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  1. Undeceived

    Your Feedback on Queen's Gambit

    Another good point of QG in my opinion: Finally good music was added!! Is this Seventh, the band whose songs were played in OPF? At least it felt a lil bit like OFP
  2. Undeceived

    Your Feedback on Queen's Gambit

    Great campaigns (Royal Flush is awesome - for me: 9/10, while the Rahmadi-Campaign - 6/10). Porto Island is a great island! I loved lying in the grass... In general, QG is worth the price! Great work!!
  3. Undeceived

    The Sahrani Run

    Hey, Arkon2!! First of all... THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS MISSION!! It just was awesome, definetely one of the maybe 3 best mission for ArmA, I played so far (and I tried many missions!. THIS is the type of missions, I've waited for, since the beginnings of ArmA. It really felt like Abandoned Armies from OPF. Proceeding I have to say, that you really made me fall in love with Sahrani. Just because of the length of the mission! The only part, I took a vehicle, was between Arcadia and Iguana. The rest of the mission I went on foot (expect the end with the boat, of course). It was wonderful!!! After being a critic concerning Sahrani, I learned, that you really have to get involved with this island... I hope, that you're going on to the next mission soon! Ok, here some points that I wanted to write: ***SPOILER AHEAD!*** I played V. 1.06 too, and as adadaead already said, the extraction heli did not come to the island... But it is ok, considering, that the mission ends just after embarking the heli (as you said). Beside of this bug, I didnt encounter no other one (except some notes, that this or that sound cannot be played...), you already brought the mission to a good status. But there is a thing, I really liked to know... What is it all about this betrayer, that tells everything to the russians? Because Major Cabo affirms, that after the General was killed, they would provide all required information about the betrayer. But nothing happened, I didnt become any information. Maybe, this is related to the extraction-heli-bug? Or did I just forget a part of the long story? Or does this information come from another part or place? If yes, dont tell, how to find it, I want to do it for myself. And I still have to find our little friend Draco and drink a cold beer with him... Accentuation on cold... I read about killing the General from the lighttower Very interesting way, didnt think about this. I made it a little bit different, I sneaked at the "cluster of three houses" (btw. a very good idea with the agent and the ammo!! and grabbed the Stinger... Then I sneaked back to the boat and drove to the two little islands just east of Isla del Vida. From there I just began shooting the guard-towers of the base and waited for the General to embark his helicopter. Then I shot it down with the Stinger and it fell in the sea... Once again, thank you very much for the mission!!
  4. Undeceived

    Semi/auto change mode

    Here I must disagree, Ive put this function on the nr. 4 (NumPad - play with the arrow-keys) and it is very useful to me, I saved my arse more than once this way... Topic -> Â + my vote for a separate key for fire mode or just staying at same mode when cycling weapons.
  5. Undeceived

    You know when you have played too much ArmA

    You know when you have played too much ArmA... ...when you want to go to 3rd person or the tactical view, when walking or driving through the landscape to get an better overview of all. I sometime wished, this really was possible :-)
  6. Undeceived

    ArmA Photography I - No images over 100kb.

    A little, humble and nonrelevant contribution for the few of you in this absolutely HIGH-QUALITY ArmA Screenshot-Thread ( @ all ), who maybe did not see a rainbow in ArmA yet... Caught this one on a beautiful drive through Sahrani, I loved the atmosphere, that came up, when the rain came; seeing this, I began to feel salvaged in my car, like if it was in real life... I love this game!!
  7. Undeceived

    SLX Desert Island Example

    I LOVED this intro from OFP!!! :-) Great work!
  8. Undeceived

    Binoculars, why can't i...

    Yes, that is my opinion too. Pressing a button to take out the binocs and be holding it in the hands (still being able to walk slowly with it). Then pressing the "optics" button to see through it, like with the m136 or a rifle, but not necessarily being able to walk anymore... Someone who knows it better how to do, should put this in the wiki... Edit: But I think, I can understand, why the use of the binocs was settled this way by BIS: Because, if you could run over the fields always with the binocs at your eyes (wich does not mean, that anyone would necessarily do it ), the game generally would become a little bit the flavour of a normal, easy going action- or tacticshooter... When I first played OFP and experienced this "character" of using the binoculars, I thought: "Oh, this is a different game, that all others, that I've played before..." And I loved it. Do you understand? Â
  9. Undeceived

    [CAMP] Perpetua - RELASE!!!

    Thats true!! The dialogues are ingenious!!! Â Very cool ideas! This really generates atmosphere! And, like BroK3n, I also never had so much fun with Armed Assault, the campaign is really kicking ass!!!! I also just completed the sneek-into-the-base-mission... Wonderful! I wouldn't be surprised, if this campaign was rated with almost all possible points!! Just an idea -> See, if you can correct the spelling mistakes in the dialogs and, generally, maybe "apply a revision" on it all... Â My English isn't so good, but some mistakes in word and langauge are pretty noticeable :-) Ok, so on... A great Campaign!! Edit: oh.. hehe... I read now your last post "Sorry for the typos"... Anyway - Even so could give it a try. Good luck!
  10. Undeceived

    Increased view distance, quite stunning

    and say it backwards too: wow.
  11. Undeceived

    Sorry but I need to know

    Yes, the patches are free (they must be free, BIS is owing us this ) and you have to download them at the sites or here at the forum. And no, you don't have to pay to play online like i.e. World of Warcraft. My personal opinion about ArmA and Battlefield: In Armed Assault you sometimes have to march... And to march long ways off! And this is one point (beside all the others points posted here), why I prefer ArmA instead of BF, where you are directly deployed in the battlezone. But like it was said before aswell: Specially this point can be boring for some people. A friend of mine really doesn't like Operation Flashpoint, he always says to me: "Why should I run 15 minutes to get to a fight, just seeing boring forests and fields?!" For me personally - I love to see the forests and fields and mountains. And now in ArmA, the island really is 3x more beautiful, than in OFP!
  12. Undeceived

    Increased view distance, quite stunning

    This isn't "cool" or "great news"... This is CRAZY! PSYCHEDELIC!! Wonderful!!!! I love the screenshots, man!! Very, very good work! Damn, Sara seems so small from 3 km altitude, doesn't it? Ah, forgot the question... How did you find it out?? Are you from the BIS Team? (asking because of the sentence: "I had my doubt on ArmA" in your first post)
  13. Undeceived

    Hold fire

    Now THIS is a bug, where I could beat the crap out of the AI... Same problem here. But they didn't blow up satchels without order so far! Â Â
  14. Undeceived

    Arma's lighting.

    Yes, at night it's pretty disappointing, also when you move your sight and suddenly all gets dark... Moving the mouse some pixels back, sight gets clear again. I really hate this and hope, that BIS will get this corrected. And at the day, I sometimes feel, like if a total solar eclipse is occouring and I have missed it on the news... Â Same case like at night, you move your sight and it gets dark, you move it back and the sun shines again.
  15. Undeceived

    LOVE the game.. HATE the grass

    Turning the Terrain Details to very low will disable the grass
  16. Undeceived

    LOVE the game.. HATE the grass

    I had this bug too and reported it at the ArmA Bugtracker (http://bugs.armed-assault.net/view.php?id=2078 ). But I played a singeplayer-mission instead... Take a look and comment, if you had other experiences.