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  1. volkov956

    At my wit's end, can't install Arma X

    nope same disc he was just stating it was new when he bought it just recently
  2. well update for was just released April 28, 2012
  3. TBB 4.0 update 4 interesting now what would that do for us ....threaded....
  4. volkov956

    Arma 3 && Multithreading!!

    depending not always moving to dx10-11 equals more performance in some games cases depending on hwo they are written it can = less performance aka more features running
  5. why didnt u just delete the beta patch then go through all that?
  6. volkov956

    MFCTI / CRCTI still around?

    CRCTI Proman by angry insects 5.09 is good if ur looking MFCTI its more aless MIA :(
  7. volkov956

    Make Landscape not in Visitor?

    Gooda my friend showed me thats its possible to do on 3dsmax but now the price is interesting to say the least....
  8. Any Class list ? all I can find is for 2.5 not 2.61 or 2.6
  9. I guess if Bis was nice enough a temp fix could also be that the game stops using DXDIAG for Video Memory Detection or let us manually set it Ex Startup Line Param -maxvidmem 2048 or etc would a welcome feature to let us force Video Mem
  10. Temp Fix is to remove one Memory Module so the system is 10gb now Arma detects and run it fine...
  11. This Patch is not applicable for your computer oh well
  12. I have the same problem brzozo but its a X64 bit OS so hmm trying to figure that out now
  13. language="English"; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=100000; Resolution_Bpp=32; Resolution_W=2560; Resolution_H=1600; refresh=60; winX=16; winY=32; winW=800; winH=600; winDefW=800; winDefH=600; Render_W=2560; Render_H=1600; FSAA=0; postFX=0; GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1000; GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=2; HDRPrecision=8; lastDeviceId=""; localVRAM=2147483647; (should be 2684354560) nonlocalVRAM=1877780480; vsync=1; AToC=7; FXAA=0; Windowed=0; I currently have a 2.5gb Video Card but I am unable to choose Video memory High and etc there is only 2 options Low and Normal on my other systems with 2 and 1gb cards it gives me all the options... Anyone know an override by chances Server 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1 X64 Xeon X5690 12GB DDR ECC 300 15rpm x 4 SAS Quadro 5000 2.5gb ASUS PCIE x1 Xonar STX Dxdiag says video card is 217mb lol rest of aps see it as 2.5gb except arma 2 but then again arma 2 goes off of dxdiag
  14. It has begun crCTI_Proman_I44.Chernarus hope I have enough time to convert it all
  15. volkov956

    Steamworks, add it in or not?

    No Don't agree with it on Closed Lan Networks not ideal at all Current Arma 2 runs fine in closed lan networks. Easy to boost your stats in Arma 2 online if u go that route u do have a map editor with unlimieted options.... I wouldnt call steam a enhancement but more of a Bloatware Now the comment on who uses CD/DVD fir gaming i just turn around in my chair and have a wall of 650 CD/DVD PC games... thats my distribution hell with Digital Downloading games I dont have the bandwidth for that
  16. volkov956

    Hardware Specs

    maybe someone here that runs a domination server more frequently can comment?
  17. volkov956

    Hardware Specs

    with or without AI slots WITH AI we run 18 or 24 Slots with Groupsize 12 so 288 Total Ai/Players thats not counting the possible 960-120 Other AI atm best way to get tons of AI? Fly a plane around and spawn 54 Towns at start of game... congrats server LAG
  18. volkov956

    Hardware Specs

    Depends on the missions u will be playing as well CRCTI/Warfare/Coop/TDM/CTF/DM/etc.... From my tests so far with CRCTI I been using Quad Core Xeon 3ghz 4gb (have 8gb and 16gb but makes no dif it seems....) Upgrading to Dual Quad Xeon 3.16ghz atm since we found ways to stuff the Quad Core 3ghz system with CRCTI (even when O/C to 3.8ghz)
  19. volkov956

    Future Price options for ARMA games...

    ADD a donate button to the Main Page and let Fans who want to spend extra do so theyre own way...
  20. volkov956

    will arma 3 have more unique enviromental distortion

    Remeber Arma 1 tech demo :)
  21. Is it me or since 1.59 and all the betas that again the server does not support over dual core again? I have been testing very AI intensive missions why well performance server drop since 1.59 and Beta yes there is less visual lag but Server Ram and CPU usage has dropped..... Tested 2 Different Xeon Quad Core systems with 3ghz+ and 16gb ram using RAID/Non Raid/SSD and Regular (Non Hyperthreading for Xeons) Tested 1 AMD Quad Core system 3.2ghz with 16gb ram Non Raid SSD/Regular All systems use just max 50% Max 4 Cores the Xeons used to have better performance Pre 1.59 and used 3-4 cores depending on load with the very AI intensive Missions. memory usage has also dropped overall the game used to use almost 1gb in ingame admin #monitor option now its 400-500 Usual CPU FPS is around 7-15 old tests show 15-40 (but thats when it used all cores) Server O/S Tests Windows Server 2003 32/64bit Windows Server 2008 32/64bit R2 and Non R2 Windows 7 64bit And yes reverting to a Older Patch fixes it...... but I dont want to use the older patch because of AI fixes and etc that I perfer to have running on the server
  22. Exthreads=7 One possible negative seems to be AI has more CPU time to know where you are now....See you in a forest 1km crawling around ....but oh well the performance is nice lol
  23. works better doesnt drop FPS as fast still not acceptable but atleast it doesnt drop to single dig anymore upgrading the CPU as well now for another 500mhz per core should help some more
  24. will try exthreads already tried forcing cpu count without much any results except a loss in perf for the server Edit *Tried Exthreads uses 80% or more of 4 cores now thats more like it....
  25. hmm maybe i should just disable 2 cores and O/C the piss out of it? or is there any kind of workaround that anyone knows really or if its ever gonna be addressed in 1.60