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  1. Hi guys,


    as Arma's AI sometimes lets us down, now and then one has to come up with dirty (scripted) workarounds. :glare:


    I want to make an AI to shoot an AT rocket at a tank (everything scripted as it has "ANIM" disableAI'd). So I set the unit up this way:


    //Take out rocket launcher
    ws3 playMove "AmovPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_AmovPknlMstpSrasWlnrDnon"; //As selectWeapon doesn't work as intended for AT-launchers I have to play this move and disableAI "ANIM" to prevent the AI to select the rifle again.
    ws3 disableAI "ANIM";
    sleep 3;
    //Set unit to face target - horizontally only though :-(
    _dir = [ws3, target] call BIS_fnc_dirTo; 
    ws3 setDir (_dir);
    ws3 selectWeapon (secondaryWeapon ws3);
    ws3 fire [weaponState ws3 select 1, weaponState ws3 select 2, weaponState ws3 select 3];



    And now the obvious problem: As the target is to far away from the shooter, the rocket will hit the ground only.


    Is there a way to automatically and immediately (via script) make the AI to point the weapon in the right direction, e.g. on a game logic above the tank? This would solve the problem, but I don't know how to set a vertical direction via script - I only know how to set the right horizontal direction (see my code above).


    Any ideas?


    As said, I need a scripted (immediate) solution, no "command" commands such as doTarget or lookAt, etc. Two reasons: 1: AI can't move ("ANIM" disabled") - 2: By using these I would again rely on the AI which I want to avoid. 

    Thanks for your help!




    Thinking more about the subject I changed my question rather towards "how to make the AI to aim at a certain point of its aim deadzone".

  2. Completely agree.


    The only small point I would criticize in the campaign (it's a rather technical one) was



    the major suddenly being setpossed in the chopper from the church.

    This was a confusing part as I saw the exfil marker and went out of the church, but the major stayed there. I thought it was a bug and reloaded as it didn't make sense for him to stay there. Went alone then, boarded the chopper only to see him in there too.


    This could have been solved in a better way IMO, but of course I know why it was made this way (the majors AI would have been killed by a mine immediately due to its poor collision detection - I myself stuck to the outer church wall). At least a small cutscene showing him leaving the church compound after the player has left it would have been better though. After that he could just follow the player ("I'm wounded, take us out of here!")


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  3. I also tried to click the links at the top immediately. :icon_biggrin: 



    14 hours ago, Grumpy Old Man said:

    You could easily simulate some kind of "internet" with a few fake websites and links between them.

    Basically a few structured texts, images and mouse button eventhandlers should do the trick.


    Rendering a dialog gui to a texture, now that would be great stuff.





    This is a great idea!


    Would it be possible too to lay invisible buttons over these links in the article functions and make them open another article / web page?

  4. 2 hours ago, XerXesCZ said:

    Discarding my last post in this thread, I also went with "everyone is at fault" option, although I was really tempted to choose "NATO" instead. Because

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    I have finally found the CTRG unit in the end mission cutscene - I was thinking that they were monitoring the bombing from a distance before. And I am strongly convinced that they were really there.


    But, nobody can be sure!


    Man, if Miller...


    ...has his fingers in the pie again, then... Ok, I have to calm down...


    I also saw the CSAT specops "turning into" the CTRG guys, but the narration left it open if they really were there or not. Awesome story detail.





    Noticed that it would not be again, as the events of RoW were before East Wind, or am I wrong?


    But from the player's view it was a cheeky move from BI for sure. :icon_biggrin:


  5. Finished the campaign now.



    Damn, I really felt bad crawling around in the church grounds seeing all these bodes which I (as the player, playing as the brother earlier) was responsible for. 

    Also felt bad because a poor guy that doesn't have to do anything with it (Nathan) had to put himself into danger defusing these mines.


    BI, again - fantastic job! Can't remember being so pensive in a game, feeling the weight of consequences - especially when others have to carry the can for other's fuckups.



    Oh, and reading Scott Alsworth so many times in the credits I know now why there's no Resist 2 yet. :icon_biggrin: ( @Kydoimos) Good job, mate.



