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  1. 1 hour ago, chortles said:

    @Undeceived As someone who contributed to CUP and solicited on its behalf to other modders... no. From the official pitch invitation: "We'll be looking to select and publish new projects, but also existing projects that would be able to scale up in quality/quantity as a result of being published as a premium DLC. However, we'll always insist that any existing free Arma 3 addons and mods remain free. In other words, third-party DLC we publish should never replace something which was previously free." Heck, there's some content whose continued presence in CUP was conditioned on it never being monetized...


    Ok, I can understand that. Would love to see previous assets officially in Arma 3 though. I love CUP that much that I'd happily pay for it, but of course there are probably many internal obstacles in the way.

  2. On ‎26‎.‎10‎.‎2017 at 12:22 AM, John Spartan said:

    Check this out...


    It's very impressive but they changed some parts which are cooler in the studio version (talking about music notes, not about arrangement or synths, etc.).

  3. Yeah, I'm experiencing both: 


    502 Bad Gateway messages and a speed slowdown since the forums were upgraded to the current system (I'm not talking about this latest update) . Functionality and everything else is cool and I like it, but regarding speed it's rather a downgrade. The old forum loaded pages way faster.

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  4. Can we somehow delete clubs? I created a bullshit one in private to check out its features and now I'm stuck with it - hopefully not forever. :icon_biggrin: Thanks!





    7 hours ago, ProfTournesol said:

    I still can't login with my Android phone.


    ProfTournesol, did you try to empty your browser history including cookies?


  5. For me the lands north of SZ were always Russia :icon_biggrin: so I never thought about a North Zagoria. The idea is cool though.


    But as (if I'm not mistaken) no one released or announced such a map so far, I'd say you will have to make it yourself if you want to see it.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Tajin said:

    Anyway, I'd still stick with the more traditional method and let the AI take care of the aiming and shooting. Less magic involved usually makes better or at least more flexible missions.


    All in all I agree with you but there are situations that are not flexible and where one can't rely on the AI's behaviour systems. The situation we're discussing here is set in a cutscene. The part with the AT shot is approximately 1,5 seconds long, which means I need the AI shooting and hitting the tank 100% in the right moment.


    Other than that I'll try out your suggestion with the switch weapon action.

  7. The problem is that selectWeapon (secondaryWeapon unit) doesn't work - I think it's bugged. The AI selects the rifle immediately (or if the AT launcher is its only weapon nothing will happen). This is why you need the ANIM disabled. This way the launcher stays in the unit's hands and you can work with the fire command.


    I found a dirty workaround of the dirty workaround by appliyng BIS_fnc_setPitchBank to the unit in the moment before the shot is fired. Well, it's a bad solution as the whole body is lifted for a moment.


    So the main question would be: Is it possible to set the AI to aim at a certain point of its aiming deadzone?



  8. Hi guys,


    as Arma's AI sometimes lets us down, now and then one has to come up with dirty (scripted) workarounds. :glare:


    I want to make an AI to shoot an AT rocket at a tank (everything scripted as it has "ANIM" disableAI'd). So I set the unit up this way:


    //Take out rocket launcher
    ws3 playMove "AmovPknlMstpSnonWnonDnon_AmovPknlMstpSrasWlnrDnon"; //As selectWeapon doesn't work as intended for AT-launchers I have to play this move and disableAI "ANIM" to prevent the AI to select the rifle again.
    ws3 disableAI "ANIM";
    sleep 3;
    //Set unit to face target - horizontally only though :-(
    _dir = [ws3, target] call BIS_fnc_dirTo; 
    ws3 setDir (_dir);
    ws3 selectWeapon (secondaryWeapon ws3);
    ws3 fire [weaponState ws3 select 1, weaponState ws3 select 2, weaponState ws3 select 3];



    And now the obvious problem: As the target is to far away from the shooter, the rocket will hit the ground only.


    Is there a way to automatically and immediately (via script) make the AI to point the weapon in the right direction, e.g. on a game logic above the tank? This would solve the problem, but I don't know how to set a vertical direction via script - I only know how to set the right horizontal direction (see my code above).


    Any ideas?


    As said, I need a scripted (immediate) solution, no "command" commands such as doTarget or lookAt, etc. Two reasons: 1: AI can't move ("ANIM" disabled") - 2: By using these I would again rely on the AI which I want to avoid. 

    Thanks for your help!




    Thinking more about the subject I changed my question rather towards "how to make the AI to aim at a certain point of its aim deadzone".