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  1. Got this error popup in a mission cutscene today, is this known to you guys? It wasn't there before (even though it's one or two months ago I last launched this mission).





    The .rpt spilled this out in that second:

    21:33:11 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CUP_D_RadioProtocol_CZ_ACR/SentCovering.'.
    21:33:11 Warning Message: No entry '.text'.
    21:33:11 Warning Message: '/' is not a value
    21:33:11 Warning Message: No entry '.speech'.


    Some seconds later it spilled this out:

    21:33:28 Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CUP_D_RadioProtocol_CZ_ACR/SentCoverMe.'.
    21:33:28 Warning Message: No entry '.text'.
    21:33:28 Warning Message: '/' is not a value
    21:33:28 Warning Message: No entry '.speech'.


    The whole rpt is here.

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  2. 7 hours ago, tourist said:



    I have to be patient enough IRL with my students, so I ditched "Reprobate No.2" after he refused to move at all after a firefight where we still had the rest of the team with us.  He sorta chose to stick with them rather than joining me.  Might be my modset, though.  


    It could be that he's wounded. I had it too after a firefight and restarted as I felt I need him (to carry my stuff, but also because I'm too afraid alone :icon_biggrin:). Had no first aid kit.


    As to your surprise:


    Man, good that I avoided them just in case (vanilla ones are harmless but I didn't know if Ravage snakes do something. Cool stuff!).


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  3. First time I'm playing the Ravage mod. It's a lot of fun! :icon14: And your mission is exciting too.


    One question though: How do I make the AI cross a (the) river? He won't neither swim nor cross the bridge.

    I don't use the spoiler function for this as it's rather a technical question. If you wish so though, just give me a hint, then I'll hide it.




    Managed to make him cross the river eventually. Checked the map for a shallow spot in the river and commanded him step by step approximately 30 times - slowly by slowly he crossed it. :don11:

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  4. 9 hours ago, AZCoder said:

    No really, it's one of the most fun-tastic missions I ever played. That ending, holy cow. I will play it again when I have more time. Anxious to see the next ones too.


    Underdogs was well named, it's the underrated underdog of campaigns (except it's missing dogs ... hmmmmmmm). It's easily one of my favorites despite that oversight.


     You know what, ratings are dumb! I appreciate some kind words and word of mouth like I think most of us do. I mean, if I was doing this for stars, I should be checked into a mental ward. Not that I would be opposed to having 5 stars.... just sayin'. :z:



    Very interesting discussion, I also don't like the SW rating system. As for Underdogs, the 4 stars are technically deserved, as of 113 nine are negative. 

    My mission Evil's Last Will is another story though. 4 stars too, 57 ratings, negative ratings: 1 :icon_biggrin:


    But as it was said, it's not all about ratings. What motivates me most are comments and fair criticism. However, if you have a project with five stars you will have more people taking a look and trying it out. If you "only" have 4, your mission is crap and not worth it. :icon5:

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  5. Played through episode 1 and...


    Johnnyboy, you did not disappoint! :icon_biggrin: Fantastic mission!

    If someone is looking for a

    • VERY well handcrafted mission
    • with plenty of original and interesting details,
    • an exciting plot
    • with a lot of good fun and humor,

    then don't look further. Too bad that the next episodes aren't ready yet.



    Feedback (contains spoilers obviously):

    • Ah, so El Cojon managed to get the reporter, very interesting.
    • These snakes were awesome, Johnnyboy! Well done. I literally jumped away in panic as they exploded out of that box and could only understand as the other two started shooting them! Very well made, this part! And all other snakes were great too. :icon_biggrin:
    • Almost fell from my chair at the ending scene!

    Someone always loses his nuts in your missions, as it seems. :icon_biggrin:


    And the doctor, hahaha :icon_biggrin: What a mess! :icon_biggrin:

    • The dog script really is fantastic! Too sad that Boomer just moves through the objects, but it's not that bad.


    Some mission "design" feedback:

    • Even with Boomer definitely being an outstanding factor in the mission, I think that the mission relies a bit too much on the dog. When I got the task to inspect the farm I was excited and looked forward to search these houses and maybe find an interesting object that could lead me somewhere or give a hint of how to proceed. I even started searching the bushes around the house first, so immersed I was. Maybe we could have to find something that gets Boomer started. Right now the only thing to do is to follow Boomer (throughout the whole mission from there on) and that's all. While it could be ok, the player's brain could be challenged a little bit too, IMO. And from my playing, the atmosphere to do this was definitely there. 
    • Maybe some of the Somalians in that village and at the drug lab could attack the player's group. Or suddenly exit a building to attack. Right now the enemies were quite stationary, with only one or two exceptions. 
    • There could be one or two more enemies in the village. The forest and drug lab fights feeled just right and tenseful (challenging).
    • Some more furnitures in buildings here and there would be a good addition.
    • The mission name in the briefing (top left corner) is fubar. 



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  6. Hi guys,


    The code I use generates this array with two "main" backpack-arrays in which again there are separated arrays of items, magazines and weapons:


    _array = [["B_Carryall_khk",["CUP_optic_PGO7V"],["CUP_30Rnd_545x39_AK_M","CUP_30Rnd_545x39_AK_M"],["CUP_arifle_AK74","CUP_arifle_G36C"]],["B_TacticalPack_blk",["CUP_optic_PSO_1","FirstAidKit"],["CUP_30Rnd_556x45_G36"],["CUP_smg_bizon_snds"]]]


    What I need now is the total number of weapons, of magazines and of items in this array.


    The result should look like this:

    _totalNumberOfItems  //3 (one PGO7V optic, one AK PSO-1 scope and one FirstAidKit)
    _totalNumberOfMagazines //3 (two AK magazines and one G36 magazine)
    _totalNumberOfWeapons //3 (one AK74, one G36c and one Bizon)


    Any help? Thanks a lot!

  7. Open Eden, press R to open the right hand side list.

    Then select the Objects tab (I'm not at my PC right now so I don't remember the exact name of it. But it's not the single units, it's not groups, not modules, not markers, but the last one on the right side - objects, props or whatever it's called).


    Then press ctrl+f and type in: Blood


    This should show the textures in the list.


    That IF these objects are not restricted to DLC owners. But I'm pretty sure they are part of the free platform updates that come with every update.

  8. 5 hours ago, socs said:

    I'd hate to bump this too plus its my first post here because im kind of urged to need blood stains too lol... I wish someone could design a template that we could use in 3den, although i dont care if the pools are small or large... im just making a ravage mission that i need it to be on the walls and such for in a "hospital"...


    Welcome, socs.


    Since (I think) the Laws Of War update we (everyone, owning the DLC or not) have proper and good "official" blood stains of different size or type in EDEN editor. :icon14:  They're good looking and easy to use. Just search for blood in the editor and you'll find them.

  9. Hi guys, and here we go with another update (v. 1.3 - see first post).

    Fixed a showstopper this time:


    The extraction chopper wouldn't come.


    Other than that I killed some more bugs and added these nice little task icons (task types).:don11:


    If anyone gets lost in here and tries it out - feedback and bug reports are very much welcomed.

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  10. 21 hours ago, Evil Organ said:



    ....just realised these compos were created back around OCT. 2016, I'm glad we kept them, I think they look even better with the updated Ravage herbage.  


    19 minutes ago, cosmic10r said:



    You guys really went berserk there! :icon_biggrin: Awesome compositions!

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