    1 hour ago, Rydygier said:

    It's a small but rather evident reference to the Pilgrimage mission plot. 


    Ah, now I get it. :icon_biggrin:

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  6. 30 minutes ago, Rydygier said:

    And the thing with 


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    "find the brother at the church"?


    Just haha. Nice touch... or a coincidence? Made me smiling either way. :)


    Huh, what do you mean here?



    All in all I can only agree with Rydygier, this DLC is amazing. The campaign (still playing it) really is fantastic and well done in terms of storytelling and design - at last we again got a full-packed story driven campaign! Many details to digest, great atmosphere and great embedding and references (in)to the rest of the Armaverse and its timeline.


    Well done, Amsterdam guys!

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  7. Yay, :yay: I found the (one) guilty code line! :icon_biggrin: Thanks a lot to all for their participation! If not for you I'd not have found it.


    @AZCoder, I downloaded this program you said (BeyondCompare) and compared the "original" sqm to your new one. There I saw that one class name was corrupt. Instead of being

    class item1014

    it was

    class IteCUP_sgun_M1014

    Looks like a code replacing issue (in order to not waste years by manually replace code I let Notepad++ do that for me in one round).


    BUT as I said, I never would have found that if not by your help, even though it was a coincidence because BeyondCompare only showed the line because you somehow were able to open the mission and save it again. :icon_biggrin: A thousand thanks!



    PS: Of course this means that all CUP class names, etc. are ok.



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  8. Hi guys,


    could you help me? I tried to load a mission in 3Den of a campaign I have ported from Arma 2 which I haven't touched for some months. But as soon as I click on Open, the game crashes with an error. I opened a thread on this here.


    My question is: That CUP stuff in the class AddonsMetaData in the mission.sqm files - are these names of the CUP addons? I'm not sure about that as I searched in the CUP folders and didn't find many of them (e.g. CUP_A2_EditorObjects, CUP_CAMisc, CUP_A2_EditorObjects, etc.). I found others though, like CUP_WheeledVehicles_LR.pbo


    Or could it be that these names were changed in the latest CUPdates? That would clear it up and I could just correct them.


    If you could point me in a direction, that would be great! Also if you have another idea on the issue itself (see my thread). 


    Thank you!

  9. Ok, I think we're getting closer.


    I again removed the contents of the class AddonsMetaData in the mission file, but this time only the CUP stuff, nice and clean. Left the official A3 stuff in there.


    Now it didn't CTD but opened the map with the ingame error "Error when loading the scenario". And the map is completely empty.


    So @HazJ, this points in the direction you mentioned in your post... (changed CUP addon dependency names)





    This is what the .rpt says when I try to open the mission :icon_biggrin:

    21:44:08 Wrong color format 


  10. Hello guys.


    I tried what you suggested but unfortunately the problem seems to be bigger than that.


    What I tried:

    1. In mission.sqm remove the content of addons[]= {};
    2. Additionally remove the content of the class AddonsMetaData
    3. Merge the mission into a new one.
    4. I even created a completely new file (thinking that maybe the file itself is broken and not the content :icon_biggrin:)


    All of these cause an immediate crash to desktop with the above mentioned error.


    I'd be happy if the mission at least opened and told me that addon X, addon Y is needed. But this doesn't even happen.


    Any more ideas? Could anyone download it to check it in their game?


    I'm a bit desperate here... :headscratch: Any input is welcomed!


    @HazJ @jshock

  11. Guys, please help me...


    After some months not touching this mission (it's part of a campaign), today I try to load it and immediately Arma crashes with this error: 0xC0000005_-_ACCESS_VIOLATION. It worked without a problem before.


    Could you please try to open it in 3Den to see if it's broken for you too or if it at least opens and tells you that you need addon X, addon Y, etc.? The latter would be the sign that it works for you.


    Oh, you need CUP to open it.


    Mission download at OneDrive


    If it's broken for you too - any idea how to fix it? The problem seems to lie in the mission.sqm as I tried to remove all other scripts and stuff, but no luck.


    Any help would be much appreciated, as I have spent a lot of time on this. :down: Thanks!