    don't worry was in Arma 1 as well till they fixed the issue
  5. volkov956

    Devs time for a 64BIT version???

    I gonna have to test memory usage on my server and systems Server 2008 32bit 8gb Server Server 2008 32bit 8gb Game Workstation Server 2008 32bit 4gb Workstation Laptop All are using Windows Server 2008 Enterprise 8gb 32bit SP2 (Why not R2? R2 Does not work in 32bit mode properlly with over 4gb)
  6. volkov956

    Cannot join A Single Server!

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=101661 Check and see if ur battleeye file is there or not usual bug if u installed 1.0 and patched directly to 1.07 if not download the battleeye update from the link on post Link Dead from Download if u need file email suddencommand@gmail.com and I will forward u the fix
  7. been running tests for the last few days I am happy to say since 1.07 Dedicated Server runs better then ever utilizing all 4 cores at 3.2ghz usually running at 60-80% Utilization for our Missions. No longer is the server chugging along at 20-40% Utilization and the Server is lagging. Thanks BIS :eek:
  8. I have tested it on the following 8800 GT 512 9800 GT 512/1024 GTS 250 1024 4870 512 5870 1024 GTX 280 1024 9800M GTX 1024 They all seem to run it well
  9. volkov956

    Can´t find any MP servers

    are you behind a router or are you using any 3rd party Firewall like Norton/Mcaffee and etc
  10. Check you Voltage Rails in the Bios for your 12v and etc maybe Your Not overclocking by chance either right Also on my 8800GT and 9800GT I had to install a 3rd party Fan Controller for the Video so It would actually speed up since the drivers were leaving the fan speed at idle
  11. volkov956

    cd key conversion from binary

    check your battleeye by chance see if its installed in you main game directory if not try the zipped update of battle on my post and put it into your game folder http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=101661
  12. can you maybe explain what versions of the game you are running patches? and what server and version are they running. And are you connecting through lan/web?
  13. volkov956

    ArmA II / OA Installation problems

    Have you tried updating you Optical Drives Firmware incase it has problems with the Game. I know I have issues like this before when Arma first came out some DVD Drives would not let it install replacing the drive or updating the firmware fixed it
  14. volkov956

    non-dedicated server - default name

    You can only dictate a server name for a dedicated server so far that I know of
  15. volkov956

    Battleye problem

    try downloading the battle zip in my post http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=101661 Extract the battle eye folder to ur main arma2 folder its the most current updated version
  16. I posted the fix here http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=101661
  17. volkov956

    Confirmed Quad Core Support

    if you suggesting Quad Core support having performance gains in the Server so far It seems so less blipping AI at distances and etc
  18. If you do a fresh install of Arma 2 1.0 and patch it directly to 1.07 u may notice battleeye is not installed and you are being kicked from servers without being warned why. 1-You join a server instantly just see the Server list again 2-You Join a server once u actually select position and get into preview map and hit continue you are then put into Server list without and explanation or error. -All Users on the servers are notified your Battle Eye is not responding -You may notice insidre your game folder BattlEye Folder is not there Fix Install 1.0 then 1.05 then 1.07 Fix Install 1.0 then 1.07 but Get a Zipped Archive of newest BattlEye I do have the Battleeye Zipped "http://rapidshare.com/files/404608711/BattlEye.rar.html" incase anyone does need it and deos not want to reinstall the game nor has another comp with the game installed with BattlEye installed to CnP from
  19. volkov956

    Confirmed Quad Core Support

    Server Specs Windows Server 2003 Enterprise 32bit SP2 not R2 Quad Core 3.2ghz 8GB DDR2 800 1 80GB Main 1 TB Game Drive 7950GT 512mb PCIE (for open gl functions when not running ofp/arma/arma2 servers) Havent tested Arma OA yet just Arma 2 1.07 still waiting for OA to arrive
  20. volkov956

    arma makes my internet break

    aye mine also can literllay congest my net I had to get rid of my router and run through direct my DHCP/DNS Server I have here which has fixed most of those issues
  21. volkov956

    ArmA2 Dedicated Server issu in LAN

    i will post the arma 2 address if I find them in my busy schedule unless u find them or someone else does before then
  22. volkov956

    ArmA2 Dedicated Server issu in LAN

    hmm these were the host block access for gamespy broadcast for arma 1 dont remeber what arma 2 addys are armedass.ms12.gamespy.com armedass.master.gamespy.com armedass.available.gamespy.com
  23. awesome that you found ur crash problems :)
  24. I wouldnt worry about it too much always happens to all my systems so I waitin for a new patch hope its out before I go to army atleast want one CTI game that doesnt end in CTD or Out of Memory bug. Only my dedicated server never has these symptoms but then again its just a 2d window... Just so u know the Things I have tried Windows XP SP3 Windows XP SP2 X64 Windows Server 2003 X32 R2 Windows Server 2003 X64 R2 Windows Vista X32 Windows Vista X64 Windows Server 2008 X32 Windows Server 2008 X64 R2 Windows 7 X32 Windows 7 X64 GTX 280 8800 GT 9800 GT 9800M GTX 7950 GT 7950 GX2 HD 4870 HD 5870 GTS 250 E8600 E8400 E6850 X4 955BE X4 945BE X2 6400+ 2GB 4GB 8GB RAID 0 (2 or 4) Non Raid SATA drives out the wazzooo and IDE Drives Interestingly I got the same crashes in Arma 1 till 1 of the last patches then I was happy camper! But arma 2 dunno whats up with it
  25. volkov956

    Your first ArmA II experience?

    Playing OFP on my 400MHZ PII with 256mb Ram and Surprisingly a Matrox 8mb card and it ran well..... till we started to play MFCTI then the upgrading madness went on for years till i found the sweet spot for the 4 systems and SErver for MFCTI P2 -> ATHLON XP -> A64 -> Dual Core AMD -> E8xxx series what an expensive upgrade cycle lol but it made getting into arma 1 easy and arma 2 even easier And remeber thats pretty much 5 systems x that gear.... lol Bohemia games are the reason i upgrade